Thursday, July 31, 2008


I love seafood so much and I also love to cook sea foods. My choice of sea foods dishes includes baked scallops, grilled lobster, baked salmon, seafood paella, linguine with clam or shrimp scampi and I also love so much 'potluck fisher mens stew'. I want to taste a 'potluck fishermen's stew with a twist, and I want my readers to help me do the twist and I need your suggestions. Maybe this twist on the potluck fishermen's seafood recipe will be a great contender for the chef at Cook off. I am excited about this Cook off event because New Orleans Louisiana is know for their fresh seafood from local source. I love seafood so much that's why I'm so excited about this event because I also want to see what the contestant prepare as their entry recipe and willing to try it too. We have a good seafood source here in America and we can make twist to the existing sea food recipes or create a new recipe. Remember now 2008 Great American Seafood Cook off will be on August 2-3 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center within the Louisiana Foodservice EXPO and the Gulf Coast Seafood Pavilion. Be there.


This was mistress first day on sea, we test drive it for half a day. When we are tagging her home hubby noticed that mistress is quit heavy and leaning toward his truck, he thinks maybe because of the the things on board and also gas, but he again run her the next day and still the same when his tagging her home.
Last night he let the dealer see mistress and maybe she needs to be fix, because according to the dealer she needs to be drilled by the manufacturer for water drainage. No wonder she heavy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My husband is a small business owner, he decided to have a web site, he gets the shared hosting starting plan from concentric. Each account comes in great features like spam and virus protection, tools and application, group ware and more. You can also upgrade if you want in the future and also register a domain account with them. Concentric is better than the other web hosting site that I have check, good thing I didn't register with them. At Concentric you can chose the plan you like that best suit your business, you can decide to have the basic and transfer it to professional later on, and have some add ons like email boxes, disk space and more.

I'm hopping that this will be a wonderful day today. I'm feeling a little better but cough has developed and still on runny nose. I don't have much thing to do at home, and only few thing to do online, I might rest after I posted the things to be done.
Last night I'm feeling so lonely, maybe I missed my family so bad back home.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Wanna have fun?, play this Ultimate Flirting Championship or get the code and play it on you site.

Before when I was still searching and flirting, I always give this look to the person that I'm interested with. I always stick to this look especially when I'm searching because it works for me many times. When I'm in a crowd with my friends in a bar or somewhere I usually joke a lot and make a good fun with them. I'm often a shy person and to conquer my shyness especially when someone in the crowd catches my eye, I approach by joking or making a little funny mistake and make fun of myself which is usually a hit.
Flirting verbally is fun even sometimes I'm lost for words, making gesture and flirting by the looks is so much fun especially when you get what you want in just a second. I always give my flirting smile, sexy look be unique and the price is yours.
Have you notice about my Victory Hair? That's the Extreme Style by VO5, when flirting you need to look good, most importantly neat and sexy hair. Remember now, to be a successful flirting babe, you need to have the Look.
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Back in Business

I took off from blogging since last week Friday, I have some dues today so I make it a point to make it before its due time. Sometimes I feel not in the mood blogging, I didn't took task from ppp for a while now. Maybe because until now I'm still not feeling well, or maybe because I have this attitude that easy get bored of things that I'm doing especially when I'm lack of motivation. I need challenge lol. Hopefully I'll be back in blogging and update my blogs as often as possible.

Bank Blood Cord

Why Cord blood bank? Stem cell are found in umbilical cord or blood cord and have a high rate of engraftment, which means that the body often accepts cord blood stem cells better than those from bone marrow. Its benefits are match stem cells are difficult to obtain due to very strict matching requirement. If ever your child contracts a disease which must be treated with chemotherapy or radiation there is a probability of negative impact on the immune system. Another benefit is, if ever one of the siblings needs it, it has one-in-four chances of matching, and often the results in successful transplants with fewer complications. Treating Diseases with Stem Cells will be used to rebuild cardiac tissue, repair damage due to stroke or spinal injuries and reverse the effects of such diseases as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's.
To all parents and parents to be, this topic will help you understand
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Cord blood at Cryo-Cell International, check out the features and benefits why bank your ucord at Cryo-Cell international. All I can say they have the best features and benefits and if I will have a child I will bank my child's ucord with them.

