Monday, August 26, 2013

Most of my brother's stuff is still at my parent's house, he is the youngest and he is still in college so he comes back and forth to my parent's house. We had our weekend get together last Sunday, I happened to check his room and seen the chaos. I want to get him Gator rack drawer for his record collection and his music stuff; I definitely believe he needs it. I know I can save on Gator Rack Drawer at musician's friend. I better order some for my brother now.


I officially switch my regular work clothes to scrubs. Yes I did switch career, I know this is for me and I will make it work for me and my family. I have big dreams, and I wanted to help people while I'm earning money. My husband on the other hand is smiling wide because he don't want me to dress up for work the I do before, silly guy.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mxr Pedal

I know what to get my brother for his upcoming birthday. I found an excellent mxr pedals at musicians friend, not to mention Musician's friends online store is his favorite store. I know he was looking for pedals for awhile now, I know which one he wants so my dear baby brother will get it soon in the mail in time for his birthday. I know he will love his new toy, it's a surprise.

My brother's favorite store online are the music store particularly Musician's Friend. He mostly gets his music related stuff from this online store; it is convenient for him because they carry pretty much everything he needs. He recently bought him cool capos at musicians friend with other stuff that he needs for his band.
I wish I will have time to learn how to play guitar, I know my brother will teach me how to play it's just that I am really busy with my work and personal life at this moment. Hopefullu I will have time one of this days when it's not too late yet.

Rock Silhouette

I love this silhouette picture of these rock file with the sun setting on the west side of Oahu. I honestly don't know what we call this type of rock file in Hawaiian but I always see these around the island, it kinda mean sacred I guess. I have my own style on taking pictures, I wish that other people will angry with my style.

Tampa Limo

My friends and I are planning for our group vacation. Last year we went to Kauai Hawaii and we had so much fun memories. This year we are planning to go to Florida and make it the most memorable for this year. We will definitely rent a limo so we are looking forward to book it with st pete car and limo service. They cater for all your need like wedding, concert and more. For us is just for fun because we just want our vacation to be extraordinarily fun.


In Hawaii it is illegal to hold electronic devices while you're driving but I cannot resist the Hawaiian Beauty. This was taken yesterday while I'm driving home in traffic. It was about 7pm facing the sunset. I always feel lucky that I live in beautiful Hawaii, I am blessed and love being here, there is beauty everywhere you go.

Carpet Cleaning

My mother in law bought a house in NC. She wanted to stay there for now and ask my husband to go with her and check for the stuff that needs fix. The carpet in the whole house is still pretty new but we suggested that she definitely need it to be cleaned and steamed. A family friend suggested a reliable company that does carpet cleaning chapel hill nc. We recommend this company because they are really good doing their job, we are happy customer.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last night we went bawling with friends, actually it was my first time and I did really good, I even did 2 strikes. I think we will be doing these more now at least once a month. WE had so much fun last night with my friends, but my main goal is to develop my bawling skills. I know I am good at it just a matter of learning the skills and technique.

Home Sale KY

Kentucky is a good place to start a family. My friend decided to take a job and decided to move her whole family to Kentucky. They are now in the process on looking for homes for sale louisville ky. They have looked some houses that they like; it's now a matter of deciding which one really suits their needs. She showed me the pictures and its all nice houses with very nice amenities but I know for sure which one they will pick.


This is our new fab now, yakiniku home style. These all started after we had Yakiniku for my birthday and my husband and also Yakitori for my pre-birthday dinner. We love it so much that we are doing it every weekend, we invited one of my friends to have fun with us. This time we had beef, pork belly, shrimp, some veggies like enoki and button mushrooms. We also had watermellon margarita and some miso soup.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that might turn your life upside down. Sometimes you will face financial difficulties or face unexpected medical problem that will affect your financial. When things gets bad all you need to do is look for lawyers most of them offers free consultation bankruptcy. They are willing to help you out and give you the information that you need. Don't waste your time and get your free consultation now.

Know your rights

I was browsing and reading online and came across these topic about wrongful termination San Diego. I believe that there are so many victims of wrongful termination around the nation which needs justice. It's good to know your rights and have a reliable people to talk too just in case you will become a victim. It open my mind to learn more about my rights as an employee, what I need to know and what I need to do when things happen.

Catalog Project

I am helping a friend on expanding their business. She is thinking of designing a catalog to make it easier for her client to choose and order what they like. We are searching online for locations where we can print the catalogs for cheap. We finally found the best deal to have her catalog prints, the price is really affordable and it was a breeze they also give you tips on how to make your catalog.

We finally got the chance to try these delicious dessert. We call it in Hawaii "Shave Ice" that you can choose flavored syrups to go with it. I personally like mine like this, simple yet delicious I love it with evaporated milk, mochi balls, mung or red bean beans topped with custard. A must try at Ice Garden, Located by Aiea ball.


As an immigrant it is good to know about the immigration law and also immigration lawyers in case you will need their help on changing your status and other legal matters. They come in handy when you have questions and things that you need to know about immigration, it is always better to be sure on what your limitations are as an immigrant. I am happy to be here and working and chasing my American dream.


One of my friends told me about these yakitori bar place in town, that they have good ramen and yakitori. My husband and I tried it one night and we fell inlove with yakitori. It is so simple skewer dish with good flavor, we had tasted almost all the bizarre meets like tongue, chicken liver and gizzards and other meet and vegetables. The kimchi ramen is also very good we love it. I am recommending these place to my friends, it's a must try place.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wireless microphone is really useful in our church especially when the audience needs to participate in sharing their thoughts about a certain topic. It is okay to operate wireless microphone as long as it is used in the right way. I know that they buy shure p6hw at guitar centerr online. It is easier to order it online, by the time you knew it, and it is in your mailbox.

Better Things

It is really true that there are way more better things for each of us ahead than what we leave behind. I have learned to move on and leave all the bad, ugly things behind me and focus on a brighter better future.
My husband and I have been through to a lot of things but we are trying to help each other to move on for a better tomorrow. We have to leave things behind us and think positive and attract better things.


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