Monday, December 27, 2010

I will start gathering ornaments for my next year theme which is "Candy Cane Tree." Well honestly I'm not sure if this will come true because early this year I was thinking to make a Hawaiian tree bu I ended up putting all the ornaments I have. I wish next year I will stick to my theme which is Candy Cane tree. Crossing my fingers because it will be up to what I have gathered that time and what's on my mind lol.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

For the guys with ED, we have seen so many TV add about ED promising remedy. The best thing you can do is research first and don't put your health at risk. There are always side effects like any other prescription medication. Like for instance the extenze side effects, of course manufacturers will not let you know about its side effect. There are better ED medicine than extenze, just do your research and click the link I have here. It will guide you and help you on choosing the best one.

Xmas 2010

Every year I add ornament to my collection, I also collect ornaments with year, at least one or two. I will get me a new fake 4ft tree after Christmas when all the prices drops, I've been eying on this little cute tree. I want a small one like 4 feet tall and place it on top of a table and present will be underneath it. This year is special because we are all together and I don't know when this will happen again. Well I am wishing to spend Christmas with my family in the Philippines, the traditional way and make them happy with all the presents I can get them.


My husband and I had the same model of LG phone, in between our two years contract he already change phone twice because it was defective after months of using. I though it's just him being clumsy to his phone. To my surprise, my phone screen went blank on me. I was wondering why it just turned blank when I did not remember I drop my phone of something. I am so careful with it. Well, I guess it's the right time for us to switch to blackberry, almost all the people I know has it and they said it's really reliable and good.

Seared Tuna

Fish is part of our families diet, we need to have fish in our menu at least once or twice a week. We love tuna so much, my husband loves tuna poke and I love it slightly seared wrapped in nori, I also make sashimi if we get it fresh. When I gave this plate to him he jokingly teased me "did you took picture?" He is funny and the fish is yummy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You Card

I remember last year that my friend gave me a beautiful baby thank you cards. I love the color combination she picked, it's so cute. Her baby will turn one pretty soon, I am sure that she picked a beautiful invitation card and "Thank you" cards. I remember she called me two days ago and asked my opinion about color combination and pick some pictures that she wanted to use on the card. It will be a fabulous birthday party.

Lady Fingers

I was a bit frustrated looking for lady fingers in the store, I've been cruising from store to store but to my disappointment. Well I need it badly so I ended up making my own last night, it came out good and I was able to make extra for another dessert. I made the tiramisu bars last night and it was awesome. I made enough ladyfingers for a real tiramisu, I might freeze it until New years eve. I wish the husband will not eat them all with his morning coffee.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some of cerebral palsy developed due to medical malpractice. If you have a child who had developed cerebral palsy, you can seek a lawyer and see how they can help you. A child with cerebral palsy will change your life forever and of course no parents who want their child to have CB.
This law firm had helped many families in settlement of medical malpractice resulting to CB. In fact I know one family in our neighborhood who had seek help from these lawyers.

Metal Garage

My husband wants to build a covered shed for his tools and equipment and also for his boat. He saw this metal building shed online and he wants to have it. His tools, equipment and boat will be well protected from sun, rain and storm. They also have the metal garage model so it is ideal for your vehicles or big boy's toys. He said he wants to have it yesterday, so that means he will get it as soon as possible no matter what.


I gather cute stop for our cousins daughter, she is six and will love this cute hello kitty stuff. I wrapped it like a gift basket and it came out so cute. Well, ever since I remember, I know I love wrapping and making it look pretty. Maybe I will make it one career in the future or side job, who knows. All I know I enjoy doing give baskets and wrapping presents.

UTV accessories

We must be vacationing to the mainland next year to be with our relatives and dear friends. My brother in-law loves outdoor, so we planned to camp in the woods. He said he is making sure that his ATV's are in good condition so we can have good fun. He said he got new UTV Accessories for his big boy's toy. We are getting so exited as the vacation day come closer.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Susan Boyle CD

I love the voice of this lady so much... She give's back the meaning of Christmas, her voice is so angelic... I wish that the husband will give me SUSAN BOYLE'S christmas CD for xmas. Please Santa hear me that's the only one I want hehe. I watch all her Christmas song on youtube every time I get a chance, hoping she will record more beautiful Christmas song that I love.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I made a website for my husband's small business, the couple months it was on the web there are so many people calling him offering to put his site in a web directory to boost traffic, of course he had to pay them. The moment I know about them keep pestering him, I told my husband that I will do it for him. I know some web directory submission sites, after that his site gained traffic, yet people still keeps calling him because they want to make money too.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tanning Lotion

My friend loves to tan her skin; she said she feels healthy when she is tanned. She is so pale when she's not tanned and she feels like she's a ghost. The solution to her problem is tanning bed lotion. She usually goes to tanning salons and brings her own lotion or just does it herself at home. She looks so pretty and healthy when she is tanned. If you have the same problem check out this website where they have variety of quality tanning lotions.

I love Christmas shopping but the best part I love the most is wrapping presents. I always love buying different ribbons and wraps and make pretty presents. This year I bought cute balls ornaments and attached it on most of the presents. I also accept beautiful ribbons for present ;) , I wish I could find some more beautiful ribbons and wraps to add on my collections.

acne scar cream

I hate acne because it usually leaves ugly scars on your face. I have the same problem with most of my girlfriends, so we tried to research and look for acne scar cream. We found a review site that gave us the information that we need and we choose the best cream that fits our need. Two weeks later we have seen a promising result because my acne scars are disappearing. So if you have acne scars, don't worry at all cure is here.


This picture is taken by a friend at DAKAK Resort Philippines. I never been on this resort, honestly this resort is never been on my list. I am not so attracted to this resort but there's one resort that I really wanted to visit and I make it a point that I will stop by there when I visit home, it's Camiguin. I heard it's a white sandy beach and fun to visit, let's see how fun and beautiful it will be.


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