Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What you need to know when you are considering investing your money in the market, Inner 8 will help you with your investment goals; they will help you connect with the right people and right information about your investing goals and strategies. The Inner 8 senior executive team helped pioneer E*TRADE.
You can register for free and you can get few ideas right away to build your own circle. This is good because if you invest with them you will be an independent investor, you don't need a broker. When you are not depending to a broker and you are an independent investor that means you don't have to pay for adviser’s fee, brokers or newsletter because you are in the next revolution in personal investing. Check them out and start gathering more personalize and profitable stock ideas.
I told my husband about Inner 8, and how it works for us. He is convinced and might full out some of his investment and transfer it on Inner 8. This is a critical time in finance market, so we figure out that we need to be independent investor than leave our fortune to the brokers. This is the time to get the right information from the right people and its Inner 8.


Tax Filling

We have learned our lesson well from last year, we didn't take care of our G.E. tax and we were hit with penalties. This year we are trying to file it quarterly, and today is the 30th and falls on the the 3rd quarter of this fiscal year so it simply means another tax payment, bad news is we have to pay tax more than a thousand this month, good news is next year we don't have to worry of our tax payment amount filed up and hit with penalties. We are just thinking that we are paying an invisible sedan car because that's the amount of our tax payment for last year, 1 imaginary sedan car payed in full in just a year.
Lesson learned: When you have your own business even how small it is, better take care of your taxes quarterly of that fiscal year or you will be surprise how big is your tax when you file it annually plus penalties.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yesterday I was chatting online with my cousin, she is pregnant so I ask her what she is going to name her baby, they didn't decide for a name yet but it's a boy. I though she's only five months on the way and I get shocked when I learned that she is going to gave birth next months and it will be CS, she has a breach baby. Well I already have something for his little, I get him a baby bedding. I'm sure she will love it so much and I also suggest a name for her baby. Obviously I'm excited for her too.

Another attempt of cornbread baking, well I tried making corn bread before and as usual it's dry. I'm trying to imitate the perfect cornbread like the one we usually bought. I was thinking since Lyn's "hot milk cake" recipe is a perfect cake texture for me I try to enhance it by cutting the flour instead of two cups I made it 1-1/2 cups of flour and half cup of cornmeal, the rest of the ingredients are as is. It smells good while it bakes and I let husband taste it, he like it, it's good and it's not dry. I'll call it "corn milk bread".
One time we went to buy our favorite cornbread at their main production bakery and hubby ask me what I want aside from corn bread and I simply tell him "can you buy me their cornbread recipe" he crack up laughing and told me "they might sell it to you but before you come out that door you're dead" lol lol

Voice Command

I worked part time as an administrative assistant and sometimes my boss brings me to his meetings and wants me to jot down keynotes of his meetings, not to mention he talk so fast and most of the time he forget to turn on his recorder. I get interested when I find out about this Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred, now I can use a headset and say the keynotes on Microsoft words on my laptop with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard software, this will make my life easier since I cannot type so fast and I cannot jot down as fast as he talks, It's making my task a little easier.
I am also a blogger and sometime I have so many task and so many things to post, personal things and fillers and I cannot type as fast as I think, I also have few grammatical errors and I heard that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard will type without wrong spelling. I will tell you this is the blogger dream.
Check out for the NY Times Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Just don't expect this voice recognition software to be perfect like star trek. The accuracy of this software is 99.5% which is pretty good.


I just find out that photobucket has scrapping so I try it out right away. Pretty cool choices they got and I get hook again lol. There are still things that I'm trying and can't figure it out yet. Anyway just sample, Monday is my busy day doing house hold chores. Be right back later, enjoy the monday guys.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brazil, who doesn't want to visit this place, to me Brazil means beautiful beach with sexy people, nature and Amazon. If you are like me dreaming and want to visit this wonderful place then check out for Brazil vacation packages. Brazil for less has the best package and you can also get a customized tour so will truly enjoy the beauty of Brazil. See you soon in Brazil.


