Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It was my first time at my husband's friend ranch last Sunday. I always miss going with him at the ranch because they usually hang out there when I'm working. We spend the father's they there and it means that I will always ask my husband to bring me there with him.
I had fun with the horses feeding them fresh grasses and petting them, they are so sweet and beautiful. I love the horses, I wish I could take care of them once in a while, while I'm visiting them.
I also harvested wild vegetable. My husband friend invited me to plant veggies there if I wanted too. The moment I hear it from my husband it put big smile on my face because that location is where the local farmers are, the soil is so rich for gardening and I'm looking forward on doing a garden on Sunday. I am now preparing the seeds that I need to plant. :)


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