I supposed to take more picture on this first day fishing we have with mistress. You can see from the picture that the water was calm and the weather was great, we went out the buoy, and that's the photo of one of the buoy with two sea birds resting, we are trolling back and forth on three buoy but no catch, trolling means deeps sea fishing and my husband was so excited and didn't bring any bait for bottom fishing.
Before we go I took 1 tab dramamine, then I'm on the boat already I took another one, but this fishing trip made me realized that I'm not born for the ocean, I started to feel dizzy and my eyes almost dropping so my husband told me to sleep. The dramamine is a good sleeping pills, the water is calm but I still puke (yucks). I'm dreaming that this ordeal will end so soon, I want dry land.
Well next time I might still go, it's fun though especially if I didn't get sea sick.

Boat Safely

There are so many things to do at Arizona and the most fun thing is Boating, but please be responsible, before you take the boat wheel please be aware and take a Boating Education, for your convenience you take the boating education online. If you are Boating Operating Under the Influence you will get the same penalty as DUI. I love boating and I have so much fun especially fishing, but am responsible.

My Humble cake, I just finish the last piece today, only me ate my cake thats why I don't bake cakes, because I end up eating it all and gain more weight. I try to look for tinkerbell for the cake but there's nothing in stores, only other kind tinkerbell party stuff.
My simple feast, opihi (shell) for appetizer, baked scallops and oriental style crab
Ready to make a wish and blow
Guess what I'm wishing, shhhhh I look so serious! lol

Another year older, I'm not feeling well on my birthday until now, still have runny nose and sneezing. I decided to have a seafood feast but unfortunately we can't find any Lobster, supposedly its crab, shrimp and lobster.
Anyway no lobster in town so we have crab and scallop, I want it surf and turf but its only me, my husband and his friend and he bought 4 big crab so we think that enough, we still have left over crab after we ate. Good Food.

Hello Boston!

Last summer vacation we book our Las Vegas vacation package with trusted tours and we have so much fun in Las Vegas. When we are just planning our trip to Las Vegas Last year, I thought all we can do at Las Vegas is watch the shows and gamble at the casinos but I was wrong, There's so much things to do in Las Vegas like Golf, helicopter tour, city tour and so much more.
This year we have it at Boston, and first thing we do is go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, I really appreciate arts, they have wonderful and rare arts. We make it a point that we will experience and enjoy the Boston Lobster tour lunch, we are lobster lover and we don't want to miss this lunch tour. There are so many things to do in Boston, like the Cape Cod ferry to Provincetown, Visit museums and aquariums. Things that interest me most is taking a tour at Salem Witch Museum and also the Ghost and Gravestones tour Boston, I didn't see any ghost though but it is fun.
On our next tour, we still book it with Trusted Tour they have the best package and prices ever. Don't forget to sign up for the Trusted Tours newsletter and have the chance to win $150 Itunes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Taking off this weekend, GONE FISHING! Hope we have good catch and also good weather. This is our first time to go fishing with his mistress(boat). Hope we are LUCKY Today...
Have a wonderful weekend to all you you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Husband really love your ART, he said its so neat, cute and pretty.
First and foremost I thank LYN my Birthday Fairy who is constantly reminding and counting down every day before my birthday. I have fun talking to you yesterday, yes you are so talkative and you are really funny. Words are not enough to express my THANKS to you.

To Princess who made this Cute and so pretty digi-scrap for me, Thanks nang, love it so much!

Another digi-scrap from Rolly, Loy Thanks so much for making another beautiful digiscrap for me, I love all your crafts.
I decided to print all the digi-scrap and place it on my scrap book.
Thanks Carlota for the birthday call, sorry it's a short talk since I'm heading uptown that time, I really appreciate your call.
To those who leave a birthday greetings on my and on this blog, and to those who message me on my cell phone and also those who greet me at bisdakplanet THANK SO MUCH GUYS.
Actually yesterday I'm not feeling so well but your warm greetings makes me feel good, I am truly happy yesterday.
Thanks to all my wonderful and thoughtful FRIENDS.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Birthday Fairy went by and she leave so many nice things for me, Her name is not ThinkerBell it's LYN, what a generous Birthday fairy.