I was watching DR 90210 upon watching the procedures they are doing I feel a little sick lol. It's gross watching them like dissecting an animal oops sorry for the words. That's the reason I don't want to undergo any cosmetic surgery, just looking what they are doing it's like so much pain to handle especially when the anesthesia is already gone, It's like torture.
I take care my step-daughter when she have her implant scars remove and after the surgery she have this drainage tubing from her breast and it should be emptied twice a week. It's gross and seeing her on pain and taking strong pain killers, oh my gosh can't imagine myself on that situation, I won't torture myself that way.
Lucky thing I'm blessed with the right size perky boobies lol, thanks to my mom's genes ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Lets go green with this crank flashlight. Actually hubby want to go fishing again with his friend and they are planning to go night time and he mention that he is going to buy extra flashlights and LED lanterns. Hope they will enjoy their night fishing and they have plenty catch and this LED lantern and flashlight will help them catch plenty.

My little causin living in IRELAND. He is now 18 months old. How fast! it's just like yesterday that my uncle get married. We both are so emotional that time because I'm his only family who attend his wedding, It was 05 and a year after I follow his footstep and settle down too.
I ask my CPA friend how old he get married, his 32 years married now and he simply answer me "I get married at age when I realized I'm tired of chasing GIRLS!' who won't burst out laughing?

We always go to the beach do swim exercise and also to ride bicycle. We love to hang around the beach the whole days especially summer weekends that's why my hubby bought me a beach cruiser, he bought me my favorite color the white one. Now I have much fun going to the beach even it's not summer I can enjoy the beach by riding my beach cruiser.
Oh If you want to cruise aong the beach you can get a beach cruiser like mine at Cruiserstyle.com, you can choose the style and color of your choice. Now lets go fit, ride our bicycle and enjoy the beach.

Part of Ireland

<span class=
Here is a glimpse of Ireland, my moms brother migrates there with his wife and son, actually his like my big brother because he's only five years older than me. When we are young kids people always mistaken us as brother and sister.
I get this photo on his friendster album. Wish we could visit Ireland someday soon, love the views there. But man its cold over there and I'm not so fun of cold places.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm sure every one of us has our own favorite Disney character. I grow up liking the Disney princess especially Cinderella and later on sleeping beauty, snow white, beauty and the beast and the fairies. I have Disney princess story book and I also love watching them on tape that I end up watching one movie all they long and I don't know how many times I rewind it. One time my dad rented Peter Pan and I turn to like Tinkerbelle until now, oh she is sassy little flirt and so cute. To those Disney lovers here is the game that we are waiting for Disney Bingo, where you can play question and answer as well as bingo game that focuses on your favorite Disney characters.
I'm a big fan of mickey mouse too and I can't forget watching it on our black and white TV. About the Disney Bingo, I have so much fun playing with it so I encourage each and every one of you to buy your own so you will experience the fun I have. You can purchase it at Amazon.com or Drugstore.com, get your copy now and enjoy.
It's for you are your kids, I am an adult obviously but there's always a child in me. And I sure get few for my nephew and step kids.
Here my list of my favorite 15 Disney characters:
1. Tinkerbell
2. Peter Pan
3. Bell
4. Beast
5. Snow White
6. Sleeping Beauty
7. Cinderella
8. Simba
9. Pocahontas
10. Aladin
11. Princess Jasmine
12. Mulan
13. Mowgli
14. Baloo
15. Ariel
Now it's your turn to list your favorite's too, it can be Disney character, songs or movies.



I love yellow Hibiscus, I took this photo downstairs where I work part time. I love yellow hibiscus and it was morning when I arrive there and a little bit early than my boss obviously his office is still close, I didn't carry his spare key with me. So while waiting I took some snap shot of flower by the building entrance. If somebody from the other room notice me doing it they might think I'm insane lol.
Can't help it I love flowers especially yellow hibiscus.

