Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wet New Year

The forecast in the island is rainy with flash floods on certain areas. That is how we are going to welcome our new year, wet and wild New Year, ooppss "very wet new year".
Again it's me and my husband, we invited a friend but he said he can't spend it with us because he went to his parents on the other island. Some fireworks and foods and still we are waiting for the New years to come pretty soon in about 45 minutes. Hopefully the rain will subside a little bit, not as pouring as it is right now. But some say rain is a blessing so hopefully we will be more blessed on the coming 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Auto Parts

We are trying to find anything we need online from small thing to auto parts. The other day my husband asked me to look for a new brake pads for his truck, I landed to a site called Their auto parts catalog is so easy to use and they have all the parts you need for your auto. So if you need auto parts, check out

Welcome 2009

I have a lazy day today and I spent it creating another digital scrapping...
I hope that 'global crisis' will end on the coming year and ease some of our worries, I wish that everybody will be alright and economy will bounce back to its good side. 2008 is too much for most of us.
So lets put every worries behind and hope for the best to come!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One of our new year's resolutions is to eat healthy. Like less grease, less red meat more on food and vegetables, less in process foods. I think we need a gadget to help us fulfill our goal, so I have requested a healthy grilling a product of George Foreman. I want to have the Grill 360, where you can grill, bake deep dish pizza, press Panini or quesadilla or turn it as pancake maker in the morning. I love a gadget that can make my life easy and can do many tasks, not just press alone.

Scented Candles

I am crazy about scented candles and candles of all shapes and sizes, in fact few years back, I collect different scents and shapes of candles. I love it's scent when it is not lighted, but never mined to lit it because my nightmare will start. I hate the burning wax smell plus the scent it carries, it make me nauseous and make me feel sick.
Christmas night when we have the island wide black out, we use the torch (flashlight). I did lit two scented candle for a while but decided to turn it off because I am starting to feel sick. Hubby said 'why don't we lit up the center piece candles', he is not done saying it yet, I interrupted him by saying big 'OH NO!' He knows why lol

Turbo Charger

We check out our friend yesterday. Actually he is my husband's friend he is a nice and so funny guy. But I was so surprised that he and his wife are having divorce, they have been married for almost six years, without a kid but they look in love. It's just sad to know that one of our closest friends is having divorce.
By the way when we went to the ranch where my husband friends hang out mostly I found out that his friend has bought a turbocharger for his truck. He is now staying at the ranch since he and his wife separated, the ranch is located by the mountain. I really feel sorry for them.

Aww it feels good being 'kids' once in a while. I love watching cartoons, it make me feel like a kid again lol. It's been awhile that I haven't watch my favorite cartoons on Disney channel and cartoon network even the cartoon Disney movies because the husband is teasing me.
Now that his son is old enough to demand cartoon DVD, he don't have any choice sometimes. Yesterday we watch 'Star Wars' animated and 'Kung Fu Panda' and my favorite character ever 'Tinkebell', guess what, the husband love it and went back to rent some more 'star wars' lol.

Oral ACNE Pills

How does your acne affect your self-esteem? I never thought that adults will also suffer from acne irritations; sadly I am one of them. I am really curious why adult still suffer from acne so I research on it. I find out that 1 in 5 adults suffer from acne and the cause includes hormones, abnormal flaking of the cell inside the hair follicle.
I really feel ashamed of my acne; I badly need a remedy so I consider using acne pills. After using the pills for a week, I saw the good result of it. Now I'm back to my old self, and I have my self-esteem back.

Winter SunSet

How magnificent is that 'Winter Sunset'...
I took that yesterday on our way to rent some more videos. These spot where I took it is one of my favorite spot at west side, it's called 'Kahe Point'. These is facing south Pacific, most people including myself, stop by here to look at the never ending view of south Pacific, watch the romantic sunset and taking a short break from the hassle and bustle of real world. Day dreaming. Never mind waking me up, because I'm still on the deepest, sweetest part of my dream! lol

Athletes who extremely used their shoulders may suffer from shoulder injury. Most of them undergo on an arthroscopic shoulder surgery and used shoulder pain pump which is believe to help reduced the recovery time without the side effect of narcotic pain relievers.
But recent study shows that pain pumps may cause Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis (PAGCL). If you have the signs and symptoms you can seek help at