I love all the stuff she sent me, and when the mail-lady pass by today, and she horns I know already she is bringing something from the Birthday Fairy. She also gave me a silicon fluted pan(where's the cake? lol), and most of the all the Yoga CD's.
The Birthday Fairy knows that I like Thinkerbell so much, so here is the Thinkerbell shirt she sent me.
Did you know that the birthday Fairy loves to make her cute craft like this one she sent me, the Japanese paper girl and her hand decorated card (right word?) it was so cute and I'm planning to have both of it framed.
Birthday Fairy, I was overjoyed by your wonderful presents. Thank you so much for the warm friendship and everything.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling SICK

yeah thats what I feel this morning when I wake up, I feel signs and symptoms of being sick. When I feel tired that means caught and colds or fever will follow in a few days, How I wish not and my body will feel better tomorrow because its my birthday week. Maybe my body feel bad because when I told my husband what I want for my birthday he said 'write in on your Christmas WISH LIST!, bad boy!

Havin' Party

Throwing a kids party is fun, to make it so much fun for kids we usually call a Party Rentals. This Inflatable Party Rentals make your party memorable and with so much fun, they cater School carnivals, corporate events and party, they have the inflatable’s for teens and kids. The kid’s favorite is the Water Slide Party Rentals; they enjoy dipping and slipping on it especially when we have party during summer. On your next corporate events or kids party remember to log on to, enjoy.

My Lip Gloss

I'm a little picky when it comes to cosmetics, when its about my face I have to make sure I'm using the right products for my skin because when it's not right I get big bumps on my face, I mean big pimples which I really hate. I only use makeup when it call for it, I go for basics like eye liner and lip gloss and I'm good to go.
Lip gloss; I keep hunting for the right lip gloss for me that doesn't have a burning sensation on my lips and won't crack my lips, since I tried this Maybeline volumizing lip gloss, I fell in love with it, not too heavy on my lips but the volumizing one has a mint like feel to give your lips a pouty look.

Urgent Loans

We never know when we are going to need emergency cash and we all know that when we need extra cash it is urgent. Like last week, we badly need a cash loan to avoid bank penalties. We are aware that we issued checks to pay our bills that are more than what we have in our checking account, we are waiting for the payments from my husband’s side job but they promise us that they are going to pay this month July 15. To avoid big bank change we get a payday loans,

it’s easy to apply and if you qualify the requirements they need, you get your loan on the next working days. We solve our problem right away and we avoid the penalties.
Next time you need urgent cash, don't forget to check online for, they offer cash advance and payday loans, for cash advances you only need to qualify this:

  • A Citizen of the United States Over 18 Years of Age
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We are so grateful that these companies are here to serve us and help us solve some of our cash problems. Every time we need urgent cash and if families can't lend us, we automatically apply for cash advances or payday loans.

Our typical weekend is just relaxing, waking up late and having a lazy day and taking a long nap in the afternoon. For two consecutive weekend now, we are rushing and running to do things, which is stressful. My husband supposed to launch his boat last weekend but was postponed because he still have to do some things for the boat, set up the fishing pole holders, poor mistress he need to drill holes on the side where he is going to place the fishing poles. My husband and his friends work with mistress yesterday but they didn't finish it cause it rain so hard, He bought some more stuff for the boat yesterday with his buddies and again it cause him so much, while I'm paying their stuff yesterday I really told this THREE GUYS to Please catch some fish! lol. He scheduled to launch the Mistress on Sunday and there are too much passengers on the list more about 8 of them including the captain (husband) lol. His pro-fishermen buddies will join him too, and I'm out because they are all guys. Well husband is planning to run it on Saturday, get to know the boat and test drive it with me of course!.

Friday, July 18, 2008

For her

Me and my step daughter have something in common and that dress and accessories. I have found a site, they have the latest style in jewelries and I have to buy some for my step daughters upcoming birthday , she's July so I plan to give her jewelries with Ruby stones, ring, earrings and pendant would be great. I know she will love it. One more thing why i like shopping on this jewelry site, because if you sign up they will give you 20% off coupon.

I and Mistress!