I know that there are plenty of my friends who are like me who have tried so many kinds of workout DVDs but gained NO Results. I have bough so many dance DVDs like belly dancing, Latin dances and other dances that promise you to lose weight and cut off inches on your mid section. I also bought aero kaebo, taibo and so many other kind of workout but they still deliver no result. I got so frustrated about these workout DVD's already, when my friend told me about XFLOWSION a combination workout DVD, honestly at first I was skeptical because of my past experience but I give it a try hoping that it will work for me. The result is very positive it's because of its three top proven workout combine which are martial arts, yoga and dance. When I find out that it's a combine workout I know right away that it will deliver the best result, you will definitely sweat from head to toe. Where you will get the best jaw dropping result in just 1/3 of your time? So my friends I'm telling you, if you want the best result, throw away your old workout DVD and switch to XFLOWSION, check out their website and see how their workout DVD will give you the result you are looking for.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Garden Idea

You might wonder why my pots are hollow blocks, well I cannot plant directly on our backyard soil because its rocky with lots of sea shells maybe this area here before are covered with ocean, but I'm sure that the soil here are so healthy. I have bought pot but my veggies are not so healthy on pot so I experiment with hollow block since we have files of it at the back and I think my veggies will be happy because the roots can stick out the bottom of the block and get nutrients from the volcanic soil we have here although its rocky. Well as you can see my veggies are healthy this are only few of them the baby bokchow, pakchoy and cabbage.
My eggplants, beans and okra are at the other side and plenty more.
My husband enjoy watering my veggie garden and he said he will make one green house for me, upon hearing that my smile is from ear to ear, I love gardening.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Custom Bands

Even I'm already married couple years now but I still sneak in and check out for custom engagement rings sites. I love my engagement ring that my husband gave me, it's a customize ring too, but of course girls loves diamond and I love the engagement ring designs and I' dreaming to have my own details on it. I was looking at www.engagediamonds.com where they have the best designs I've ever see, and the best of all they can customize your rings and you can also choose your price range, love this site so much. We are planning to get another customize anniversary bands for our 5th wedding anniversary.

I'm Doing Good!

Why I'm learning bookkeeping stuff? I end up on this career not by choice but by force lol. My husband has a small business that pushes me to learn this process and our CPA/other boss/good friend is pushing me on this accounting stuff. He has so many dreams for me, he want me to be good on bookkeeping and later on he want me to be a realtor and maybe next year he wants me to have my license and after maybe he wants me to run for vice president! joke hahahaha
First he teach me quicken a simple way of bookkeeping that twist my brain at first but now its easy. He just upgraded me to quick books and he gave me assignment to do the reconciliation for our 2007 bank statement but I didn't do it, when I came back to his office he made me do things for his clients using quick books, at my first hour I was like arrrggg but after he answer my questions and teach me the basic way, oh now I love doing the reconciliation thing, he was surprise when he called me this morning that I did the reconciliation halfway through 2007. Reconciliation means that what you input on your quick book match with your monthly bank statement or if it don't match you have to find the difference and match it.
He told me one time the reason why he'spushing me to learn this things because he saw my potential, my computer skills and how I pick up things quit fast. Hmmm I'm a little bit overwhelm when he told me that hihihi.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Choose Right

One of my friend ask me if what remedy can I recommend for her acne, I ask her what did she use presently and she said Proactiv, and she don't like it that much because it make her face dry and she also complain about the strong smell of the product. I told her to check on www.acnecuresrevealed.net where they rate acne products by

1) Safety
2) Ingredient Quality
3) Side Effects
4) Acne Fighting Power
5) Customer Feedback
6) Overall Value
I'm happy that she finally found the right product for her with the help of that site.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Near Accident?!

