Sunday, April 29, 2012


This was taken after my first Hike ever! I was so tired after my first ever hike, the hike was muddy and drizzling. When I got home I saw this rainbow by our area and rushed down to get a good picture of it. What an awesome day, gotta love Hawaii for the Nature and the beauty of the island.

Boys Beddings

My step daughter has two boys and a girl, yeah she is fast. The boys are 8 and 2 and a new born baby girl. She put the two boys in one room and decorated it with boy colors, I helped her on finding baby boy bedding for the young one and also a little bit big boy stuff for the older one. The boys seem so happy sharing one room because there are best friends, so cute watching her young family which makes my husband and me volunteer on watching the kids once or twice a month.

Lua'alaea Fall

Note: Picture from a Blogger

I have read blogs about this elusive waterfall which 90% of most people who attempted on finding it the first time failed. Yes it's true in my case because we failed the first time we attempted and I am planning a group hike on the finding the waterfall this coming Saturday. Armed with blog write-up directions, all I can say is "good luck to us". I heard there's about 4 waterfall at Manoa alone. I found one, looking forward on finding the rest.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

TV mount

Our home is now more organized and cleaned looking since we got our new tv mount stand for our flat screen. We want our living room to look minimalist with a modern twist to it so the mount stand is really perfect to sport the clean look. Thanks to my supportive husband who had help me pull out the modern look and agreed on my ideas. Now we are peacefully enjoying movies and shows every night after work.

The Start 

Mau'umae - Lanipo is one of my favorite trail. It's a good practice for people like me who have a high goal of doing the advance & expert trails. This is a classic trail with up and down and narrow path that has a drop on each side. As a person who is a little bit scared of heights and falling, this hike is a real gym and start for you to get used to heights. The drops is less than 500 feet but then it will make you used to trekking along the ridges and climbing the boulders. I truly love this trail and will do it again and again in the future. 

Apple ipod touch

I am waiting for my 2 year contract to end with our current cell phone carrier, I might switch to another carrier or stay but I am sure that I will get a new phone which is apple ipod touch. I been waiting for a year to get this phone, one reason I like ipod is for the music that I can download and will be handy for hiking, also for picture taking and "face time" with the family. My contract will be up next month that I'm getting excited each day.

 20 feet lower water fall
around 10-15 feet upper waterfall

We had so much fun doing the Maunawili waterfalls hike last month. We supposed to hike Hawaiiloa ridge but most of the group members had their kids for the weekend so we decided to change location. 
Maunawili is a short 3miles round trip hike at Kailua. Best time to do is hike is after it rained, the water might be a little murky but you can be sure it's fresh water and not stagnant. Expect a muddy trail and stream crossing. The water was murky but really inviting for you to take a leap. Also there is a smaller upper pool and waterfall. 

We are invited to my nice birthday party, she is a sweet little girl and love doll houses. I saw this cute farm stool for her room, it can be a step stool for the sink and also storage for her little toys. I know she will love this because it has a cute farm drawing on it perfect for the house shape dresser. I love my niece and nephew so much that I volunteered to baby sit them and take them to the park or go fishing at the pond at least once or twice a month.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Love Hiking

Since I got hook on Hiking the Island of Oahu, I always take time in a day to check out the trails that I have never been. There are more than 50 listed trail ranging from novice, intermediate to advance, there are more trails because of the connectors. I have done intermediate hikes and looking forward in doing advance and go from there. I am trying to make myself comfortable on heights and steep drop ridges. I'm getting better on dealing with heights and I am really happy about it. It means that I can do connector trails at the summits of Koolau's. 
I have the list that I've printed from HTMC (Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club) , I also have the Na Ala Hele list & I also have two hiking books guides and one is considered as "the Hiking Bible". It only means one thing That I really enjoy and love hiking and being close to nature.

Custom Gifts

We got a wonderful Christmas present from our accountant last year, it's a custom golf balls that he custom made with his business name on it. It really well made. It made me think that I will do the same for this coming Christmas, some golf balls and also other stuff customized to fit each clients character.
We are excited for our Family reunion trip to Kauai next month. It's been 4 years that we have not visited the island, meet some of our relatives. We're looking forward for this wonderful occasion.

Mau'umae Trail

We did this trail for the first time last Tuesday May 24. After the trail head you will practically see the route you will be taking. This is a classic hike going up and down the valley ridges which make this hike fun. Climbing the boulders make this hike exciting for me.
Today we're running out of time since we started the hike mid-afternoon around 2pm and we have things to do by 6pm so we did not proceed to the Lanipo summits, we trekked 2 miles in. I can see the last climb to the summit. That will be another reason for me to check it out sometime soon with the group.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


One night I fell asleep while watching TV, by midnight the sound of TV woke me up. Usually after 12 midnight it's mostly infomercials about anything but mostly about adult things like ED treatment. So if you want to find out more information about it by clicking the link.
My family is excited for our fun day tomorrow; we are going hiking on this trail. I wish it will be a good fun hike because some of the people are bringing kids and I heard that this trail is not for kids. We are also hanging out at the beach after the hike.

Koko Crater

We hiked "Koko Head" after we hiked diamond head. It was pretty fun but I will advice you to hike diamond head as early as you could, as much as possible before 8am or you will regret and might not enjoy it. For me its a fun hike the only complain I have is we had started late and that day was hot. I felt like the sun sucked up all my energy and I felt drained for days. I am ready to do it again though, maybe next weekend.

Umbrella Stands

We love going to the beach during this time of the year. Here in Hawaii it's usually sunny and windy especially when we go to our favorite swimming spot in the island which is windward side. Having an umbrella stands really help us a lot because it really holds on to our big umbrella. We usually stick it to the sand before but when the big wind gust comes it blew away, we have been looking for real solution, good thing we found it and we're happy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm a novice hiker, I'm looking forward to be a pro hiker and I'm loving being a hiker and close to nature. I have a good friend who I can call as a pro hiker, I am a reclaimed hiker because of her.
Koolau mountain range has so many hiking trails that you can connect most of it. As a novice hiker in Oahu, given the opportunity, I come to check the trails that can be connected. I keep checking Kuliouou which from the lookout on the right you can connect to Mariners ridge, on the right it will go to Puu Kona and Hawaiiloa.
As I was checking the visible trails from Mariners ridge it looks scary to a novice like me especially I am a little bit scared of falling but one day I will brave it with a good friend, that's the plan. But first I will make myself used to cliffs and gather good hiking equipments.
I know I can do a little bit extreme but need to get used to it first and get the hang of it. Gotta LOVE Hawaii. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

 Diamond head is just a stroll on the park. It's a .8mile to the summit e560 feet elevation. My friends and I decided to trek this short trail one Sunday morning we had so much fun but of course it only took us lee than and hour going up and back with all the picture stops and rest. So we decided to head to another trail after, it will be on my other post. This became a very interesting Sunday for us.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lipid Profile LA

I am hiking with my family and friends as a form of exercise to keep fit and healthy. I am also introducing healthy food to our diet which is doing good so far. I also have scheduled an LP test or Lipid profile test for me and my husband to check our good HDL and bad LDL. I heard that Lipid Profile Los Angeles is the best in town so we did our appointment with them.
My family and friends are excited for our next adventure which is this coming Saturday and we will hike another mountain ridge. It will be another fun day with friends and hopefully that it will be a bigger group this time.


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