The chinky eyed lady in her mumu on board her husband's mistress lol. This mistress can't fit in the carport! bad girl. You might think why I;m on board, well maybe my husband wants me to be friend with his mistress(boat) and ask me to install the GPS and play with it. Smart move, so I will not complain with his new toy, Ok, I like his mistress and I can't wait to go fishing! probably on Sunday, test drive!
With all my grin, looks like I'm so happy and enjoying mistress so much! hahaha

Bizarre FOOD

Our bizarre palate was awaken by this authentic Filipino Dish called "Puto at Dinuguan", Puto is steamed rice cake and Dinuguan is pork blood stew with pork intestines and meat. My husband love to eat this Dinuguan and he wants me to cook for him and I did cook for him today. My problem was I get the wrong intestines and the pork blood i bought was already mix with vinegar which is not good because we don't want to sour dinuguan, just right of spices especially the vinegar. This means I have to try look at Chinatown if i can find one good pork blood and intestine. Yeah GROSS! lol

Thursday, July 17, 2008

For all our maritime needs we always trust, they get all the accessories that we need for our boat. And they also have this nautical clocks, we need to get one for our new boat. Keeping track with the time, tides is very important for a vessel.
They offer not just nautical clocks but also all accessories for your boat, my husband bought his GPS and its accessories from them. All the things you need for your power boat or sail boat, they all have it, check out their site and I am sure you will find all the things that you are looking for.

My husband is so happy like a child tagging his MISTRESS with him today. Well I can't complain she is PRETTY, actually the first time I saw her, I turn to like her right away. We both decided to name her "MISTRESS" or "Mistress of the SEA", not sure if it's a good idea, that's what I always call her, then my husband likes the name too.
She's a 19 footer fishing boat, the color and the size is perfect, I like her lol, I'm sure we will get along good. Now my husband is busting the cement fence and making room for his mistress, she can't fit on the carport.
Anyway Good Luck my husband and Enjoy fishing!

When you are business travelers, relocated employees, government workers, insurance agents, or others that needs a temporary corporate housing, you can lean on to They offer a fully-furnished, all inclusive-amenities which are located throughout United States. For me, the best feature that National Corporate Housing offers is the Customized Housing package, where they meet all the things that you need, whether you want a custom furnished apartment or apartment that is located near your office. If you need a customized housing package, call National Corporate Housing.
My cousin was relocated by her company to Atlanta and she chooses have a pet friendly apartment because she have a cute little dog with her.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gates Foundation

Typhoon "Frank" Internationally called "Fengshen" has claimed many lives and affected thousands of Filipino people. Filipino's abroad are helping raised funds to help our co-Filipino who are victims of these typhoons. It's a heartwarming that many people not only Filipino are helping and donating, Like the "Bill and Melinda Gates foundation" are reportedly donating 23 Million Pesos or $500,000.00 according to the CBCP (Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines). This sum is a big help to those people who are badly affected. To those who have help my fellow Filipino Victims THANK YOU very MUCH for your Compassion.

source: Hawaii Filipino Chronicle

If you have a home spa and you are already tired staring on its boring cover, get a Spa Scene for your hot tub covers,you can chose from wide range of spa scene that perfectly fits your taste.I have chose the spa scene on the picture because I love sunrise as well as sunset, It’s so romantic and relaxing watching on it while you are having spa with your sweetheart or just having fun with close friends. My friends love it too and they also got spa scene for their own home spa. You can chose from full view for all shape and size spa up to 95" wide while panoramic style will fit any spa up to 92". Installation is easy and SpaScenes Trim-to-Fit™ design can be installed on any new or existing spa cover in about an hour, and requires no special tools or experience. Everything you need to mount a SpaScenes mural to your spa cover is included with the mounting kit. All you need are this simple and common house hold materials like;

  • Pencil (not a pen)
  • Ruler (Panoramic style only)
  • Masking Tape
  • Sharp scissors

Anyone out there panning to buy, just visit their site for more information how to order or where to buy,, enjoy your spa scene.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is what we did last Saturday, actually my husband is looking for fishing supply and one of his friends told him to go to SWAP MEET, but we didn't find any fishing things at SWAP MEET. It's absolutely a tourist destination, and friends who are planning to come to Oahu Hawaii, please don't miss going to swap meet at Aloha Stadium open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, ideal place if you want to buy Souvenirs. Last Saturday we went there almost noon time, the sun is high and hot and it drained all my energy walking around the stadium. I will surely visit swap meet again; it’s so fun although it’s a long walk around the stadium.

