Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burn Baby Burn!

(View from the park, Waianae mountain range caressed by the softy clouds and blue sky, Makakilo down below, houses on top of the hills and busy freeway below, wonderful ))
(the park is so wide and OF ALL THE SPOT at the PARK I end up taking picture beside the RUBBISH CAN! hmmm)
Actually this park is were we usually spend our weekend afternoon, After all the foods I've posted and ate, I think it's time to kick some ass today!lol
It's been a while since we didn't go to this park, so I've decided to spend our afternoon at the park, hubby and his son played basketball and I do alternate walking and cycling around the park, about 3 rounds of walking and 7 rounds of cycling, birds chirping on the trees, fresh air with great view and burning some fats, whew feels good. We're looking forward to do it every weekend now.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I started blogging just this year so I missed sharing this ahihihi.
Last december I decided to bake goodies to give to our neighbors and friends, hubby agreed. Whew Its not that easy as I thought, its so time consuming and and need lots of patients! I wrap it with assorted goodies for about ten families I guess. I include a loaf of my loaded banana bread( I call it loaded coz aside from banana I also include crushed pineapple, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, raisin and walnuts), macaroons, and different kinds of cookies. For 10 families I made it in two batches, 5 families per batch and hey 1 day of baking each batch! Its FUN though, and hubby complain that our kitchen looks like bakery with all the goodies on the table.
Usually our electric bill is $150 max, and our December bill is $250 :( , thats terrible! hubby said that on next Christmas no more baking we just give box of macadamia chocolate less hard work on baking plus the electric bill, but baking those goodies is fun hehehe.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Me and Hubby are so crazy of ROMY'S Kahuku Prawns, imagine that! we are staying by the west side of Oahu and Romy's is located at north shore, to go there we have to travel miles and miles, about 45 minutes - 1 hour just to get there. The gas, driving time and if you're unlucky and didn't call ahead you will stand up on long line under the heat of the sun!. Anyway its worth it though, they have the best taste of prawns and shrimp in town, it's fresh caught, sweet and cook to its succulent! I always ate it with my bare hands, suck all the yummy juices before feeling it and i don't care of the tourist on the other table, It's FINGER LICKING GOOD! I'm just enjoying my prawns and shrimp! (kamayan-kinamut), garlic butter is the best.
guys when you visit Hawaii and happen to go north shore by Kahuku, pls don't miss Romy's Kahuku Prawns, it's the best.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Medical LEECHES?

I watch late night show last night and actress Demi Moore and David Letherman are talking about leeches! David ask him about her beauty and health secret and Demi told him about Medical leeches, thats yak and ewww I'm trembling when I saw even one leech.
According to Demi, She do it somewhere at Austria if I heard it right. She said the process is you lie down on bed and the Dr. will place the leeches on your belly button, then the leech will crawl to your belly button and suck your blood, and it will just fall off if its already full. aaaarrrggggggg.
I really research about their topic and in shock to find out that yes even on our ancient times like Egyptian and Aztec they used leeches to cure sick people 2500 years ago. And France use the method on 1800 century, and made popular again on early 1920s.
And in 1986, Dr. Charles Lent of Utah State University reported in the journal Nature that leeches can be useful after the transplantation and reattachment of tissues. Lent reported that leeches can help to restore normal blood flow in certain damaged parts of the body. Basically, leeches can help because they have a natural anticoagulant (a substance that prevents blood from clotting and forming scabs) in their saliva. When leeches attach to the skin, they can help repair the venous (veins are part of your circulatory system and are where the blood flows through on the way back to your heart) system in the damaged area. Once normal venous flow is restored in the damaged area of the body, the leech can be removed. Some surgeons now occasionally use these little creatures to help with certain procedures. So, the next time you see a picture of a leech, don’t scream and yell “Yuck”. These little creatures can actually help us.

Blog and EARN!!!

