Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have noticed that every December 26th the stores are full of "Ungrateful People" who come to the stores to return the Christmas present they've got. Well, it happens every day though on any occasion in their life. Maybe people have different ideas and way of thinking.

In my own view, whatever gifts I get from people as long as I know them, I will keep it even I don't need it or like it. The THOUGHT of giving is there and that means they care for you and try hard to make you feel special. I will only NOT accept gifts from people I don't know and I don't really care, and there's only a few of them.

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Back to School

It's back to school once again. My brother asked me to buy him a new laptop for his school. I was checking for laptop at and say one that I like most for myself. I will buy it for me and give my old one to my brother, my old laptop is only 3 years old.
My younger friends in high school and early college are so excited to go back to school; they may have got bored of summer vacation. I wish they will all do well in school. I might go back to school too next season to do my continuing education.

Rainbow Day

Every time I saw a rainbow, it made me feel like a child again. It's so whimsical and beautiful that will make you smile and feel good.
I am so glad that I live in "Rainbow State" where rainbow is part of our daily life. We have sun, moon and rainbow to complete the day. So awesome and inspiring.

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