I was taking a nap when hubby wake me up and said we are going to the park, I refuse because I just want to have a lazy day on bed lol. He insist that I have to go because I'll stop by the store to get treats for the goody bag that our birthday boy is going to give to his classmates on Monday, ok then I get up and change but when I went to the kitchen I saw the sweet potatoes and I decided to boil them while we are still home besides I think I still have enough time because I still have to shower and change and hubby too will jump into shower after me.
We then go, first stop I went to the store and gather the treats for the goody bag, then we went to the park to ride bicycle, play basketball and the boy try his skate board. I was having fun playing basket ball and then I ride the bike, we spend almost two hours at the park, when hubby and I are resting and talking I just realize that I forgot to turn off the stove! gosh, We rush home that all of us are nervous, the house might be on fire now its almost two hours that has past and usually when I'm cooking I turn the stove to 4 or 5. Hubby was so upset with me, in my mind I was praying that nothing bad will happen. When we reach home I run up the house and check and when I reach the stove it was OFF! meaning I forgot to turn ON the stove. Thanks GOD.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Merchant Account

Is your business accept credit cards if so, you already have a merchant account but let me ask you this, are you happy with your current merchant account company? Visit onlinecheck.com and check out their merchant account with no fees, no contracts, and a free credit card machine. I was asking my CPA boss about merchant account because my husband's is planning to get one for his small business that he wanted to accept credit cards. The CPA told me that he was with different merchant company before and he was not happy, he said he look for other company that will satisfy his needs and he finally have it, its with onlinecheck.com, they offer business funding, merchant services, ACH processing and check for their other services.
Well our CPA acts as our business adviser too so we trust him and will have our merchant account on the same company that he is in to and it's no other than onlinecheck.com.
Im sure we will be happy with our Free merchant account, which means no set up fees and no fees to wave. No contract too, no long-term obligations or contracts. Get started processing credit cards today and cancel anytime.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I really believe on this line " There's always Sunshine after the RAIN". When we are growing part of our life experience is what I call trial and error, we have to pass to so many trials in our life but I see this trials as blessings in disguise. I stumbled and cried a million times in my life, I failed and my heart has been broken so many times. But this trials in life teach me how to value little things and it also teaches me to be a better person and "things in life happens for a reason". Sometimes we have to be hurt and fell rock button for us to learn to be strong and realized that there's always bright side ahead. Sometimes we feel that our hands was emptied but it was just cleared for us to grab more. Sometimes we feel that somebody betrayed us along the way but it only made me realized that there's beautiful things ahead for me.
If before I keep saying why they take away my happiness, actually what they took away from me are the ugly things in my life. "Things happen because it has it's own reason" and the reason why they took my happiness before because it was replace with much more happiness, contentment in life, and the joy of my life.
Life is beautiful...

Beads for LESS

I really love to wear accessories like beads bracelet, beads earrings paired with my beads necklace, and sometimes I create my own designs. Making beads accessories is so much fun, so if you share the same passion as I do and you create beaded accessories, here is the good news for you. You can get your unique beads materials on 30% off offer for “high quality” wholesale beads. My favorite materials and accessories are semi precious stones, I love the glitters on it that it sparkle like a real gemstone in the night lights.
I get the passion in beads accessory making from one of my aunt, she has so many semi precious stone and other materials and she gave me a kit on how to make basic beads accessories and I develop that passion from there on, so now I also bought my own materials like fresh water pearls, sterling silver beads, precious gemstones. I buy my wholesale gemstone beads at beadsofcambay.com. I love this online store they have all the materials that me and my aunts needs and love to use.
We also make accessories to sell to our friends and mostly we made for gifts to our friends and relatives they really love our creations.


This is my instant grandson lol, instant because my hubby has a daughter who have a son on her teens, he is absolutely cute but we seldom see him because they live on the different island. Me and husband get so excited when he comes he is so fun to be with and he is so goofy.
He want grandfa to buy him toy at Walmart and his mom want's to go to the mall so when we drop her mom off the mall he wanted to hurry up to get to Walmart and he just said it so loud, "ANDALE! ANDALE!" (spanish for COME ON! or hurry up, he learned it from his mom's friend) we all burst out laughing! Then we imitate him and yell out "Andale, andale!" and he just said " I supposed to say that!" hahaha I joke husband " don't steal his line!".
We always have fun with him he is so cute!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photo Calendar