This morning after I prepare my hubbys breakfast and after he leave the house, I go and do the laundry right away. I plan to do my blogging thing after I'm done all my chores. I just check my email and was surprise to see that payperpost approved my blog, whew after all the wait, I'm a PPP postie now. I really get hook on this blogging thing because It make me feel so good to meet new friends from different places and special friends that I just meet and I have discovered that we came from same place, wow I really feel the connection and it really makes me so happy.
And now that I'm a PPP postie it makes me more happy because that means I can earn more money, I'm planning to save some and spend some ;). It feels good to spend your own earnings, and since I love to buy something special for my hubby, now I can buy him something not from my allowance that he's giving me hehehe.
Friends out there who have blog but still didn't monetized their blog yet, sign up for PPP and enjoy your blog and the money you earn from it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We arrived home about past 8pm last night from blockbuster, we rent a few DVD's, after we ate our dinner we started to watch one of the movie when suddenly I heard a loud helicopter on our neighborhood, it's so loud that it's like flying above our roof, I came out the house and check whats going on, and I saw this police helicopter circling around and like searching for something with it's light so bright pointing at the ground and finally focus it's light at a vacant space by the side of Lualualei Naval Road, about 50 meters from our home, I told my hubby and he joined me and we forget about the movie. Neighbors are coming out too to check whats going on, Police cars came and I get more confused, whats happening! I turn on the news channel but found nothing, hubby went on the roof to have a good view and he said it looks like a RAID of chicken fighting, yah maybe his right because its a big open space with some tents on and so many cars parked and its already dark. Chicken fighting is illegal here in Hawaii. Hubby is not satisfied and he went by the Lualualei road and joined the neighbors, and yes its chicken fighting RAID! Now I know why every weekend early morning or late afternoon I always saw this police helicopter circling around our neighborhood, I'm wondering if some criminals on the loose or maybe searching for drug den or something about drugs coz it's so rampant in our town(sad to say it but thats the reality here).
Anyway the police helicopter came back this morning, I'm still waiting for the afternoon news on TV.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's SUTUKIL? Cebuano's are fond of creating new words, like Bisdak is short for bisayang dako which originate at Cebu and bisdak means "taga Cebu", "GIPUSIL" is short for "ginamus gipus-an ug sili" and so many words originate in cebu "jerjer" is totttttttt hahaha sensored! okay back to "SUTUKIL" is SUgba(grill) TUwa(soup) KIlaw.
And simple living in Cebu means simple food, we are happy to have SUTUKIL on the table with out the fancy stuff, sinugba(grilled) or Fried with Suka(vinegar) and chili is a feast already, thats how simple BISDAK we are.
SUTUKIL restaurants rows at Mactan Cebu by the Shrine of Lapu-lapu, are so famous, you just choose their varieties of seafood like those on the pictures, they sold it per kilo then you have to choose how you want them to prepare it for you, from sinugba, tinuwa, kinilaw, or other kind preparation you like.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I really missed those days when im still staying in Cebu, being BISDAK is so much fun, and I really missed the chicharon in Carcar eaten with puso or hanging rice as we call it hehehe. I promise the best Chicharon in Cebu is at Carcar.
Everytime we go Carcar that would not be complete if we wouldn't stop at the mercado to buy chicharon and puso parisan dayun ug coke yum, even we arrived to Carcar early in the morning, thats the ritual puso and chicharon first before anything else.
Friends I miss going with all of you to carcar and eat chicharon and puso.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I went here with my friends, I'm not so fond swimming in water falls, especially in murky waters, I'm scared and thinking there might be something strange in the water, hahaha too much sci FI movies. But when I first saw the enchanting beauty of Mantayupan falls I get so fascinated of her, the falls is about 5o meters high above, surrounded by lush green, shes such a beauty, the water is so cool and refreshing, I don't even want to come out the water. I told my hubby that if we ever have vacation in Cebu I will visit Mantayupan falls again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've taste this dish at one restaurant in Cagayan de Oro PH, I'm so clueless what its called all I know it's Korean Dish so spicy and eat wrap in lettuce leaves, I even can't remember the name of the resto we've been to all I can remember is it's by Lim Kit Kai!. Everytime me and hubby dine in Korean resto I kept telling him about this dish which I don't know what its called! I told him it's so spicy like tiny meats and eat with lettuce, still I found nothing on the menu!
One day doing my routine rounds on friends blogs, I stumble upon My friends friend page checking new thing and I finally found BULGOGI! Bulgogi as they call it, good thing she list down the recipe and procedure, last night I tried cooking it using ground beef coz I remember it's like ground beef, while cooking I'm doing my blog thing and end up burning the bulgogi, sure enough we didn't enjoy it! :( today I try my luck again using beef that I've sliced in tiny pieces and FINALLY it turned out so perfect and hubby loves it so much, I'm not so into oh so spicy food like hubby does, my mouth is burning and on fire! but it really does taste good! yum yum yum and more soda and juice and water my mouth is really on fire!
We LOVE you BULGOGI. thanks mylen and jean...

