Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dehumidifier is essential needs for houses with basement and storage areas to remove water to eliminate mold, mildew and musty odors. To save energy, check out for Santa Fe dehumidifier because most of their products are Energy Star Certified. This is what my sister has in their basement and it's really working, they turned their basement to an entertainment room. They make it sure that it will be clean and smelling fresh for them and their guest.

My day

I am now working in clothing department, it's another experience for me. So far I'm getting use to it but I'm getting more conscious of what I'm wearing and my looks, I also put some make up on. I just realized that I love clothing and also making someone feel good and also making myself look pretty. I think this is right department for me for now until I quit for good and switch course.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you planning to get a new insurance policy but does not know which insurance provider to get. Here is the site for you, just type in the information they need from you and they will give you the different rate from leading insurance company. Wholesale insurance is really a helpful site for me when me and my husband when we decided to add another term life insurance for both of us. They show us the comparison rates and we pick what we can afford.

Funeral Expenses

I really adore my mother-in-law because she always takes care of herself, as much as possible she does not want to ask help from her kids. She is working after she retires; she is so responsible that she has a funeral plan. According to her she knew that funeral is expensive and she wanted to take care of her funeral expenses by prepaying the funeral cost. She is just practical since we are all destined to an infinite resting place.

This is the best weight loss pills because the ingredients is all natural. Transition core is a product of Market America that will help you lose weight in a healthy way. I just got mine and so excited to see how it works on me. I need to lose my tummy fats and for sure this is the answer.

My husband finally change our garage door opener to make our life more easier, he got a remote for us too. I love it this way unlike before that I have to get off the car to open the door, its inconvenient when the rain is pouring because I get soaking wet before I even open manually our garage door. This is also effective on a gated community; they have this remote control to open the gates as well as their garage.

Irish Beauty

Courtesy of my uncle living in Ireland, this is his test shot for the "Inis mor aran Island Roi." I wish one day I will be given a chance to visit this breathtaking place. I saw many Ireland pictures and it's so beautiful and it's one of the places in Europe that worth a visit. I want to do a European tour one day and it's on my bucket list.

Online Degree

I was contemplating of pursuing my education online. I want to take up online it degree; I want to continue working while I'm in school. I know I can do this. Education is very important to me because I know it will help me and my family to have a better life in the future. I am so grateful that technology makes our life easier that we can now go school and work at the same time. Thanks to the schools that offers online degrees.

Free Again

Finally me and my husband is free once again. I mean free from his kids. Now it's just the two of us most of the time, I love it this way and I miss it so much. Our house is so quiet and I can do the things that I used too without thinking or pleasing other people. Although we miss our sweet grandson so much but I love it this way, just me and my husband.

Most of the people doing work out want to achieve a lean and toned body. It is essential to take supplement to help you achieve your goal faster, check out pre workout supplement reviews to see the supplement that has a good consumer ratings based on its effectiveness, result, benefits, ingredients and best of all is the value.
My son-in-law is using Jack3D before he does his running or other exercise; he is doing about 2-3 hours of massive workout everyday so it really helps a lot.

Paid to Shop

Is there any site that will pay you to shop? You might say NO but the Truth is, There a site that will pay you to SHOP, hows that sound? I was skeptical too until I tried it find out that they gave me my Cash Back.
Click on the picture above and Market America will pay you to shop online not just on their product but on hundreds of their partner stores and the web. Simply look for your favorite store on their partner store drop down button or click search web on the drop down to go to other store which are not listed in our site and you will get cash back as well.

Psp Batteries

I just got the kids new psp batteries hoping that this time it will last them longer. I have research online for good deals also the life of the batteries, I came across this site where they sell replacement batteries, they also carries chargers, rechargeable batteries and good alkaline batteries. If you have kids or big kids that are game freaks and loves toys that needs batteries then this site is for you.

Too Little TIME!

It's a crazy day! It's the last day off I got for the week and it's not enough. I have so many things to do and be done by today and it's already noon time with a little progress. I'm wishing that before I hit the bed tonight at least I will be 100% done. Lord, give me the energy to survive this day victorious.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Riffle Scope

My husband and one of his good friends are going deer hunting at Molokai by spring. They are already preparing their ripples and trying to get a good and reliable ripple scopes for deer spotting. His good buddy is a hunter and a fisherman, they are planning to go on their boats to the island, stay for couple days hunting and do trolling on the boat on their way back home.