So what happened to us after Christmas in the island of Oahu Hawaii? We just had an island wide black out. Four transmission lines were tripped off and the cause is not clear yet, maybe it was strike by lightnings. It was so windy with scattered rain during Christmas and so windy until the 27Th.
We are having fun on Christmas day watching movies after dinner when suddenly the power started to flicker and 10 minutes later it was totally gone, leaving the whole island in 'pitch black'. No power, no cable and Internet, no phone and cellular lines. The husband have a crank radio, we just listen to the emergency station for the news. I feel like we suddenly travel in time without civilization.
In the morning the husband sets up the generator to power the fridge and the chest freezer. I was able to make coffee and cook rice. Good thing we have gas tank outside, I was able to cook breakfast because the big guy wants to have sausage and spam. We spend the day watching the remaining movies we have rented since we use the generator.
We are out of power for almost 24 hrs. I feel like we were trapped back to the Neanderthal era where there is no power, no electronics and so on. It was quit boring because half of my life depends on the internet lol. At last yesterday afternoon the power is back and the cellular lines but still no internet and cable until late afternoon. It's GOOD to be BACK!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Leather Case

Did Santa get my wish list? One of the items which are on my wish list is this Samsonite Hi-Tech Leather briefcase laptop organizer, cream in color. I like it because it's durable for my laptop and I like the color.
I usually carry my laptop with me; along with it I carry files so this laptop organizer is so ideal for me and people on the go. Yes, Santa did read my list!

Same as usual its only me and the husband. It's our tradition to stay home on Christmas, maybe because we don't have relatives near by and we leave our friends to spend time with their family.
My family and relatives are in the Philippines and most of my friends too so it's impossible for me to spend time with them. His relative and most of his friends are in the other island too, so we are really a bit alone here lol. But holidays for us is simply spending time together enjoying the food I cooked, champagne or wine, watch TV and listen to Christmas carols. So this is our typical Christmas story. How's yours?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weight Loss

I have chatted to my High school batch mates lately, it is so nice caching up with them and reminiscing our high school days. Some of them recognized my face but forgot my name and most of them said that I gained weight. Because of that I plan to lose weight and I am looking for diet pills that work. I want to lose about 40 lbs before I attend our yearly high school reunion. I feel so sad looking at their photos of the reunion last week; I am dying to attend hopefully next December I can make it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ribbon Flowers

Yesterday I am bored and nothing to do, I keep on staring on my Christmas tree and looks like somethings is missing. I still have a big roll of gold ribbon so I created a poinsettia. All I need is wire and some beads. Well it works for me, looks good to my eyes.

cut tree pieces about 2" long ribbons and wire it in the middle.
Then fold on each side so it will look like petals.

Buying Luggage

We are planning to take a vacation next year, more or less three week's vacation to the Philippines. I am looking for big luggage because I have plenty of things to bring. I am also planning to shop for gift items for my family and friends. I will also buy native items for our home in fact I already have a long list. I wish that our plan will push trough because I am already so excited.

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is not my photo though my dish looks like this
It is a little bit hard for me to let my husband eat lean chicken breast but when I cook a nameless dish and just mixing spices and vegetable he find it yummy and asked for more. ;)
Last night I've cook a dish just like the one on the photo; 1 person menu;
1 lb chicken breast cut thinly
thumb size ginger root julienned
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp Tabasco
couple dash of paprika, Cayenne pepper, cumin, black pepper
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 stems of green onions cut 1/3 of an inch
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 chicken bouillon cubes (optional)
1 tbsp cooking oil

Heat oil on a wok or pan, saute ginger for a minute then add garlic and chicken saute for couple minutes then add chicken broth, add the rest of the ingredients except green onion. Simmer until the sauce reduced and the meat is cook then add the green onion and serve with rice. You can add salt depending on your taste and some more Tabasco if you want a little more spicy.

Another nameless dish is almost the same ingredient and spices but with zucchini, carrots, bok choy, and green bell peppers.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Insurances rates now are very low but if you want to get the best rate and coverage you have to do your work and search for best home insurance rate by requesting quotes to different insurance companies and compare it.
I have found a site where you can get an insurance quotes for your personal and business needs, it is This site will give you all the information you need.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Colds is here

I am not so lucky this time because I got colds. I was so irritated of my runny nose and constant sneezing. I just stay home today and irritated but I work on decorating our home, we only do indoor decoration because we are lazy setting up out door deco's especially when putting it away when the season is over.
I took cold medicine and chicken soup is for dinner. Hope I will feel a little better tomorrow before the big tissue box run out lol.