How about cruising the Bahamas on board the elegance and grandeur of this YACHT?
its a wow and spectacular experience, tasting the wealthy life style for a week! but hmmm how much you think to rent this baby for a week in Bahamas? Well during winter season $32,000.00 and summer $42-$45,000.00! wow and ouch! only rich people can afford that!
18' Nautica inflatable - Yamaha Waverunner - Jacuzzi on Flybridge - Fishing Rods and Reels - Water skis - Knee boards - Tow tubes - Spot lights under swim platform - Snorkel Equipment - Board games - - Amenities: - Air Conditioning throughout - Watermakers (2) - Washer & Dryer
Equipment & Systems
This beautiful 95' Astondoa, while only 2 years old, had a large refit in December 2003. Her lavish interior features highly varnished matched burl olive and pear wood with inlaid marquetry, and rich fabrics
Her name is Virginia Mia,95 ft (28.5m);3 cabins.
Maybe we can split the cost in 3 with friends hehehe, we need to buzz our ass working and save for this luxury trip wheww.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Theres a research conduct by Goodhousekeeping Research Institute, they tested 10 newest moisturizing washes against traditional bar soap. Volunteers applied each cleanser to the underside of their forearms in the lab, then lathered and rinsed. Over the next four hours, they recorded the hydration level of each person's skin surface with a moisture-measuring machine called Corneometer. Testers also showered with the products at home, grading them on scent and ease of use. What they found: While you'll still need your post-shower moisturizer(non of the washes were hydrating enough to replace it), all the cleansers they tested are less drying than the bar soap. Softsoap nutra-Oil Moisturizing Body wash with Almond oil & Shea Butter and Suave Exhale inspiring body wash in Lime verbena moisturized the best, tying for the one spot in lab evaluations. Softsoap also rated tops with the tester themselves.
Time to dish out the bar soap, well I like bodywashes than soap bar, it's easy to use.

I really love RV's, hope we are rich enough to have one hahaha, me and hubby share the love of road trip and I like the comfort of RV's, well we have plan to make some roadtrips on mainland US and I want to rent RV, no need to rent hotel just stay on the road and rock and roll it baby. I think its so convenient for our plan, home on the road. From Nevada-California,Seattle, and to the west side whooo that looks so endless road but thats our plan, hubby did that already long time ago from east-to-west, days and nights of driving and he want to do it again! alright, alright, I'm on it since im roadtrip addict to hahaha, what a match!
Look at this sleek RV, the comfort of home on the road, so pretty inside. The features are.
The largest, most luxurious Class A Motorhome. Fully loaded and equipped for short trips, lengthy vacations and fulltiming. They are often times built on custom undercarriages or on a three to ten ton truck chassis. The most expensive type of RV, in most cases offering the ultimate in features; increased basement storage, washer and dryers, satellite dishes, DVD players, surround sound systems back-up cameras, hydraulic leveling, security systems, and in some cases hot tubs.
The most expensive RV is $2.5 million and starting price is over $400,000.00. YIKES