Do you already have idea of what you are going to give your family and friends on holidays aside from the presents and cards that you have on your list. Its almost holiday season again and its time for me to make something to give to our family and friends and also to some our our clients. I want to give them something that they will always remember us year round. I have this idea in mind for couple months now. I want to make photo calendar, I want o give it to our family and close relatives so they will always remember us all year round and they will be reminded that we always care for them.
Visit vistaprint.com and use this coupon code that I have here, it will give you off on many items like PC50: 50 Free Oversized Postcards, you can use this for the holiday. Use this code to get XmasFree : 10 Free Holiday Cards. Here are the code for wall calendar o67592fklv : 25% Off Wall Calendars.
Check their sites for more ideas you can choose from. Personally I love vista print because I can also make a business cards for my husband's business and other freebies too.


Finally I will take a rest from my one on one tutor! Our CPA is teaching me things that I need to learn like software's and other accounting things that I need to understand to be a better bookkeeper.
It's been weeks that I am working and also learning at the same time, but forget about that I'm happy that I am home today because I want to have a long good rest and no worry waking up early in the morning.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPod for him

I was planning to give my husband an ipods for Christmas. I was thinking the 8GB silver nano is right for him, he go fishing every weekend and he don't have any music on his boat, and he loves listening to his favorite music so. most of the time he go fishing alone and if he will have his nano he can relax and listen to his iPod music while he wait for the fish to bite. I will download our favorite songs on that nano.

Points of View

I know we have different points on view on things in our life. Like for example, I have read on one of my friends profile where she said "She is a jealous person and she likes to have a jealous boyfriend because if her boyfriend will get jealous that means he love her so much and if he won't get jealous that means he don't love her." That's her point of view and mine is different. I don't want to be with somebody who is jealous because on my points of view when you are jealous of your partner that means you don't trust her/him. And for me the key ingredients to a healthy and lasting relationship are Trust and when you trust your partner that means you Love and respect her/him.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The CPA's where I work part time accepts credit card processing payments and he have a merchant account with other company bu he said he is not satisfied with it so he look for another company that give him free credit card processing. How about a free merchant account for you, sound good for your business right. Now CPA boss is happy with his merchant account.
If your profession or your business is using a merchant account try check onlinecheck.com and see how they can change your life, and try to compare it with your recent company and see the big difference. Onlinecheck.com is the best of them all.

Sad Day

I went to our CPA's office today to work on our own books and also review our last years tax. I'm sure in my heart and knowledge that I didn't gave him the right figures for 07 tax return due to my lack of familiarity with the vendors and their categories. Base on my experience now I can tell something is wrong with the last years returns so we dig it back in our purpose to lower our tax payment.
The sad part was instead of lowering our tax payment it end up we should pay more, more as in double the amount that we have paid. Well we can't do anything but clear our books and pay what ever we owe to the IRS. Earn big but pay big taxes too. That's the downside of having your own business!

I am working part time as an assistant at the CPA's office, a lot of organizing is needed so we will not mess and mix things up, and our favorite tool to make our file folders is the Dymo label maker. In the office where I'm working it is necessary for us to have this gadget because we are more on filling clients tax record we always need to label each clients bank statements, business transactions and other stuff that we keep on file folders.
We also use it to label the filling cabinets and also make mail address and return mail address. It really help make our life in the office easy and very organize.
Dymo is also very helpful for me in my own home especially in our home office where we do the paper works for our small business. I have labeled my file folders for our clients records and keep it and also for our own files.
Oh before I forget I also use my Dymo label maker in my kitchen, I label my spices with the date I bought it and keep it for certain months, and when its time for me to buy new spices I know which one should go.
Dymo label maker is part of our life and without it, I can't imagine how can we organized and label things easily.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Peach Tarts

Just the way I like it!
Last week I attempt to bake a peach tart which I find not good because its not that sweet for my taste and the creme pop up in short over cook. But hubby likes eat and ate it all. Today another attempt and was successful, though the peach I bough doesn't have the ripe smell but it came out good, I add 1 apple and a nectarine to it and cook the fruits with cinnamon and sugar.
I didn't follow the recipe I took online because I didn't like the way it came out last time.
This tiny peach tarts are so yummy.


