Monday, August 17, 2009

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Sunny Day

Taken by the Kaneohe Sand Bar. On the photo is the China Man's hat by Kuoloa Ranch and the magnificent Koolau mountain range. It's sunny day but a bit hazy, the pictures I took of the views are not so clear though.
Don't miss the fun and beauty of Kaneohe Bay Sand bar when you come to Oahu. I highly recommend it.

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Medifast Coupons

If you wanted to lose weight and you are looking for effective ways, then stick to diet plans. It's effective and no more measuring needed, just eat the regular way as long as you stick on your plan and you are good.
Here is a a Medifast coupons for you. You can try the Medifast plan and lose weight. It will give you a $25 worth of saving on your Meal. It's a great deal, better take the opportunity while they still offer the coupons.

Sand BAR

We had so much fun at Kaneohe Sand bar. It's a tiny island only visible on low tide but when its high tide the water is still shallow, Shallow like just on your thigh deep. It's famous for spring brake boat party.
We stayed there for a day and on the water the whole time. During summer the water is warm and turquoise, so inviting that you cannot get out of the water. We wanted to go back there so soon. It's the most beautiful place that I've ever been in Hawaii.

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Tips For GUYS

My husband knows that I love jewelries like most women's do, but he doesn't know what to get me and scared that I might not like what he picks for me.
Guys here is my little tip for you, when you are already married, in my own opinion, you can give your wife jewelries that you think fits for the occasion or whatever happenings you have in your life. Like for instance, during summer season we always head for vacation or go to the beach often. But when you are having vacation on tropical islands, what you can give her as a token of your travel like the rings on inserted photo. It will give so much meaning of your wonderful vacation, and remind her that both of you have a wonderful time.


Finally our mini home state vacation is over. We have visitors from the mainland and they want us to spend to spend time with them the whole time, so it's like we are also on vacation but just here in our island. We took them to nice places driving around, boating and hanging out at Waikiki. I really get so tan actually I call it "extra chard."
We do have so much fun with their 10 days stay here though we they always change plans, as long as they have fun. We did a lot of eating and we all gained weight, our visitors wanted to sneak to the gym but he always run out of time. Well Hope they have a safe trip to the Mainland today.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Many people are wasting their money on diet pills that does not work. Many are drawn by the promising advertisement and labels. Don't be fooled of their promises because they are just ripping you off.
To find the best diet pills diet pills, you have to do your homework which is read the reliable review before deciding on what diet pills you have to take that will fit you and deliver the best result.

These Two Ladies

Two weeks ago my MIL came up with her sisters, mom, brother,s friends and cousins. Yeah, it's the whole village came up but they stayed in a Hotel by the Waikiki.
After the Sunday night affair, my MIL and her close friends wanted to roam around the island. So we did but just went to other place and came back to town right away.
The funny thing was, these two ladies wanted to buy something at China town, the parking is limited so they have to walk a few blocks. The other lady get sore knee because she cannot walk that long anymore (they are both on their 70s). My MIL was almost get ticket of J walking but was given another chance. All of a sudden what they came for to China town was not sold there. Oh these two ladies, but we have fun though, fun experience.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pet Beds

One of my friends loves her pet so much and she's a cat breeder, she also have a dogs. She does take good care of her babies as she call them, she even gave them presents during the holidays. My dear friend here is a pet site for you where you can buy cute stuff and pet beds for you babies.
I inserted a photo of a cute cat bed. I love cats so much, they are so sweet and cuddly but I cannot have one because somebody in our house has asthma, too bad for me.


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