Friday, November 16, 2012

I am glad that we finally have more storage cabinet at work. Now we need to organized and sort things out and clean up our messy office. It's good that the company got us heavy duty ones that will last a long time and will save the company money in the long run.
I am actually thinking of getting the inexpensive ones for our garage. I need to figure this out and talk to my husband because if our garage is well organized it will have more space and I can make a little gym space for me. This plan should be done after the holidays.

Dinner is serve

We are in the mood for steak and kimchi. People ask me why it's easy for me to think "Whats's for dinner". Well, maybe because I love to eat and cook homemade. Even my husband knows that I can fix dinner fast. I have salmon in the fridge, was thinking of making us baked salmon with imitation crab but we had fish last night so I am sure steak would be perfect for dinner. I got us steak and kimchi, when I got home I fix dinner in less than 30 minutes. Cheaper than buying at a restaurant and we have leftovers.

Garden Fountain

I love fountains, it looks so calming. I have miniature indoor fountains but I want to have one in our garden. My husband agreed with the idea so we are shopping around for outdoor fountains. We found a few designs that we like that we are just figuring out how we are going to design our garden so the fountain will go with it. I am just excited how things will come out and hope that it will be done in time for the holidays because we are planning to host a dinner for our family before Christmas.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 ONO mean delicious in Hawaiian...
Blame it on travel channel! My husband and I are watching travel channel and they show Adam in Hawaii for his episode of Man VS Food. Then people in one restaurant said that the food is so good. We both said oh ONO is still the best and suddenly I asked him, would you want to eat at ONO now? Which is 27 miles from our place :) Called out one of my friend and we hit the road.
We had pork laulau, tripe stew, lomi-lomi salmon, pipikaula, kalua pork, watercress short ribs soup and haupia. It was so ono and Ono Hawaiian restaurant will always be on the top of our list among the BEST Hawaiian food in town.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I love the convenience of internet because you can do so many things in the comfort of your home. I did the planning of our vacations, to flight dates and destination online. When we went to other island last June, I did all things online from booking our flights and looking for available beach rentals in Kauai. I was fortunate to find one near Hanalei, we wanted to close to North side of Kauai because we then planned to hike up Hanakapiai to Kalalau. It was very fun vacation with few of my friends. Our next destination might be British Columbia Canada, Oregon or Washington State.

I love my iPhone so much because I can do a lot with it especially my hobby which is editing photos. I saw this apps from a photo sharing network and now I am very much hooked on it. I and so crazy that I will own the hashtag "pixnuts" & pixnutss on instagram. Most of my apps are for editing photos, I just love editing photos. Please use my hashtag on your nice pictures.

Stereo stands

We love playing music in our house yet we have a small space so we decided to get us a standsandmounts stereo stands, it uses less space and perfect for a city life and small spaces, we choose the mini stereo stand. It was funny to know that when I came to my friend’s house for a visit she also has the exact one I have. She also loves music that she has so many CD collections and she did a great job on arranging her collection neatly for ease of use.

This was taken months back when my husband and I went for a short hike to Old Pali road and Luckily saw this brave souls negotiating the steep razor edge drop off.
The first photo when you enlarge it you could see two person maneuvering down the razor edge cliff, we pause for awhile and watch them with amazement, actually it's about four or five of them on this hike.
The second photo is when I turned on my right and seen this two guys with their backpack full doing the "Pali Notches" hike. What a brave souls, I might do this hikes in the future.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Labor Laws

It's good to know about your own states labor law. I was just browsing around online and was thinking of our economy and the effect to some people who lost their jobs. I was checking out about labor law posters and came to a very informative website. The employers can check out this site as well, it is the easiest way for them to keep informed on the latest changes in labor law and stay in compliance with the Federal and State updated labor law postings.


I'm grateful that I live here in Hawaii for good because of the diversity of this island. I have a very good experience in all the authentic ethnic and fusion foods that are available here. I personally love Korean and Japanese food or should I say Asian foods.
Kimchi is one of the food that my husband and I love, I usually get it from a Korean store which is made authentic and taste better. It can be mix on friend rice or some other dishes like kimchi poke (fresh fish poke on kimchi mixture), we love kimchi and i'm actually drooling right now watching this picture.


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