Pentaxyl help is the best facial cream I have ever used. After a week using it I started noticing that the texture of my skin improved, I felt it became more soft, healthy, it also eliminated my visible wrinkles.
Pentaxyl®, a powerful new cosmeceutical that helps reduce the signs of aging, features an advanced formula that penetrates into the fine layers of skin for maximum results. The ingredients have been shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and thickness, improve skin discoloration and hydration and even improve skin texture and color. Regular use of Pentaxyl will leave you with a clean, vibrant and more youthful look without injections or surgery. Visible results can be seen within a few weeks.

Get a Franchise

My husband and I are contemplating on switching to another business which is Property Management. I told him about an online franchising site with a wide variety of franchise opportunities which they tailored to what's available for your state, so you know that you will not get wrong on what you choose. They also show how much liquid capital you need and what are included in the package. I am so happy finding out that they have a franchise opportunity for the type of business we wanted.

I was skeptical before and I really don't do online shopping. I tried a site that will give me Cash-Back on the qualified merchandise that you purchase online, and they also have partner stores like Walmart, Macys, Sears, Old Navy and many more participants that will give you from 2% or more Cash Back. Like for instance, Macy's gives 3%, walmart 2% and quickbooks is 7% in time for tax season. Try it now and click this site! Market America

Well groomed hair will give a difference in your overall appearance. Even you put a nice make-up on your bad hair day, your make-up will not really make any difference on your face, you need your mane put together neatly which flat and curling iron will help you do the trick. Thanks to the people who invented this gadgets.
I was concern of my coarse wavy hair before but does not care that much. After I own this gadgets it really make a difference on your looks. When you are working and requires you to be presentable to your client I definitely require you to invest on this gadgets, well I know I don't have to say it because probably 90% of women this days own this gadget. That's what my co-worker told me "It's all about your HAIR!"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prom Dress

One of my close friends is a young high school girl, she's like my younger sister. She was telling me about her her prom that she and her schoolmates are looking for prom dresses for their coming prom, she also showed me her cute prom dress last yea. She and her prom date looks so cute on their picture and she look like a princess. She was showing me this picture above that she's considering this dress. I simply give her my honest opinion that she will look beautiful and sassy on that dress.

Clay Art

I was having fun playing with the play dough. Clay flower art inspired me to try making though I'm not using pat-a-clay which is a type of clay intended for this flower art. It's fun and encourage me to practice some more using this play dough clay before I get the real one, at least by then I can make it look more real. I definitely try this flower clay art cause it looks so much fun but looks hard to make.

Friday, March 11, 2011

ECG machines

Last week I have been accompanying my sister to ER and Doctors appointment of her kids. Her husband is out of state as of the moment, good thing the kids only had common cough and colds and nothing serious, though they also have Dentist appointment and also their routine check-up.
I was just wondering if where does hospital bought their ecg machines, I know one of my friends always go through ECG because she has a heart disorder. It is part of her treatment to monitor her heart and basis for her medication. One time I told her, I think you need to own one ECG machine for your personal use.

Pasta Alfredo

This is our twist on pasta Alfredo with grilled chicken. When you plate it brush or pour Thai Sweet Chili sauce to it it will be be so delicious. You might think that Sweet chili sauce and Alfredo sauce will not go together, unexpectedly they are perfect together. Try it!

Tsunami Alert!

Due to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that devastated Japan, we experience a Tsunami alert last night March 10 effective around 8pm Hawaii time. Last night they turn on the emergency siren every hour from 9pm until 3am when the tsunami was expected to reach the Hawaiian island. Although there are minor damages at Kailua-Kona big island Hawaii and at the Haleiwa harbor and Kihe Maui, we're still lucky that we've been spared from a disaster. I also pray that Japan will eventually stand back strong from this devastating experience
I wasn't panicking at all even they keep exaggerating it on the news. They are asking us to evacuate immediately to higher ground, when I check our location I found out that we're sitting on a boundary of tsunami zone on 12 feet elevation from the sea level though we're only 300 meters away from the shoreline. One member in the family is freaking out except my husband and I so we told her to go to her friends house so she will feel safe there and stop bothering us. I honestly was sleeping but keep the TV on for updates, they said Hawaii is expecting 8-12 feet rise on the sea. After I heard that midway island experience 8 feet wave I was confident that we are not on harm, on my estimation we might experience around 2 meters or less so I went back to bed. My husband and I was sleeping and was constantly awaken by the call of our family member who evacuated herself :), then we're awaken by the loud siren from a roving Red cross emergency van asking the residence in our neighborhood to leave and go to the evacuation center, but then we ignored it, confident that we're on elevated area and we will not be hit and yes we're right, Thanks GOD.
Our Prayers to all the people who where affected by this devastating disaster.