Are you planing to invest in trading, here is the best futures trading here is the best company for you. They are fully registered and licensed as an Introducing Broker with the CFTC. In the process, they will assign on you a broker with the expertise that will suit you to succeed in commodity plan trading. They will always there to assist you in which ever method you choose to succeed. Check out their site and have your account with them now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

long week

I was unable to update my blogs for the past days due to my busy offline career. And here I am again pouring my ramblings, it feels so good to have a blog where you can write your daily journal and express your points of view and also vent my frustrations lol.
I am so sorry if I haven't done a random visit for couple days now, as I said I am busy last week and want to savor my relaxation and lazy weekends. Hubby didn't go fishing this weekend and what we did is enjoy our weekend here in the comfort of our home and take the best rest we can preparing for next weeks battle lol. Possibly I'll be working with our own books reviewing the last years tax and if I'm correct I will also do the books of the CPA's clients, I mean we are doing updates of his clients books. That sounds great because it means I will earn a little but well long days are really tiring for me. When I came home in the afternoon all I want to do is get a warm shower and sleep. Sometimes I precook our dinner in the morning and warm it when we get home and sometimes we just get takeout.
Am I ready to get another job? maybe yes if it's near our place, I don't want to have a job in town, it's too far and long drive.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Watch this video of the The Sproutwells, are you a soccer mom like her? Well anyway anyone can be a soccer mom,but my worse experience with a soccer mom was, a lady who puts her kids time ahead of her own and love to watch her kids play soccer and cheers her kids like crazy, and she don't want other kids to play better than his kids, I call her desperate soccer mom.
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My BUSY Week

Well this is a busy week for me as far as my part time job is concern, work is filling up and needs to be done. And my boss is bringing me to places which is also part of my job in case he want me to run errands for him or hand deliver things to the bank. Well what can I say? eat breakfast and skip lunch, and that's what we always did, we skip lunch and work from 9am straight to 3pm and I'm not taking a single break lol. Well this is a good way to loose weight though. I'm still be working today and can't wait for the weekend to have a long sleep and rest good.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mens Suit

When we here suit we automatically know that it's expensive especially when it's made to measure or made to order ind of suit. Like my boss he needs to have plenty of suits and buy or order a Made to Measure suit constantly because of his type of business. He told me that his suits are made to measure and I said "that must be expensive" and he said it's not that expensive. He explains that one of his close friend told him about www.MySuitNY.com, he then check it out and find out. He then went to their in-store experience and follow the procedure, choose your style and fabrics and make an appointment. He said he love the in-store experience because it made him choose the right and customized suit for his taste and style.
He love his Made to Measure suit from my.suit. He first tried one and love it so he order again for couple more. He even recommend it to his executive and upscale friends.
Now most of my co-workers who needs suit, get their sit at mysuitny.com, they always sat that Made to Measure are the best because it's made for your size. Now you know where to get your next made to measure suit.


Last Tuesday my big boy went fishing. The last time he went overnight fishing I prepare Bento for him for breakfast and lunch and last Tuesday morning i ask him what he want and he said pack him bento for breakfast and lunch. Here is what I pack him local bento for breakfast which is egg, spam and Portuguese sausage, for lunch I made a fried pork I also put some daikon slices and furikake on his rice. Well he ate 'em all.