photo source

Most of us are thinking to upgrade our computer memory; it is the cheapest solution than to buy a new PC or laptop. I am doing a memory upgrade on my personal computer, I noticed that the download is a little bit slow already and my computer is only 3 years old. I am sure it's not virus that causing it to slow down, because it is well guarded from viruses and malwares. My cousin told me to upgrade its memory; it's like adding life to your computer.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I just buy the ready mix puto. Mix it with y favorite color and sugar and steam. This is my first time to use the puto ready mix, it went out good, and you can add American or cheddar cheese on top and microwave it for 30 seconds and its yummy.
Actually in Philippines we ate it with "dinuguan"(pork blood stew), but you can also make it sweeter for snacking and dessert. I miss this thats why I cook some.

It's in our blood that when you reach the age of late 20's and above we gained weight that is so hard to lose especially the fats in the middle section. I do exercise to lose weight and keep me on shape but my mid section fats are still there so I consider Phentermine combined with my routine exercise and it works. My tummy now is much flatter and also the love handle fats are almost gone. Now I can wear my skinny jeans again.

My husband's new GIRLFRIEND is so high maintenance; I'm starting to get jealous of her. I name her "GIRLFRIEND", she's my husband new fishing boat and she is so demanding though she's not here yet, she will arrive next week before the weekend.
This is what he bought yesterday for his special GF! Dang! and this is not the only one. He is busy preparing and buying stuff, he said he will make a fiberglass fishing box this weekend and another shopping for his GF. She is demanding!

Think Ahead

If you love your family secure a Death insurance, we never know when accident happen. We better plan ahead and secure our family, we don't want our love ones to suffer and pay for our outstanding debt. At least when we have insurance they can use it to pay the bills and other expenses after ones premature death. This is a sad but practical truth, that is why I secured my parents with Death insurance and also me and my husband have.

Yesterday my husband went home around 6pm only to inform me that he is going up west to ask some friends about FISHING. We didn't ate dinner yet and I'm waiting for him to come home, its almost 10pm when he arrive home, after we ate dinner we still have work to do, write a contract for the jobs. But I get cranky when I stay up late, I should be on bed by 10pm, and last night its almost 12 am and we're still awake. My head is spinning already and I started to become moody, I cant help my self thats how I am. I can't wake up too early in the morning , if I do I need to take a nap, and I can't stay up late night.


Have you watch Zenni Optical was on FOX news!. Ever since I discovered Zenni optical I became their frequent buyer, especially they have this Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni. I have attached one photo above that shows one of their stylish frame products. I also bought Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses for my parents, and they love it so much.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Game shows

I love watching this 'wheel of fortune' game show on TV and also this new show 'password'. I like this kind game shows where you can learn and exercise my brain a little. I also watch cash cab, of course I can't answer all the questions, what I like is I learn things by watching it almost everyday. Wheel of fortune starts at 6:30 pm, i really find time to watch it and stop my computer work.

We are all aware that here in the United States identity theft is so rampant, that's the reason why my husband don't like the idea of purchasing anything online but still we became a victim. Somebody have used his debit card to shop online. So having a spam blocker is better and make sure to register at shop shield, you can create usernames with password and manage it, and you will also have anonymous and untraceable email addresses.
I wonder where this people get our email addresses, maybe some people who are employed to the company where we shop fish all the their customers information and sold it to a spammer company. This days we better be one step ahead of this thieves, get a spam blocker for your own computer and protect your self from identity theft, and also protect your computer from viruses attached on emails, fraud email which I always receive, and phishing. Shop shield offers a great service, it replaces your real data when you shop online or register at a web site, so you’re anonymous, and your information is secure. Now you are secured they no longer can't steal your name, your name and most of all your credit card number.