RV Service

I was reading a story about a family who did travel for the first time on board RV. They have so much fun despite of blowing a tire on their way to the Grand Canyon. Good thing they are covered by the RV rental company and send someone to help them fix it. I'm just wondering if you own an RV and have trouble in the middle of your trip that you got to call. Well, in my curiosity I did a little research online and stumble to this company named Good Sam, they have this extended service plan for rv repair. It's good to know in case we plan to buy RV or I can recommend it to my friends who are planning to buy RV.

Nemo Cake

I love this cake because it is so cute. I wish I have the patience and creative eyes to do cake decorating. I love fancy arts and seeking for idea but I know I don't have a creative eye and I am not good in color. I am trying my best learning color coordination and also trying to understand the creative eyes of an artist or a designer.
I must start with colors and play it on the cake :) Or I must look for an inspiration to work with and start from there. Crossing my fingers...

Pills tha works

It's good to spend time with my pals catching up and having a wonderful lunch with them. One of them obviously lost weight, we're all excited asking if she went to "Zumba class" and loose that much weight. She divulges her little secret that yes she went to Zumba class on her days off, but that's only two days a week and 1-2 hours per session. She said she is doing Zumba and got into diet pills that work best on her so she is sticking into it and recommending it to us. Let me try and see since I really wanted to lose my mid section fat.

I want to share the unique Hawaiian quilting history. It just inspired me to try doing Hawaiian quilting though I don't have the time to do it but I might try to include it as one of my hobbies.

"......A Brief History of Hawaiian Quilting. Before the first contact with the white man (haole), the Hawaiians were making a type of Quilt called a Kapa, which was made of fabric pounded from the bark of the Wauke (paper bark or mulberry) tree. On the top layer they would print geometric and snowflake type designs, with a thicker layer in the middle and a smooth bottom layer or lining. They were sewn with fibers gathered from nature and needles fashioned from shells or the rib of the palm frond. In the early 1800’s the missionaries brought woven fabrics and steel needles and taught the Hawaiian people how to make patchwork quilts, which consisted of a top layer of the sewn geometric pieces, a fluffy middle layer of batting and a bottom or
lining. The missionary women had scraps of fabric from sewing on the long sea voyages, but the Hawaiians had none, so it didn’t really make sense to the them to cut up the bolts of fabric into little pieces and sew them back together. In addition, they taught the Hawaiian keiki’s (children) how to cut snowflake patterns from folded paper. The Hawaiians found this method of
folding a more efficient way to create the designs that they were already printing on their bark cloth Kapas.
While having one of their "sewing bees" in the shade of the Breadfruit tree, the shadow cast by the tree inspired the Hawaiians to create the first "Hawaiian Quilt" by cutting out the design seen in the shadow, from one large piece of fabric. The Hawaiians blended the traditions of their past with these new lessons to develop the unique style of cutting the design from a single piece of fabric. The pattern was then appliqued onto another fabric to create the quilt top. The quilting was stitched "echo style" --following the contour of the design throughout the quilt, like ripples on the water which surrounded the islands. The Hawaiians found inspiration for their designs in the beautiful garden islands where they lived. This wonderful art is truly a labor of love with over 1000 hours to make a full size quilt.
"Breadfruit ** The Beginning"
From Quilt

Too Much Dramas

I am not a drama person so expect that I doesn't like people with too much drama and cry babies. If not all but most of us will experience the ups and downs of our life that will help us to become a better person. But I hate it when people are exaggerating the little hardship they are experiencing and they are complaining and grumbling on everything.
I am getting tired of some of my co-workers who are so drama and somebody else I know. I want to scream sometimes and make myself disappear. I just want them to be tough and face their obstacles bravely and stop being too spoiled. It's nothing compared to others who are less fortunate people, and I adore these people who bravely faced their daily hardship.

