Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is the season to be jolly. Usually after Thanksgiving is the time where we decorate our Christmas tree but I have worked on it last year, today all I need to do is the finishing touches and put up the garland. I ordered my garland online at Front gate because they have the best ones. It's pre-lit and it's handmade beautifully. The house is now decorated for the holiday; we are excited for Christmas get together with the family.

I have my menu for this Thanksgiving since last year but it suddenly change last week. Of course I have to ask the family members what they want to have for Thanksgiving. I suppose to make pumpkin pie but last minute it turned to "pumpkin crunch" and "sweet yum casserole." It turned out good though, the husband loves the pumpkin crunch and the rest of us love the sweet yum casserole.
We have ribs for lunch with green beans casserole and the sweets. It was fun to be with the family in this occasion. As they are building their own family life, so we never know when we will have the chance to get together. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was reading some Facebook post and most of my friends are waiting for the Black Friday sale to steal good deals. In my case, why should I wait for the items to run out where I can purchased it now on its Black Friday price and is still available. I keep telling my friends that they don't supposed to wait for the Black Friday rush and crowd if they can get the same price today. All they need to know is when and where to shop to get great deals and avoid the Black Friday Rush.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My FAKE Twin!

I have a gay coworker and we get along pretty well. We started calling each other fake when he joke on me about being his copycat. He is so funny, he gave us early goodies for Christmas because he will be working on other department during the Holidays. He have this note that I am special mention saying "For the Girls including the Fake ones like Jana." The funniest thing is he gave us xmas present which is the same as what I supposed to give to them. I told him about it and called him "You're my FAKE TWIN."

I am ready to shop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in fact I have my list and make sure that I have enough to spend to get good deals. Yesterday I started browsing online and see which site I can get this and that, to my surprise, is already on Black Friday prices and deals. Why do I need to wait when I can already get good deals now. They also have most of the things on my list. You don't have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Just know when to shop and where to get good deals.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Escapade to LV

My girlfriends asked me if I can runaway early next year to LV. I wish we could go to have our girls escapade. I told my hubby about it and he said "you couldn't go with out me." I'm a little bit excited about this plan, it will be so much fun with my three girlfriends and the husband. Well, all we gonna do there is gamble and eat and gamble, we might check few places. I'm crossing my fingers.

Acne Cream

I'm not so sure what caused adult acne. I get it once in awhile, maybe because of hormonal imbalance when where getting old. I hate it when I get it cause it's disgusting and ugly, when I noticed that I'm getting breakouts I apply my anti acne cure right away. I always have in hand acne medication just in case I will get breakouts on the wrong day. I also recommend my medication to my friends because it works well on me.

I am a little weird cause I was thinking about the next years Thanksgiving menu right after Thanksgiving dinner. This year is a little different because we have a big family so there's so much to be thankful for. Next year it might be back to normal where it's only me and my husband.
My husband wants a deep friend turkey this year, then I will do green bean casserole probably bake potatoes or roasted root veggies. I will make pumpkin pie and cheesecake for dessert and let's see if I can pull out some seafood in the menu. I have to start cooking early cause I am the cook in the house.

Fine Cigars

It's time of the year where we are looking for gift items. Since we have some friends who do smoke, each year I gave them a taste of Swisher Sweets Cigars. You can buy these wonderful cigars in box of 60 or singles. I always get different flavors and wrapped it that way so they could taste them all. I also keep some for us so we can have fun with cigars after holiday dinner or after a game or tailgate.


People are sometimes weird and they pick up the wrong messages. One of the new incident that happened to me was with this guy, as I am building a client relationship, he pick up the wrong message. He always called me and ask me to put thing together for him for pick up and asked me to call him if things are ready. As a customer service I am always making sure and double check with the customer the things they need, that means calling him back.
The last time I called him is for confirmation, I took advantage of my little break because we are very busy that day and don't even have time to answer some of the calls. Anyway, I called him and confirm and he said that he is still waiting for his wife to call him too about the stuff, and he said "you are so nice to me I THINK YOU LIKE ME! Without hesitation I told him "Oh my! I'm just trying to help as a customer service."
I hate it when people thinks that I like them when I DON'T and HELLO you're such an old freaking Filipino guy that's "BOKBOK" and thinks you are handsome enough because you have money! GROSS! I almost PUKE when I heard him say it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Job Search

When you are looking for a better tomorrow, you are also looking for good paying job and a State where you want to settle. Finding a job is easy by going online and applying for your desired job on other State. If you are looking for banking jobs it's so easy to type in the keywords and location and it will show you the list of institution that needs a banking position. The good thing about this site is you can see the latest job posting at the same time you can post your resume. This site is created for both employers and people that are looking for a new career.

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I love Christmas in fact, I already decorated our little tree last week. I also did some of my shopping and wrappings. I was so stoked on my bargain hunting cause I really got good deals. I still have things on my list that needs to be purchased but so far I didn't expect to only spend that much.
I am so excited on shopping and wrapping and don't care about my present. I just love to make people happy even on to little something that make them smile on Christmas day. I just love wrapping and making it pretty especially making a wonderful ribbons. You will get good deals as long as you know where to find it, when to shop and don't forget your coupons it really help. Don't wait for black Friday!

Insurance can be complicated. Most insurance company is giving you a package deal of things that you don't even need. You need to do your research first before you choose what insurance company you will go. First you can check out for insurance quotes and compare it with your current insurance company. You will save more money by getting the quotes and see what company has a very good deal. You can also check for good bundles to save more. Get a good deal on your auto, life, home and health insurance.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am in sales for a year now. Most of the time it's fun but sometimes it's overwhelming. There are different types of customers that you have to meet their expectations, some are too high some are so so and some are so kind and considerate, I prepare the later one.
Here's the new scene that happened. Hawaii is a very diverse state, it's like a little world of all races but we all live harmoniously. I have this lady who had a very good deal on her purchase, she cannot even believe and asked me if both items are on lower than the marked priced. I bubbly told her "it's a good STEAL." To my surprise, she turned red and was so angry at me and told me "Don't you ever use that word STEAL on me, I am an honest person!" I was a little confused I thought she is joking or something but she's not. I really don't know if where this lady came from or is she was born yesterday or what. I think she's the only person on earth who doesn't know the "slang" word STEAL for a DEAL.
I have learned my lesson though, to be careful on my words. I will never use the word steal to my customer unless they say it first. SHOOT ME NOW!

Small Business

I am contemplating of having my own small business, my husband has one. There are times when his business is slow and it had happened to last last year when the economy is down, so I want something that will help us survive while the other small business is at hiatus. My sister told me about small business opportunity, an online site where you can check what business you are interested into and how much money you need to put in. There few in my mind right now but I am still searching for the right business to put up in our area.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I really do believe in this that charity starts at home. After living here for years, this Christmas will be different and special in many ways. One thing is, this will be joyous even it means that I might spend more for present, we have the chance to spend it with the kids and grand kids. Another thing is, it will be the start of my sending goody box to my family back home.
I supposed to be sending two boxes for my mom but I ended up sending one for my grandma. It means that I might send another box for my mom by June. My husband said that it will cause me more if I put stuff in the box and send it but after I make a point to him he finally understand and telling me what to buy and add in the box. I was surprise when I was packing that I have so much stuff to ship and the box looks small hehehe. I will surely send another boxes by mid next year, I am so happy for them I am sure they will love it.


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