Thursday, June 30, 2011

Entry Shot

I'm an amateur photographer, I don't have any DLSR (although I'm considering on getting one pretty soon) what I have is a small digicam and just point and shoot. I love taking picture of interesting subjects. I don't have any formal training aside from what I randomly read online about photography. I can tell what's a potential piece and what's not base on my taste but I must admit that I don't have the artistic eye just plain "my own taste" and that's it.
This is the 3rd year that I am planning to join the costco photo contest. For consecutive year I was scanning my files and find no potential piece but this year I will enter the contest. The attached photo will be my entry, I'm not hoping to win but it will be the start of my entries.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's go hunting

On my next weekend off we are planning to head to the mountain ranch and do some wild pig hunting. My husband have a very nice hunting gun and he just got a new rifle scopes, so it would be fun to test it, let's see if we could get big catch. The ranch has a tower where we can see the surrounding mountains with a good vantage point to it. So we can test the rifle scope on top of the tower first and site the target.

Hawaii Mountains

This is one of the mountain view in the west side of Oahu. This land where I took the picture is a agricultural area where the vegetable farms and ranch are located. This is also a place where you rent a stable for your horses. One day I want to hike on this mountains, it might be perfect for a beginner like me because it's not too high and dangerous. This is also the place where my husband and his friends hint for wild pigs. Very nice place to hang out if you love greenery and nature.

Hip Hop Clothes

Me and my younger brother share the same taste when it comes to clothing, we love hip hop clothes so much. I more on to hip hop dresses and his more on to jeans, tops and to complete his look, his hoody. My brother loves Nike brand while I love baby phat and levis the most. We always shop online for our hip hop clothes, our online favorite store ever carries a wide variety of choices and they always have new patterns every season.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zebra Power

I got this picture from a local FM station website, they are trying to get peoples comment about this big bike. Poring comments came and mostly said they don't like the idea of this "zebra powered bike".
In my own opinion based on my wild taste, honestly this is a bad idea. I love animal print particularly zebra but this one threw me off. The owner must love it but it's just way too much for me. Whats your wild opinion?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had dinner at a friend's house last night; I had so much fun with them, such a lovely and nice family. We also watch movie after dinner and it was fantastic, they have a movie theater with surround sound. The home theater speakers are awesome; it makes me feel that I am in a real theater. That will be the beginning of our deep friendship and we will always go in their house to have potluck or party with them. I am so happy last night.


It was my first time at my husband's friend ranch last Sunday. I always miss going with him at the ranch because they usually hang out there when I'm working. We spend the father's they there and it means that I will always ask my husband to bring me there with him.
I had fun with the horses feeding them fresh grasses and petting them, they are so sweet and beautiful. I love the horses, I wish I could take care of them once in a while, while I'm visiting them.
I also harvested wild vegetable. My husband friend invited me to plant veggies there if I wanted too. The moment I hear it from my husband it put big smile on my face because that location is where the local farmers are, the soil is so rich for gardening and I'm looking forward on doing a garden on Sunday. I am now preparing the seeds that I need to plant. :)

This is the best gift for first communion. You can never go wrong with precious moments figurine and this is so perfect foe lovely kids who are about to take their first communion. You can engrave their name and date of their first communion on it. I'm getting more excited with my niece's first communion and hand her this cute present that I know she will truly love.

Monday, June 6, 2011


We were a bit busy last week entertaining my MIL when she came to visit us. She is 74 years old, she can walk but a little bit slow. This is the picture I took of her and her old guy friend. They are not lovers but all of us agreed that the feeling is Mutual!
Me and my husband make sure that she will enjoy and relax on her vacation although we cannot just bring her to places that we think we enjoy. No long distance road trips (we're planning of heading North Shore but not a good idea for her) for her, no beach as well unless it's a shady park near the shore but absolutely no swimming for her. It was fun!


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