Thursday, March 13, 2008

NECKER ISLAND (Britist virgin Island)

What a spectacular view of Paradise, this Island is privately owned by Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies. He opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores and rebranded as zavvi in late 2007.
Today, his net worth is estimated at over £4 billion (US$7.8 billion) according to The Sunday Times Rich List 2006, or US$3.8 billion according to Forbes magazine.
He bought the 74 acre island, it was uninhabited. It took 3 years and approximately US$10 million to turn it into a private island retreat. The island has accommodation for 28 people and rents out at a reported US$46,000 a day. All that includes two "private" beaches, private pools, tennis courts, breathtaking views, a personal chef and a wide array of water sports equipment.

Numerous famous figures have stayed at the resort, including the late Princess Diana, Janet Jackson, Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey, Eddie Murphy and Oprah Winfrey.

The island is available for weddings, relaxation breaks, sports vacations and even complete rentals for any purpose. One of the high profile recent guests is Larry Page, Google's billionaire co-founder, who married his girlfriend, Lucy Southworth, on the island in early December 2007. Branson rented out a majority of Virgin Gorda as well as Necker was far too small to fit his 600+ guest party.
If you have plan to rent this Island book ahead of time, way way ahead of time, cause this island is already fully book for 5 years.

(this was taken before he went to a competition) My HUBBY then (25 years ago)he still have his hair hahaha, he joined competitions before and he won many times! He started working out his figure when he was on his 20s and he keeps on maintaining it until now.
(taken @ crystal island BORACAY on our Island Hop)This is him at his 40s whoahhh, no more hair wahahaha but the truth is he look good without hair, he shave his head everyday. He took a break from going to gym for a year and just recently he went back again and I'm happy coz he needs to exercise, his body is used to that for 2o+ long years and taking a break for a while is not a good idea hehehe, now I have to do my dancing workout again or else I might get insecure, the truth is I gained weight since I took a brake, from 120lbs to 140lbs, thats sad! I have to shred 20lbs, and thats insane!...
I intend to cover my hubbys face of privacy reason....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My SWEET tooth

Last night I was so restless on bed and hardly can sleep, my lower back aches and my right leg, its so uncompy. When I finally get up from bed, I feel tired and sluggish, whoohh no wonder I feel terrible last night, I have my monthly period today! I like to comfort myself and eat sweets, but I cannot find anything that satisfy my sweettooth, I forgot that hubby bring me this chocolate yesterday, I told him I want to eat something sweet and he reminds me of the chocolate, wow it helps... It boost my mood a little...

Last night, we have to go to the basketball gym at other city here in our place, hubby is assistant coach of ages 6-8 and needs to fill the coach place for the introduction or something, coz the coach is at mainland at the moment. After the presentation he said he have cravings for Filipino food and we end up at MAXS of MANILA, MAXS is famous of their chicken, but we went there not for chicken but "dinuguan!" the best taste in town of all the Filipino restaurant (no offense man! just telling the truth).
We have bistek tagalog, dinuguan, calamari and sagot gulaman! yum we were so full, and thats what has been left on our dinner.
Hubby ask me why we always have craving for Filipino food even I always prepare Pinoy food at home, Hubby is full blooded Pinoy but was raised here in US, and he love to eat Pinoy food, and always ask me to cook anykind Pinoy food for him almost everyday.

