Thursday, June 27, 2013

Musician's Mixer

My brother-in-law has a very good heart and donated a mixer for our church. The choir and our church can utilize it; it is a very nice instrument that he got online. He was saying that he was shopping around and found out that the behringer mixer at musicians friend online was the best choice and best quality. Bless his heart for taking care of our church and our choir group.

My Betta's


 A friend got me into having betta fighting fish. It is perfect for me because it is law maintenance and they usually live by themselves in a tank. Perfect for my busy life in the sense that I don't have to clean the tank that often and all they need is pellets once or twice a day. My fishes are also relaxing to watch and they have their own character.
I name the red one "Ruby", he is a crowned tailed betta and the Blue one "Spike". Ruby is the aggressive boss, he always show the new comers that he is the boss even the guppies. We just had Spike today on a separate tank and Ruby is showing off his fins and he likes attack Spike. Me and my husband was cracking up because we never ever saw Ruby that aggressive.


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