Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have noticed that many people has no car insurance due to it's high cost. Some are paying too high insurance for the coverage they don't even need. But we all know that we need insurance to protect us because we never know when accident will happen. If you are looking for the right insurance quote for you, check out car insurance online. They will ask you to put in your zip code and they will search the right insurance rate for you which is so affordable.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Elgin's Park

I discover about Elgin Park when I was watching the morning news one day. I was so amazed of his idea and the beauty that he captured of his little town called " Elgin Park." At first, I cannot believe that the buildings are just a piece of cardboard and fake cars. Actually "Elgin's Park" is Michael Paul Smith's miniature town. Im so amazed that I wanted to live at Elgin's Park.

Like most of us planning to lose weight, most of the time we close our eyes and pick up whatever over the counter weight loose pills that we feel like will work for us. I am guilty about it and risk my health, one time I felt so sick due to over the counter weight lose pills. Since then I always check for online review especially for weight lose pills, click here for more information.

I am trying my camera and my eyes on what I have learned on Photography. I am satisfied and happy on most of my shots but then still dying to have the best DLSR. So far I have collected a bunch of beautiful photos which is in my micro. If I have the time I will show it here. I really Love photography, one person inspire me to use any cheap camera and produce a masterpiece is the owner of "Elgin Park". I wish I could be as creative as he is.

Another Hobby

I love doing craft things or anything interesting that will keep me busy. Lately, I found out that most of my pants need alteration because I have lose weight. I figure, if I have 10 pants for alteration, I will spend a fortune. I better buy a new sewing machine, do it myself and I can also do quilting and sewing dresses.
I have a piece of cloth that I made a mini mumu. I know how to sew but I'm so rusted. This is my creation that I cut and sew in 2 hours. Next step, more mumu's and quilting.


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