Christmas Wishes

Christmas is in the air, pretty its holiday season again, gift giving and card sending is so fun to do. Well when I send cards I prepare to send a Photo Christmas Cards especially to the families and relatives. I like cards with our family photo because I feel its special and most meaningful. At doodlebugdezigns.com you can personalized your greeting cards and use your own photos. They also cater birth announcement, weddings, invitations, stationary and my favorite pick holiday greetings. Check them out today ans see what they can offer you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We just got another vacuum it's good as new and it is really a good deal, this model worth $599 and I get it for $150. Really works good and we love it so much.
Actually he(husband) love it so much too that he always vacuum our area rugs every so often as in twice a day during the weekend, isn't that sweet. Well actually I can't make my husband clean our house or cook. I understand that he have a tough job and when he comes home what he want to do is eat and relax. We agree that I do all the house hold things inside the hause because its the wife's job he said except if I'm sick that he need to help me or he needs to do it, throwing the rubbish and cleaning the yard or anything which is outside the house is his job too.
He vacuum this morning and again he vacuum the living room after we ate dinner, I joke on him "awww the vacuum is hard working today (I mean the vacuum make him clean the house)" we both laugh because his acting strange since the vacuum arrive, I said "get me the best electric range so I will just sit and wait for my food (what I mean is buy the best range that will make him cook) lol.

NJ Vacation

When you have a vacation at New Jersey don't miss out Morey's Piers and Beachfront water parks. The best New Jersey waterparks where you can choose form that offers wonderful features. Ocean Oasis and Raging waters is not only a kids place, there is also a place where the parents can enjoy, attraction includes family cabanas and huts, massage therapy service and more where parents can enjoy and relax. Raging water is a water theme parks with so many attractions for kids and adult to enjoy.
They also have this weekly specials that runs from Monday to Friday where they give random awarded prices on Monday on Tuesday they have a day time specials and so on.
During our visit at Morey's Piers we really have a great fun, we really enjoy at the Ranging Water theme park. My husband loves water theme parks. My husband and his son keep on saying they love all the like the 1,100 foot long Endless River, Rocket Raft tube slides and while the boys enjoy what they like, I stay most of my time relaxing at the Fountain Pool. It is such our wonderful vacation ever and we want to go back and have fun at the New Jersey waterparks.

Receipts Lady

Call me a Receipts lady because I am. Well the CPA ask me to keep all the receipts because I account everything and categorized when we are filling tax every year. I'm sure this time I don't get to understand the importance of this things yet, I don't fully understand tax returns but I'm sure eventually I will get it.
When I worked part time with the CPA part of my job is sorting receipts of his clients and his personal receipts too, and man he is keeping even the parking fee receipts including the less than a dollar wort receipts. Well I do enjoy my part time job at the CPA's office it's like I'm learning while I get paid. His main goal is make me good in doing bookkeeping. Learn quicken which drives me crazy at first but now I'm a bit good with it and I'm self thought of all this software's. Before the year end he will throw me to quickboook and next year he want me to upgrade and do all the bookkeeping using PEACHTREE. I heard peachtree but I don't know that it's an accounting software. And what's the next thing he want me to learn after all of that? I don't know. I hope he will no ask me to enroll as accounting student on one of the universities here lol.

Car Parts

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

We are all aware about our economy this days. There are so many people who are struggling to pay their house mortgage, credit card debt and find it hard to meet the ends. Prices of our commodities are sky rocketing, so that means we need to cut back on other things that's in our budget.
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There are options for you to choose on how would you like to consolidate your debt, one option is to refinance. In this case you can lower your monthly mortgage pay your credit card bills and put the money to lower the face value of your property. If you have a good credit score and you have equity in your home what you can do best is look if how much you can afford for a monthly payment and consider a loan or refinance.
So when you are planning to consolidate debt check out bill.com and they will help you and point you to the right direction.

Now IM Happy

Finally I can now work on my new lappy yeeppy. I went to the store where I bought it and let them check it for any problem why I can't access Internet with it, well actually it's my fault. When we arrived home the time I get it I've tried using internet with it direct from my modem but I click something on the tools which should not supposed to be there then when I called the technical support of our internet provider it just make it worse and make no sense because of the all the options he gave me and things that he let me type in which should not be there. The geek at the store said oh they gave you weird things to input there. How I wish I'm a geek, I rally appreciate their deep knowledge on technology, well we can't call them GEEK if they are not good on technology lol.
Oh when we came back to the store hubby and I realized that I don't have a built in camera on my lappy, I'm not using it anyway.