White Christmas

A peak to our tree. My theme this year is white Christmas ;) it is not done yet though, we just get our tree last night. This time I decided to use the colors white, silver and gold and some snow blanket as if it is snowing here hahaha. I am still doing retouch and arranging the snows.
Funny kid; while we are buying the tree yesterday my step son asked if we already have presents and I made a joke on him "no presents this year boy" and he said "I think I better spend Christmas with my mom" lol oh kids Christmas for them means presents and lots of 'em.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I was searching online for gift ideas for my mom, mo-in-law and my dear aunt. I land down to these site that I cannot resist because they have beautiful gift ideas for women. Oh la la Cadeau have boxed gifts and small gifts that they can customized with handwritten gift cards attached, and the color choices tailored to the recipients. All the gifts are individually wrapped and it is gorgeously prepared.
I just wish that my husband would find out these site and get me something from Oh la la Cadeau. I really cannot stand these beautifully wrapped gifts, and the color combination they used are really unique, I love them all. The ribbons they used just adds the elegance to the entire package. I better tell my husband about the site and wish that he will get me one or else I order one for myself.
I am sure that if I send these pretty gifts to my mom, mom-in-law and my aunt, they would love it and cannot stand to open it as soon as they get it.
I just though of a lovely girl friend, she should get one beautiful present from me. Maybe she might open it before Christmas.

I was just lazy lately and forgot about Christmas decoration. This morning my husband ask me if where I want to place the Christmas tree this year, well same place because it's easy for me to clean up the falling needle leaves. But I was surprise he ask me that, maybe we will get our tree this week and I still have to buy a little more ornaments and also the presents. He just make me excited to decorate the tree but I am not excited about the presents. All I want for Christmas is good health for our family and more blessings to come.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My husband is so funny, he does not want t wear his prescription eyeglasses maybe because he doesn't wanna be called old. We have a 24 inches TV in our room and I am wondering why my husband is watching TV in our living room until he feels sleepy during the night. I asked him lately why he just do not watch TV in our room and set the timer on until he falls asleep, he told me that he do not like watching TV in our room because the TV is small and he cannot clearly see what he is watching that is why he like the big TV in our living room.
I told him to change his eyeglasses. I have to schedule him an appointment for an eye check up and when we get the result we just order it online. I just learned that Zenni Optical has new arrivals of Holiday frames and their prescription eyeglasses are still starts at $8.
Maybe I will also schedule an eye check up for myself, I know that I already need an eyeglass but I am just in denial too. I have found a very cute Holiday frames at Zenni Optical online, one for myself and one for my husband.

Mailing Goodies

Make sure your gifts arrive shipshape with this pointers:

  • Wrap cookies in pairs, back to back. Brownies, bars and fudge are best uncut; just wrap the whole rectangle or square in plastic wrap.
  • Sturdy metal cans, rigid plastic containers and firm-sided cardboard boxes are excellent choices. Before adding treats, line the container with wax paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  • Fill each container until almost full, allowing space at the top to cushion with crumpled wax paper, paper towels or packing peanuts to prevent shacking and breakage. Put top on container.
  • Pack filled container in a corrugated cardboard box. Cushion with bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, shredded paper, or packing peanuts.
  • Seal the box with clear shipping tape, and cover the address label with tape for added protection. If applicable have the post office or shipper label the box ' This side up" or "Fragile" to encourage careful handling

I am determine to loss weight in fact I started to paddle on my cycle again. I gain a lot of weight so to get the result that I wanted I need the help of a diet pills. I have seen often the hydroxycut commercials and I want to learn more about it. I checked online and look for Hydroxycut review, good to know that it was reformulated and still one of the premiere weight loss supplements on the market.

Credit Crunch

I just saw on the news that credit card companies are increasing the APR on credit cards. They have forecast that next year many people will be out of job and fill for bankruptcy. Some banks had just cut off some of the small businesses line of credit even an old timer lawyer was hit by this.
I found these news so sad. Hope in couple years economy will hit back and be strong and solid and other things will follow.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Most of us have been affected by the financial downfall. I was aware that our small business did not make as much as we did last year. I told my husband that we need to cut back on giving gifts this year especially for our nieces and nephews. Good to know that Kmart good deals many items. I just learned that they have 25,000 gift ideas under $25.00, which is so sweet.
I can get gifts for everyone, toys and games for our nieces and nephews, kids clothing's, and a few shirt for my husband. I love the "just kid’s deluxe doll set with stroller" it is really cute, great for our niece Danika. There are a lot of Leapfrog learning toys for our nephews and grandson, I am sure they love it.
I will also get a stand up mixer and deep fryer for my kitchen. My husband wants a flat screen TV and for sure he will grab more craftsman tools for him. I am ready to shop at Kmart now, I am sure I can get more gifts wrapped this year and spend less than what we spent last year. Hope that the kids will love our presents for them.
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