Mimio Pad

When I was browsing randomly online something caught my eyes, it's the mimio interactive pad. It is perfect fit for the 21st century teaching. There are software that you can use to fit your needs; it can also be use in presentations.
I believe that this is also perfect for business presentations. I was browsing on the software, system and other stuff that you can do, it's really cool. I wonder if this is the system they used on the TV networks for their weather system.


I am now sure that me and my husband has a common grounds. We both want to be in our own peaceful and quiet sanctuary without kids and extended family. We can deal living with somebody but if we have a choice, we choose to be just the two of us in a peaceful environment. I don't want kids and he does not want anymore (he have kids).
Kids are fun but I know in my heart that I don't have the patience. Well, I told my husband yesterday that I am happy that pretty soon I am able to have my real off days. Pretty soon the house will be quiet once again and I can truly rest and peace of mind, so many reasons that I cannot divulge.
We will not be off the hook from the things that we experience right now, but then this sudden expected change will give us peace and quiet environment that we can concentrate and possibly attract positive outcome. Crossing my fingers on to that, but yes I am happy.

"God is like ocean and religions are like rivers that all flow into the same ocean," the Sufi poet Rumi.
He is absolutely right, there's so many religion and I am sure that we are all believing in one God even though we have different name for the Supreme being. People interpreted the Bible in so many different ways and different religions was born but all focused to our faith to God.
I just wish that people will respect each others believe and not trash talk other religion. Your faith to God is in your heart and your respect to other human being and their believes is same as your faith to GOD. We does not know if your religion is the true or real one but we are sure that we believe in GOD, we does not know if your religion will save us but we still believe in GOD.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If you have an island or counter in your kitchen and dinning or if you have a bar at home of course you will need a bar stool to complete the look. I love the one on the picture above because it look so elegant, with wood finish, it swivel 360. The legs are fitted with glides to protect your wood and tile flooring. I want this on our mini bar and kitchen.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am so proud of myself that I finally quit playing facebook games and survive for almost two weeks now. Although I still have the "bad habit," which I open my computer first thing in the morning and last thing I touch before I went to bed. I am also trying to stop facebook wanted to limit my facebook use but this might not happen because I am using my facebook for my online store, hoping a possitive outcome.

Flower Delivery

Due to our busy life, we cannot be always with our friends and love ones to celebrate with them. To any occasion, achievements they are celebrating, Congratulations, Thank you, Birthdays, house warming you can always send them flowers. Just like what I did for my friend in Philadelphia, since we are miles away from her, I checked online for Philadelphia flower delivery, picked a nice bouquet of tulips it's her favorite flower. She got it on time for her house warming.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Birthdays

I was so busy for the past few months or I should say since the beginning of the year. We have so many birthday celebration last January, every week we have a birthday that made us all sick of birthday cake. The last person to celebrate his birthday on the month of January is my husband, so for his birthday I decided to make him "frozen chocolate mouse cake", it turned out good and we all love it, we also had "pancit palabok" a type of Filipino noodle dish. I forgot about this photo until I saw it tonight while I was transferring pictures.

Wood Laminates

I love cabins, plantation house and wood houses. My husband and I agreed to renovate our family room; we want it to have a wood flooring look to make it a look like a plantation house. Since my husband is a building contractor he told me to look online for a specific laminate brand which is armstrong grand illusions. The great news is when I check it online it's on sale for 50% off, so we decided to just order it right there and then.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo is a strength of character: It can survive in storms that leaves other trees broken and destroyed despite their size. Bamboo bends, it flexes, nearly touches the floor but never breaks. Resist in storms and strong winds, yet it keeps its delicate structure.
"Like bamboo it's a good man's character. A man can undergo hard, difficult, tough times, for which he must adapt, but must never break, never lose his sense of self. A man must keep his essence no matter how bad the world is treating him."
I admire the character and strength of bamboo and it's ability to survive the storms. I was contemplating on getting a tattoo but I don't want to get any kind that doesn't have any meaning to me. Tattoo is like a marriage to me, I have to choose the right print that has meaning to me and like marriage it is made to be forever which it will stay on your skin forever. I know I want something Asian, after I learned the character of Bamboo I get fascinated and planned to get a bamboo tattoo. Where to put and when is still a question as well as the style, but it will be small about 1-2 square inches. I might have it on my wrist or somewhere I can see it.


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