Friday, September 5, 2008

In this time of crisis we always want to stretch our dollar or make a good deal out of it. When I buy clothing I want to have the quality Discount Clothing and I am so happy that I found this website that give women's the highest quality in fashion and style. I love their trendy styles with lots of choices and they also give discounts up to 10% just in time for back to school shopping. So girls why waste your money for expensive with bad quality clothes? Go online and shop at getheavenly.com for Cheap Clothing I'm sure after your first visit this will be your favorite online women's store. This pictures I have inserted here are my few favorites on their online store but there's a lot more and sure I'll purchased this lovely clothes.

Funny Husband

His mom called him last night and thanking him about the present he sent for her birthday, updating husband about their life at the other island and also ask him about the book she gave us. That book about "become a better you,"
mom: how did you find the book I gave you, the blue one
husband: oh its good it's so inspiring
mom: good you find it inspiring but are you sure you read it? (she know his son, don't like reading books)
husband: yeah, in-fact I'm almost done
mom: ? ! almost done? I'm not even in the middle part of the book and you just get the book last Tuesday how come you are almost done?

and both of them end up laughing out loud, he can't lie to his mom even on the phone and the mom know his son best lol.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I turn to enjoy browsing craigslist, just looking around for things with a good deal and also looking for fun. I usually browse at jewelries and found lots of engagement rings and wedding bonds so that means the wedding didn't happen or selling their wedding bands maybe they just got divirce or something and some are with funny stories. Last night while I'm browsing craigslist I stumble upon this ADD and I found it abnouxious. LOL

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It is so irritating when you got a call from numbers that you don't recognized and don't even leave a messages. This is what usually happened to me and my husband, he too receive calls that are only four digits and so annoying. I have found this site Annoying Callers.com where you can share and find information about the annoying number that you receive, or harassment calls from telemarketers who can't understand. If you want to know about the number that calls you often or if you get annoying calls try look for information at Annoying Callers.com, you can also post a messages at Annoying Callers.com and find information about your annoying caller.

A Gift From MOM

Last Tuesday my mom-in-law send his son some books to read. Before that she called up my husband that she is going to send a book for us and the initial reaction of her son? He is not happy because he only read books that interest him and he feels that he is absolutely not interested of what his mom going to give him.
When it arrived he told me "your mom (his joke to me as if that his mom is my real mom) is wasting her money buying books for us, and she said you have to read that book for me." I was laughing and said your not a kid anymore for me to read you a book while you are sleeping lol. He grab the Hawaiian home book and leave the other one on the table because he said he don't need it. BAD boy!

Best DIET Pills

We always want to try the best diet pill in store because if it's the best diet pills that means we are confident that it is effective. And I found the best diet pills review site where they rate it by thousands of consumer feedback. Check out their site to know more about the feedback and reviews about the best diet pills in the market today because in my case I already get the best diet pills based on their ratings and feedback and it works for me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

4ooth Post

My 400th post is for my Mom-in-laws Rose Birthday. Actually here birthday was last sunday, last year we went down Kauai to celebrate with her but this time we did not, the plan was, her grand daughter Rosarie will send her here on labor day to spend her 72nd birthday with us but she said she can't. Rosarie organized a potluck style party for her last Sunday.
She is really a nice old lady, so generous and thoughtful, guess what her mom great grandma was here this morning for Dortor's appointment but I was not able to met her only husband who became their driver for the day lol and great grandma just celebrated her 86th birthday last June.
I tease husband that it runs in his family that they have long life, because he always remind me that if he will be 70 and a burden to us just kill him, bad boy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pet Lovers

I have a few friends who ate pet parents and I am sure they will love this site that caters so mant things for their pet. It is an online pet supplies store, they have great products and great discounts for your pets need. This is a wonderful online store for your pet a one stop shop, they got everything for your cute babies. It is also a good store to buy gifts for your friends pet so check it out now and you will love it.


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