Thursday, November 24, 2011

I never thought that pickpocketing can happen without them touching you or your wallets and cellphones. This thieves has this device that can scan the information and copy your credit card number and so on. To prevent this from happening to you, you have to have a protection like electronic pickpocketing device that will prevent them from stealing your information. This is really good not just for businessman but also for ordinary people like us.

This is our simple Thanksgiving Feast because we are a small family, only 3 of us. I made 10 lbs turkey with sides of yum and green beans casserole. We ate heavy breakfast this morning, we did not eat lunch just snacking on junks waiting for the big dinner. We are all stuff now watching movie and will take a nap and will head to the mall at 11pm to shop. I don't know if it's a good idea. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Guitar Lesson

It's about time for me to learn how to play guitar so I enrolled to a beginner guitar lessons. I remember that I love strumming the guitar when I was on middle school but due some reason I was not able to pursue learning it further. Since I will have time early next year, I made it a point to enroll myself and go from there. I love the way Santana play the guitar, I know it's a long way to play like him but I'm eager to learn the techniques to play like him.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well technically it's not really a "Candy Cane Tree" but I wanted to capture the color or a candy cane and peppermint. I'm still on the hunt for peppermint and candy cane ornaments and it will be my theme forever. I love the color of Christmas and I'm sticking on Santa, elves, snowman and gingerbread ornaments. A little bit on the traditional side.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's the time of the year again; the Holiday season is just around the corner. My Christmas theme this year is red and white like candy cane and peppermint. My Christmas tree ornaments are in red and white and a few green so as my Christmas photo cards that I'm going to send to friends and family. I went online at to pick out the design that will match my theme; I found it luckily and did my order. Hopefully, Holiday cards will be sent on time this year.


The view from our new place facing "Diamond head", this is the first sunrise we had in our new place. I wish we are on a little more elevated area so I can capture good pictures of the ocean and view of Honolulu.
I love this new place so much and hoping that one day we could own a place at this side of the island overlooking Honolulu and the beautiful ocean. As my husband and I was talking, we never planned to move at this location in fact we are looking somewhere 2 miles below us but GOD planned us to be in this elevation. As we joke maybe he want us closer to HIM :) or it's the closest we could get to HIM.


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