Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photo Contest.

Frustrated photographer syndrome! I wanted to join a photo contest, I was browsing my photo files but I'm not satisfied with my photos. This simply means that I need to hop around and do my best shot. I have so limited time and photos must be submitted by the end of this month. Hopefully I can get one entry soon.

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Pirates of the Caribbean in Hawaii! This pirate ship arrived here for couple months now but I never get a chance to check on it right away. Yesterday when we are coming home passing by Kahe point, there are so many cars parked along the highway. I was wondering what is going on, it's unusual for a big crowd on that area. I saw the this ship by the ocean and realized "oh they are filming."
Today when were heading down to town I saw the ship out again and ask the boss to check it out on our way home. We went there but the ship is no longer to be seen in the ocean. Did they went other island? It's behind the big ships hiding. It's actually in the dock, possibly they are done for the day filming. It's a good sight though we did not get out of the car to check it out.

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