Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Barcode Scanner

I been off from work for two days, when I came in yesterday I noticed that all four barcode scanner on two check out station where replaced with new sets. Finally the bosses decided to make our life easy, now we can scan merchandises so fast preventing long lines as much as possible.
I am happy that I will start the year working it means I will work on the 1st. No complaints, I am just thankful that I have work and loving it.

New Years!

My fruit basket is ready for the new year! I pretty much prep today for the things we need for tomorrow. I will be working tomorrow until 7pm so I cook the cheesecake earlier and will chill it later for tomorrow. When I get home tomorrow all I need to do is mix the fruit salad. I will not cook any dish because my hubby decided to have a whole roasted pork (lechon), about 100 lbs. It's too much for us and couple friends who will celebrate New Years with us.
May the economy will bounce back next year and all people will find jobs. Good health, Good life, prosperity and blessings to us all.


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Safety Harness

If you have construction business that deals with buildings or two story dwellings, safety harness is mandatory to protect your workers. One of my husband's friends is also a roofing contractor, he always need the best harness for his crew and he make it sure that he inspect his equipment regularly and change it from time to time to prevent accident.
My husband will also get his own sets of harness for his crew, they will need it on their next job project.


Another addition to our New Years Good luck Tradition, KADOMATSU. I found this earlier at the store and get one. We were at the store to get fruits and stuff for our New Years tradition. I always have my round fruits, chocolates in gold wrappers, sticky rice and now kadomatsu.
Hawaii is a very diverse state, now our new years tradition is so mixed with different cultures.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Now a day when you are looking for a job or looking for employee all you need to do is go online and post your ads. Internet is making our life easier these days. I just found a site where you can post your resume if you are looking for a construction job. Construction job search will allow you to post your resume and allow employers to post for a vacant job in their company. Check them out now if you are looking for a construction job.

One of my friends back home PM me on Christmas Eve. I was off from work that day and just relaxing on bed in front of my lappy while waiting for our dinner to be done in the oven. Someone PM me, of course I'd replied and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Then we chat for a little while until she said something, it's easy for her to say that because what she is seeing in one dimensional and she's not in my situation.
Looking things one dimensional is very much different when you are in a situation and you are considering your decisions on multiple sides of your life. I do understand her saying those things which hurts my feeling but I can't help myself. I am just human, even though I tried to make sense of her statement but it can't stop me from being hurt. Shes a slacker! lol

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free SEO Tool

I made a website for my husband small business. I am paying for it yearly but when you search it at Google it will not show on top of the list, meaning it need to be submitted on SEO.
Many SEO company is calling my husband to sign in with them but I already warned my husband not to commit to any of them. I am so skeptical with other SEO company especially when they are charging ridiculously.
Finally I found a Free SEO tool to help jump up your search engine rankings, its Since I used it I saw results on my husband website.

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's already Christmas next week, then it's New years in two weeks time. Have you made your New years resolution yet?
I remember when I was still at middle school and our teacher asked us to make our new years resolution. I remember I wrote one but I don't remember if I stick to my plans. Even when I was grown up already I still do make a list of New Years resolution but after you write it down you just then forget it. I think New Years resolution list is is made to be written and forgotten. I will still write one though cause I wanna know the percentage of my progress at the end of the year next year.



My husband and I are self employed and this means that we have to pay for our own Health Insurance. We are paying so much for our health insurance then we still have to take out of pocket. Someone told me about health savings account or HSA. I am looking forward to participate in an HSA; it is also a tax advantage medical savings account. I also like the idea that if you are not able to use it this year it will accumulate. Over time, if medical expenses are low and contributions are made regularly to the HSA, the account can accumulate significant assets that can be used for health care tax free or used for retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


What's keeping me busy offline? When I think of doing something and started it then I can't stop until I finish it. So here are the things I been doing lately, handmade crochet ornaments. I have white plain balls that I wanted to be cute so I cover it with crochet and flower and some I colored it. I also did few other stuff but didn't have photos of it.

post signature is the best place for Cyber Monday shopping. I check on them before Cyber Monday and see if the items that I am going to get are on sale. I am so happy that most of the items are on sale like my passport, iPod accessories and so much more.
If you are still on the holiday shopping process, make sure to check it things at first and you will be surprise to find it there and how much you will save. Happy Holiday Shopping.


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