Recycle coffee

Usually after we made are coffee we throw away the used or spent ground coffee. You can recycle it, it can e use to exfoliate to your skin by adding shower gel or just pure and use it as a good body scrub. Or dump and mix it on your flowering pot or garden, adding leftover coffee grounds to the soil supplies extra nutrients, like nitrogen, that boost blooms. It's natural and cheaper fertilizer alternatives.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I admit that before I don't care much on the flow of our finances, as long as we pay the bills its fine. Saving only what's left, and most of the time there's nothing left. Aside from the mortgage we are paying for the new truck and also credit card payments but one thing which is killing us the most is the health insurance. I have read a lot about Debt consolidation and considering it if the situation will worsen. I have heard a lot of true stories of relative who seek Debt help, like my nice situation, they are paying for mortgage and have three kids who are growing up and aside from that she also pays for her truck which leave nothing from her salary so she have a steady huge credit card debt.
I took the Bills IQ quiz and learned a lot to have a Debt relief, make sure to always pay our Credit card debt on time and pay more than the stated current due it will help you gain high credit score and don't ever max your credit card. Consider insurance and also make it a point to set aside a good amount of money to put on your saving for the rainy days. The quiz really enlighten me to keep record of our monthly cash flows to avoid being in debt.
Haiku: Why we struggle to pay our monthly bills?, because it's too much us to handle, having a small business has so much pros and cons, like we have to pay our own insurance that each year is increasing, now its $730, our truck monthly payment, and kids school. Life is not easy we need Debt help, to keep our finances in good shape.

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As we know that our Mother EARTH is alive and doing its cycle, what I mean is, she can heal, clean and protect her self. Jurassic period maybe the hottest ERA on earth, ice age the coldest one and its a cycle.
Ice is making its balance to our Earth by cooling our atmosphere during summer, but there is a disturbing new finding by the scientist, the ice on North and South pole are melting faster than they expected and this means disaster. When this ice regions melts fast, the sea level will rise by how many meters and they have predicted that by 2050-2100 almost all the ice will melt or earlier as 2030. Sea level will increase to 5-25 feet.
Imagine that 5-25 feet, that means some of land will be covered with water. Scary.

photo source

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I never been to Maui yet though its just a 30 minute flight from Oahu. My hubby was raised in Kauai so we often go Kauai but we always planning to have a short escapade to Maui. I'm sure pretty soon he will just tell me to pack up and fly to Maui and just have a car rental when we get to Maui airport. I have search already about a car rental at Maui and Advantage car rentals have a great 50% discount on Luxury and Convertible car rentals. I like convertible and feel the summer heat while touring around the island of Maui.

I can't Explain!

It's been five days in a row that my husband is the one watering my herb and vegetables garden. I ask him why his doing it and he just said 'I need to meditate and bring in the positive energy" lol I know his kidding. Actually he is just excited to build our new house, hopefully we can build it this year, but only time can tell lol.
He is also wasting the water on the brown grasses trying to revive it. If you will ask me I will just leave the grasses that way, they will just grow back when rainy season come, and when that time comes he grumble because the grasses grow so fast that requires him to mow every weekend.

Atlanta JOB HUNT

A cousin of mine and her husband are heading Atlanta for good, her husband was promoted but will be assigned at Atlanta. My cousin is a little worried, she don't have friends there yet and she don't want to stay home and get bored she wants to work. A month before they left she came over and spent time with me and while we chitchat we find ourselves surfing online for jobs in Atlanta, luckily she find some vacant slots on her field and she said she will apply online for the position. Cousin I miss you, hope we can visit you guys over there and tour your new place.

WestSide OAHU

I love the west side Oahu so much because going to the west end point you will pass about 20 miles or more of coastline with sandy beaches ans also rocky spot for shoreline fishing. It's the dry and hot side of the island but here you can see the highest mountain of the island of Oahu which is the Waianae range where the air force place their radar dome.
This picture above is still part of the Waianae range and this plains and mountains here are military zone, here the military trains, I think they are playing the war game here and practice firing and bombing.

When we are buying a prescription eyeglasses or simply sunglasses, we are meticulous when it come to frames. And we found out the at they have the very best stylish frames and its cheap, which are comfortable frames, stylish and beautiful. Now that we have discovered, we will always buy our prescription eyeglasses for anyone in the family at zenni optical and we really recommend their excellent product.