"OCTOPUS" is her name. She cost $200 million with a permanent crew of 60, that includes several former Navy Seals. It has two helicopters, seven boats, a 10 man submarine and a remote controlled vehicle for crawling on the Ocean floor. The submarine has the capacity to sleep eight for up to two weeks underwater.
The "Octopus" which cost US$200 million requires a US$20million annual budget 10 percent of the purchase price every year to keep these yacht in good working condition and cover the crews salaries. That Yacht is OUTCH!!!
Last month it docks in Honolulu harbor, and maybe all of my readers know already WHO OWNED this YACHT, He's the Microsoft "accidental billionaire" PAUL ALLEN- that worth US$20 billion according to Forbes, the third richest man in America and 7th in the world.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We really love to eat Korean food, the kalbi's, korean bbq, meat and fish jun, and your Korean feast is not complete without their famous KIMCHI and daikon, the pungent smell of their food is so mouthwatering to me.
We are not Koreans but you can find kinchi and daikon(fermented radish) on our fridge!. And I get so crazy of Korean telennovella as we call it in Philippines, even here in hawaii I still watch Korean channel, even the caption is English I giggle and laugh, they really have good humor, even my hubby watch Korean channel.

Monday, March 10, 2008



"Holo Holo" means "to get around," Waikiki beach is one of the tourist mecca, around 7,000 people visiting Waikiki each day, simple swimming, having suntan, fishing, surfing and learning how to surf, shopping and more.
Waikiki is one of the famous place in the world, it's white sand beach and not just that, elegant hotels, plenty of shops and boutiques great restaurants (my favorite) :) ).

When the sun sets it's becoming a romantic place, by simply watching the sun set is so magical.


"So ONO" Ono means delicious in Hawaiian language, and this food in the pictures are so ONO the kalua pig (the shredded pork on plate) pork lau lau (the one envelop in taro leaves) lomi salmon (tomatoes and salmon) poi, and the yum yum tripe stew. This is our favorite Hawaiian restaurant here in oahu, they are located at Kapahulu ave. Honolulu, ONO HAWAIIAN FOOD. If you happen to have vacation in Hawaii, try our local Hawaiian food to complete your ALOHA experience.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

what's the deal?

I hear a new word to describe some facet of the ever-changing food world.WHAT IS NATURAL ANYWAY? Natural is use to describe a food item that is free from artificial colors, artificialflavors, artificial preservatives, and that is minimally processed. How they made a food product many decades ago before things were added to food to change their appearance or flavor. By eating natural food you are freeing yourself of the extra stuff your body doesn't really need.
WHAT IS ORGANIC? The term "Organic" is used to denote the product that has been certified by the USDA or another qualified certified agency, to have been created without the use of any pesticides and the sustainable farming practices were used. Organic farming promote bio-diversity amongst crops and helps maintain sustainability within agriculture. By supporting the organic movement you are helping farmers protect the environment.
SUSTAINABILITY in term of farming, simply takes into the account the infact that farming has upon the land and plans for renewal and restoration. Sustainable farm practices protect the environment and reduce our negative impact on the earth.
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDYou may seen Fair trade logo poping up on items such as: coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate, and various spices. Fair Trade certified means that an independent group travelled to the source of the ingredients and inspected the companies practices to ensure that the farmers and the owrkers are getting paid a fair wage to their crop, that no child labor has been used, that the cash for the crops is flowing back to the communities where the food was grown and the children of the workers are attending school. By purchasing Fair Trade certified goods you are helping some of the world's poorest people in the developing world help themselves.

Friday, March 7, 2008

This year marks the 25th year of continues eruption, the eruption of Kilauea Volcano that began in 1983 continues at the cinder-and-spatter cone of Pu`u `O`o (high point on skyline). Lava erupting from the cone flows through a tube system down Pulama pali about 11 km to the sea.
Kilauea is the youngest and southeastern most volcano on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Topographically Kilauea appears as only a bulge on the southeastern flank of Mauna Loa, and so for many years Kilauea was thought to be a mere satellite of its giant neighbor, not a separate volcano. However, research over the past few decades shows clearly that Kilauea has its own magma-plumbing system, extending to the surface from more than 60 km deep in the earth.
In fact, the summit of Kilauea lies on a curving line of volcanoes that includes Mauna Kea and Kohala and excludes Mauna Loa. In other words, Kilauea is to Mauna Kea as Lo`ihi is to Mauna Loa. Hawaiians used the word Kilauea only for the summit caldera, but earth scientists and, over time, popular usage have extended the name to include the entire volcano.


