Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My husband CPA for his small business also acts as his business consultant. He suggested that my husband needs to have a web site for his business. After persuading for a month, my husband said yes and I build him his website. I am considering about conversion rate optimization, I want our visitors to subscribe on our new letter and other stuff where we can benefit. I wish we can get our target visitors and subscribers.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lurking Scammers

If not all but most of us are affected by the recession. Lots of people lost their jobs and trying to make ends meet. It is so sad to see that these scammer's used this recession as opportunity to dig money from people who are already underwater. I have read and seen a lot of this scam issues everywhere, mostly online that they lure you on earning incredible amount of money in a day let you pay for registration and get nothing and lost your money. I don't blame the people who are victimized by the scammer, I do understand, some do pay for the registration hoping that they will earn an honest money to help survive their family but they end up being scammed. So please be aware and do not trust too much on anything so promising or too good to be true.
There are many forms of this scams; online ads, surveys, on radio's, on mails, emails all are promising you money.

Cash Drawer

I can see that my other half wants to have another vacation back home, he wanted to visit more places in the Philippines and I wanted to stop over and have a shopping spree at Hong Kong. As always we wanted to bring as much gift items for the family, relative and friends and I saw this cash drawer online, my mom needs one because she have a small store and it is perfect for her. Hope we can have vacation this year; I already have our itinerary list.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

One day my boss and I happened to passed by a Thai restaurant name "PHUKET", he asked me how it is read and I read the PH as PH, then he told me why they have to spell it that way when they can actually spell it with P without the H. I simply said maybe that's how it is. That conversation never leave off my mind, for sure there is really answer to that but I really don't know why it is spelled that way.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My husband's truck needs a new automotive light bulbs, he noticed last night that his front light was not working. He went online and ordered it at, in fact we get all our light bulbs from them. They have automotive light bulbs, LED light bulbs, spot light bulbs, vanity light bulbs and many more. They are a partner of energy star and they also accept your used light bulbs for recycle. Next time do not throw your used light bulbs on your trash instead sent it to them for recycle.

I was so horrified about the "contaminated peanut butter issue". Peanut butter is one of my favorite spread or just eat it right from the container, I usually add it on my dishes and on my baking too.
My perspective and comment about the issue is; when you are in food business always make sure "sanitary" comes first. Food preparation is really vulnerable to bacteria especially when a person who prepares it is not careful. I hope that this issue will awaken everyone in the Government (FAD), food companies and people who prepares food for mass consumption. I hope they will implement a strict law when it comes to Food before someone else life will be put to danger.

IWC Watches

One of my favorite accessories is watches, and I love collecting pieces from cute elegant style with different brands. My husband on the other hand does not like watches. Every special occasions that require gift giving, he always warned me not to give him watch because he would not wear it anyway. But I want him to have one and I am looking for IWC Big Pilot, it was so beautiful but a little expensive, I really have to save money for it but I am sure he will like it.

Playing with PS

One of my close friend asked me to edit his photos and place streaks of blood on his face. Both of us love photo editing but we both use different software's, and we both have different talents. I am more on making it look like both people are together or in short Photoshop type and he is more on the the other side.
I finally did what he want me to do but I will post different photo here, did the same job though "bloody face". Sometimes he is asking me to do a little bit impossible editing like joining two people of different photos, sometimes I pulled it out, sometimes I cannot due to the photo qualities.
here are my samples though I am not a master yet hahaha:

I went to visit my husband's niece and her young family, they were staying at her husband's relative, and they are renting the place. It was a very nice and neat place and my favorite piece in the family room was the home theater chairs, it was so comfy. I sat there when I arrived and I love it so much. I told my husband about it and he said he is considering on having one too. The color was cream and it matches the whole family room design.

Hearts Day

My husband asked me what I want to do on Saturday, since it's been a while that we have not drive to North shore and ate shrimp and prawns at our favorite diner, so I suggested to drive up North. He agree and said it was a good idea, I am excited driving North to snap some photos, eat shrimp and prawns and hang out at the beach, hope that there are swells tomorrow. That's how simple we celebrate Hearts day. Fun, relaxing and sweet

New Faucet

It was a busy week for me; I was busy and concentrating on my work. I really love a fast paced job, organized and everything is lined up. Today I was resting until the weekend and back to work again next week. I heard the mail carrier beep twice and I came out and she handed me a box, I was wondering where this box came from. It is for my husband but I curiously open it, it was the Hansgrohe kitchen faucet that he had ordered online. I totally forgot about it, I am happy now that I get the faucet that I like for our kitchen.


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