Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am trying to save money on overseas calling, instead of using my cell which the carrier will charge me an arm and a leg, I decided to use my computer and call via my Gmail account. Overseas call rates is pretty good besides I don't call my mom that often but at least once a month or so. By the way U.S. calling is FREE.
It's my second time using it to call my mom that I forgot that it will took awhile for my credit to update when I reload. I am getting frustrated waiting for my credit, I wanted to talk to my mom so bad. I will try again later in the afternoon hopefully my credits is up by then.
If you wanted to save money calling U.S. and overseas try your Gmail account. U.S. Calling is absolutely FREE, Overseas calling is reasonable rates and pas-as-you-go.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am taking OPC-3 (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins) along with ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) at first I'm taking it just because. After a week on it I feel the difference in my health. The first thing I noticed, I don't feel blotted, I don't crave for snacks especially sweets. I lose a little weight, my skin clears and so much good stuff.
The ingredients of this supplement are berries and a bark of pine tree that has Pycnogenol® which is an anti-oxidant. It is in a powder form and should be taken first thing in the morning on empty stomach for best absorption of all the vitamins and nutrients.
My friends who also tried the product love it so much and they talk endlessly about how good their body feels now. Clear their skin, give them more energy and alertness at the same time it good vitamins for them.
After seeing and feeling all this benefits I decided to let my husband took it every morning and told him "it's god vitamins for you" along with their powder form vitamin C. He is rolling his eyes on me on his first week and I didn't told him anything about what it really does to your body. On his second week he told me " look at my tummy it's not as blotted as before" I just smiled at him and said keep it up keep taking the good stuff. He did not noticed the other good stuff it does to his body yet but I'm happy that he notice something.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Depression Rehab

I came from a place where depression is not really a big issue. I was so surprise that here in America there a lot of different type of disorders that needed help like for example depression, alcohol addiction and many more. I find it right that this type of disorders are being treated and studied, many people in such situation can benefit on this. I know someone that have been to depression rehab treatment centers and it really helps her cope with her problem. I am so glad that she better now and enjoying her life.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am going to another department at my workplace and well be in clothing which make me so excited. I was always the flex person in our floor where they always asked me to cover other department which does not bother me at all. My point is the more I learn about my workplace the better.
I am not ready to jump to the other floor, honestly, not because I am scared it's just I am so used to working in my current floor. I just discovered that I love being in the clothing department so much which is also tempting in my case. I love making the ladies happy and giving my honest comment that they look beautiful in their choices of style. I'm looking forward to utilized my fashion knowledge and share my style to our patrons.

Sexy Lingerie

This one is really cute for one of my friend. I might get this for her birthday so she can add this to her collections; I'm just hoping that she will like this sexy nurse lingerie. I will also show this to my other friend she might like this as her Halloween costume. They always make costume Halloween party for adults every year, she will looks so cute and sexy on this one.

Fixx Lash Extend

I really envy people with wonderful long eye lashes because most of them looks so attractive and beautiful, I am wishing that I have long beautiful lashes too but I'm not so fortunate. Lately I discovered "Fixx™ Lash Extend", they promise you two weeks to see the difference in your lashes. I will make your lashes grow thicker and grow 25% longer. In just 2 days I notice that my lashes is growing and after a week I noticed it's getting thicker and now it looks longer which I love so much. Although it's not as long as I wanted but I really saw the difference on my lashes and I love it. See it for your self.

I was looking for a tv stand for our new flat screen but I cannot find it here in the island so I went online. I found the one we like the best and agreed on, it's for flat screen with table but you can separate the table as you want. I like it because it's glass easy to match to any furniture or wall color. I am hoping to get it this weekend and so excited to put it together and re-arrange our family room.

I was glued to the TV last night watching "coupon" show. It's a show about people using extreme coupons that allows then to save up to 98% of their grocery shopping. They are just so smart not to waste their money on regular priced items. I adore them for their effort and I will try to utilized the coupons so I can save money like them.
There's one lady checking out, her total purchased without coupons and discount is 1,2++ she used all her coupons and discount and she ended up paying only $103.00. I'm watching in amazement and I will follow their way of saving money.

Friday, April 1, 2011

In this modern time people are often working leaving their house, pets and their important belongings to be vulnerable from fire and other bad elements. We need home automation systems to protect us from intrusion and fire. With this system you can easily control your appliances, lights and thermostats that are connected to your automation system. It will also notify you via text message as well as video clips when your child comes home or your housekeeper arrives.

Kitchen sink

My husband is a contractor, his client is looking for this particular kitchen sink to replace their existing one but we have no luck finding it here in our local supply store. I have search it online and found the exact one, I order it and came just on time for them to install it. It looks so beautiful in their new kitchen; they appreciate our extra effort to look for what they want.

BAD Cough

Symptoms: dry Cough that last 2-4 weeks, itchy throat, progressive coughing that last for minutes.

This is the bad cough that's been lingering around town. I though I am tough but not enough cause I also got the cough and been coughing for weeks. It's irritating cause it stops for hours but when you throat gets itchy and you start coughing it will last for minutes, it's totally disgusting. I been taking good care of myself and taking my vitamins and vitamin C as well. I cannot help myself from being expose to the public because of my work. Oh well too bad.


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