Wouldn't it be great if the foods we eat were safe, healthy, and free from pesticides?
Say NO to GMOs or Genetic modified foods, as of now there is no study that prove what side effect it might do to our body in the future, but think of it, foods - including plants and animals - have been genetically manipulated to make the plant more productive, more resistant to pests, or contain higher amounts of a certain nutrient. When these foods are made to be more productive, it is no different than using growth hormones to make a chicken lay more eggs or a cow fatten up more rapidly.
Food's Additives Sulfites, nitrates, and MSG (monosodium glutamate) are the three most common additives used in packaged foods to preserve color, prevent spoilage, and enhance flavor.Sulfites can give rise to severe allergic reactions like asthma. Nitrates combine with amines in foods to form nitrosamines, which can lead to neurological damage or cancer. Headaches are often associated with MSG.
Produce Pointers it's true that produced from our local store are not that fresh anymore, before it reaches the stores from its source it will takes days or maybe weeks even months. These items are preserved by nitrogen or other artificial means that make them appear fresh; however, these foods have a low nutritional value. Farm-fresh produce comes directly from the source to your table, leaving little time in between for nutrients to be lost.
I prepare to buy on our local farmers market especially those selling by the farm areas, I'm sure it's fresh and still packed with nutrients.
Meat Management Conventional meat, poultry, and dairy products contain sizable amounts of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotic drugs that are harmful to your health. In addition, commercial feed for animals is full of growth-stimulating hormones, drugs, coloring agents, and pesticides. And consider this: nearly 140,000 tons of poultry are condemned annually as unfit to eat, usually due to cancer, and yet a substantial amount is processed into animal feed. More than 40 percent of antibiotics produced in the United States are used as animal-feed additives. The ecological result, after the animals and humans urinate and defecate the antibiotics, is the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains that are very dangerous to our health. For your health and well-being, only buy organic and free-range animals whenever possible.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh so delightful to my eyes and so deliciously mouthwatering taste! I really miss you my precious pinoy style lechon, cook in traditional Filipino way with all the herbs inside, nothing can beat you down my lechon. I ate lechon here in Hawaii but I don't know it doesn't taste the way I like it, the lechon pinoy especially the lechon cebu!


There is no Italian blood in me but I love to eat pastas you can make me eat any kind pasta, pinoy style spaghetti which is sweet and savory, I missed spaghetti melanese which a little spicey with lots of bell peppers and spices, I've taste that in one of resort in Cebu Ph. and I order the same every time I went there, orzo with grilled or broiled shrimp is so good too, and this one in the picture linguine with clam yum.!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Although taro is eaten around the world, only Hawaiians make poi. Traditionally they cooked the starchy, potato-like taro root, or corm, for hours in an underground oven called an imu. Then they pounded the taro corms on large flat boards called Papa ku`i`ai, using heavy stone poi pounders called pohaku ku`i `ai. The taro was pounded into a smooth, sticky paste called pa`i`ai, then stored air tight in ti leaf bundles and banana sheaths for storage or future trading. By slowly adding water to the pa`i`ai, which was then mixed and kneaded, the perfect poi consistency was created. 4) Poi was traditionally enjoyed with fresh fish, seaweed, breadfruit and sweet potato -- an incredibly tasty and nutritious meal. And when it came to eating poi -- fingers were the utensil of choice. One, two, or three fingers to scoop out the pudding -- two finger poi was considered the best! And many Hawaiians loved their poi fermented a bit, giving it a unique, slightly sour taste.
I'm not so fond of Poi, I eat Hanalei poi sometimes it's the best in taste of all the brand, our families choice. I prefer taro bread though it's so good.


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