Friday, June 18, 2010

Few years ago when I was not working and just being a homemaker it makes me gained so much weight. I worked out but it did not make any good. I was so unhappy that I decided to read about fat burning reviews, I came across a very legitimate review site where they talk and suggest about the best one. I tried the best fat burning supplement and it works on me, I lose much of my weight and I can say I have a successful story about losing weight.

What the Humpback Whales do in Hawaii

The gentle giants of the ocean, a very wonderful creatures. They are no harm to humans but some humans has an acquired taste for this harmless giants.
If you have seen the show "Whale wars," these people devote their life to save the whales and stop Japanese whaling ships on killings whales. The Japanese whaling ships violate the international water but their government back them up. Their whaling ships has a "RESEARCH" name on it. They are allowed to kill a whale for research and they can sell they remaining whale meet in Japanese market.
It's obvious that they are only using the "Research" thing as cover up so they can kill whales and their government tolerate it by giving them permit even they now what's going on.

We always have a big sale once a month where we expect a long line of customer. In these times we always rely on our bar code scanners. The last sale we have, two of the scanner failed to worked where the line is long and customers are waiting.
We are so happy when the management change our old bar c ode scanner to Symbol LS2208. It's really good and reliable especially when we rely on them at all times. I wish they will replace the old junk ones to Symbol LS2208.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hawaii Nei

There's so much to capture in Hawaii, each island has it's own characteristics and mood. Oahu is much on the modern side, a metropolitan city and quiet peaceful county on the other side.
If you want a laid back life and more solemn vacation, head down to Kauai island. The oldest amongst the island chain where you can find the wettest mountain on earth Mt. Wai' ale 'ale, the Hanalei taro patch and the famous canyon of the Pacific the Waimea canyon. There's Napali coast and check out the wet and dry caves on the north side of the island.
Maui is the surfing mecca and tourist destination. There's so much to do in Maui like whale watching, surfing, zipper lane and much more.
Big island Hawaii is the youngest and biggest of all the island. It is still growing until now by Kilauea side.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Domain Bummers!

I was so upset last week, I was supposed to do so much task online when I realized that two of my blog domain is expired, way so expired. I tried calling them to obtain back my domains but they told me I have to pay more than $80.00, of course I tell the technician right away "FORGET IT."

Yes I wanted my domains back because I have them for quite awhile, I had been working with my two blogs for almost three years now but then I am not so happy about my domain name. Though it affects me so much but then on the other hand I am happy that I finally change my domain name even it means that I will start all over again. I will just think that there's always sunshine after the rain.

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