Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's been few years that I did not buy any computer protection software, I am only using the free ones online which I don't really know if it helps or not. Recently I am doing a lot of online banking also buying things online which site are okay but I cannot be sure if their site are safe. I know I need more protection so I am committed to get me computer security software so I will be protected especially when I'm doing my banking online.

Yellow Oranges

You can tell that I am bored! I remember I took this photo during my CNA crazy class. It was a boring skill afternoon, I am so tired and snapping pictures keep awake till our class ends. It was a fun short class that I am so thankful that I decided to take. That class help me be where I am right now.

We just got new TV for our master bedroom; we need to mount it since I am trying to do a minimalist look in our bedroom. I am having fun shopping online lately especially on eBay so when I was looking for mounting bracket for tv I went search online right away and found the right store. It came in the mail and my husband installed it last night. We do enjoy our room more now and I love the clean look that we have in our room.

My best friend is getting too spoiled of my cooking. Although I am glad that she love my cooking but she is getting spoiled :). When she saw recipe that she's interested, she always forward it to me and ask me if I can make it, of course I can! This time she requested for this lemon cheesecake bar for these coming Sunday get together. Now she owes me a lot, I should demand her to get me some brand new mini muffin pans :).

The value of gold and silver are getting more expensive each year so I believe it will be a good investment. My husband and I decided to go on this route and buy us some of 1881 silver dollar for our collection and investment. I believe this is better than buying and investing on paper currency that my husband's uncle influences us. Yes it did not work and we are still waiting for these currencies to increase its forex value which is a lost in my opinion.

Poi Malasada

I love to sunk in my teeth on this sweet, fluffy, yummy fried poi malasada from Kam bakery. I like to eat it fresh and also when its day old, I know I can devourer a dozen of this. If you want this yummies you have to get them as early as you can because if you wait till noon time they will run out fast. I am glad that I start work at 7am in town, I usually leave home early to avoid traffic that I have enough time to stop by and get this thing.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I don't like the idea that people face hard times in their life that threatens their livelihood, but some of these circumstances are hard to avoid. Some people go to bankruptcy, divorce and other things. One of our friends his business got him in trouble; overhead, low bids and legal matter put his business down. He then seeks legal help, lucky he landed into a good lawyer. So if you have legal issues please check raleigh creditor rights bankruptcy lawyer, they will help you get your life back.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This was taken today while I'm at costco. The weather has been nice lately with scattered drizzle in elevated areas so we have seen rainbows daily. I love capturing rainbows but every time I seen them is when I'm driving and I don't wanna take a chance to snap a picture unless it's in front of me. I got a chance to capture this earlier while I'm at costco, I can't wait to park and take picture of it.


My brother's band is going to perform in their upcoming school event. He ask me to get his band new sets of microphones so as an older sister I always say yes to what my baby brother ask me.  I am going to check out Microphones at musician's friend because they always have good deals on their items and I usually get most of my brother's musical stuff from them. We trusted this store so much; we love them because they never failed our expectations.


I am not sure what is the reason why critters come out at muggy night when it is about to rain or bad weather is coming. They have their own sense that warns us to be ready for bad weather, it's amazing how they reacted that way. Yes I hate critters of the dark especially when they can sting you.

Organnic bedding

Organic is the trend now. It is good especially for people who are sensitive to other materials. In my case I grew up with organic bedding because we don't have other choice and it made me realized how lucky I am to have access to organic bedding. I tried having a feather pillow but it did not work out on me, I got stuffy nose on the first night trying it on. I ask my cousin to check out the clean bedroom austin because I want her to get me some bedding from that store and ship it to me here in Hawaii.

Pumpkin Crunch

I am known on tweaking recipes, my husband and my best friend always tells me that my cooking never taste the same as the first time they taste it but they love it so much. We have gatherings every weekend where I cook them what they ask for and I usually come up with what ever dessert I could think off, mostly I experiment on the dessert like this pumpkin crunch. I tweak the recipe for the filling which came out good and I also tweak the recipe for frosting which they love the most. Yes that's what you call winner recipe, I know I can make good pumpkin crunch and carrot cake.

New Dish Washer

We definitely need a new dish washer because our old one is giving up on us. I was looking for an Energy Star so we can save some on electricity bill. There are brands to choose from but I want Frigidaire. I was shopping around in our local appliances store but I cannot find what I really want which is the fphd2491kf model. Thanks heaven to online shopping that made our life easier, now I’m just waiting for it to arrive.

This was two weeks ago when my girlfriend and I had a Drink after what we call a "Dirty Day" at work. As healthcare workers we never know what our days brings. So if your heart is in healthcare you have to be ready for all the dirty stuff that will be part of your day.
It was so funny because not all people in healthcare are ready to get dirty. I took her to my part-time job and when we're done she just said "we need a Drink!" Many people go to healthcare career for the money and not ready for anything dirty that will come their way, which for me is wrong. You have to be ready and your heart should be there for the job and you will be good and touch people's life. A toss!


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