Remember my husband went to Kauai last week for a day. When he arrive at the Honolulu airport he is so exited and called me right away that he already arrive and ANNOUNCING that he have something for me, a CHIFFON Pie, how thoughtful, and when he arrive home I ask him if he really want my swelling tummy gone. His excuse you are my wife, I don't care of physical figure LOL, I don't believe hahahaha.
The chiffon pie is good, its like lemon meringue with whipping cream on top yummy, I love its crust too.

My pet lover friends, here is a new social network for you and your pet; I know there a lot of you out there who love to show off your pets photos. If myspace is for people here's a new one only for pets and owners it’s called where you can create a Community Pet Photos for your pet to show it off the photos to the world. I'm sure my pet lover friends will love this idea, are calling all pet lovers to help them build this pet social network with the features you want. I am a pet lover without a pet yet and I love scanning on the photos of cute cats and dogs even horse, hope to see birds too and other pets. I want to see my close friends Community Pet Photos soon, and I'll tell them one by one now to have a their pet register at for a pet social network.

Our View

Last week I took off out thick curtains and washed it, it smells like fried oil lol. I love our view out side although at this side I can't see the ocean because of the mountain but during sundown it always have the amazing sunset view. Love it like this when there's no curtains on, but the windows are not tinted so privacy is most appreciated lol.
By the way that building you can see is Baptise Church, we are just right beside a church that's why we love this area here.
I'll try to get a great view of the ocean from our house next time... I can see the ocean from my kitchen window and always watch the sailboats that passes by, its only about 300 meters away.

Digital Cameras

It's been a while that I am eying for a digital cameras, I have a small one though but what I'm looking for is the Digital SLR with zoom lens. I have found a lot of choices for me at Anyway I have to pick one that suit best to my new hobby which is photography. We are living in Hawaii which is surrounded with wonders of natures in the land and sea, wherever you turn there's a lot of beautiful things to capture and I want to share the untouched beauty of our island on my blogs.

I am so happy right now because it RAINING!. I have seen this dark clouds last week but no rain poured out, it only add up to the summer heat and make it more muggy. Well today at around noon it finally rains, my home office is facing the mauka (mountains) side, and I see this dark clouds I know it will rain hope this will last till late afternoon. It's the much awaited and needed rain since its already getting dry and so dusty in our area. Now I can sing " it's raining men Alleluia". Anyway I have to enjoy this rain and the freshness of its breeze while it's still on lol.

We are facing a very hot summer due to what they call La NiƱa, and living in the middle of Pacific Ocean and staying in a tropical state is just making the summer heat real hot. Last Sunday when we went out to the west end of the island I complain to my husband that the auto a/c can't sustain the heat and even its turn on high I can still feel the heat inside our car. I'm sure we do need to upgrade our ac compressor, when we reach home I went online right away and look for the discounted ac compressor. We badly need to change our air conditioning compressor or we end up roasted inside our car. The site I've check online have a great prices on a wide variety of air conditioning parts and we already order and waiting for it to arrive, free shipping on all orders is a great deal too.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Banana CAKE

This is what I'm looking for BANANA CAKE not banana bread. Actually I personally prepare banana cake because its softer, fluffy and yummy. I get this recipe from my dear friend Lyn, Thanks my dear for sharing love all your recipe and waiting for you to post the doughnut recipe, I want to try it too.
I big loaf of banana cake I baked last Friday only last for 3 days with us, we love having it for breakfast and also snack and dessert too lol. We love it Lyn thanks again. For the record I have two pieces of this bread last nigh for dinner lol.
recipe here

Elderly HEALTH

Investing in Insurances and health care is a good idea, I really encourage my husband to invest on this because I want to make sure we get the right health care when we get old, as you know time flies so fast. So I open up and let him understand about medigap. Most of our elderly are in medicare supplement but medicare does not cover all health care bills and still we have to get from our own pocket for some co-pay and we are responsible for other services that are not covered by medicare. My mom-in-law invest on this and she have a very less out-of-pocket expenses.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


My husband supposed to go fishing today with his friend but they cancel again because according to his friends most of the fishing boat who went to tournament didn't catch any ahi (tuna) only small aku, his friend don't want to waste gas for aku. So my husband was all so excited and even its cancelled we end up at the boat harbor, he just want to see it, his all excited to have his own boat too. When he will have his boat? I don't know lol, what ever he want as long as he can afford it, it's okay and as long my husband is happy with his investment.


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