Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asus Laptop

I was leaning on buying a new laptop that I can bring to work and also for schooling. I do not need expensive one; I need a reliable and portable one. I am contemplating on getting a new Asus, it's reliable and inexpensive. It can handle multi-tasking for my work and so my school work. I ask my brother for opinion, he told me about the pros and cons and it seems that I am getting a good deal for Asus laptops.


"ESL" Yes, English is my second language. I have been working in sales and been dealing with different people everyday. I honestly admit that I still have accent when I talk even I can speak English fluently. Well who does not have accent when English is your second language. I appreciate people who are so open minded and understanding about diverse culture but feel sorry for those few who are "IGNORANT."
When you talk English and you have this funny accent, they will look at you as if they don't understand you or they have this weird facial expression. In my experience with different race and language, we all have our own accent when we talk English but I try very hard to "LISTEN" carefully on what they are saying because I don't want to embarrass or make them feel uncomfortable. I wish that this IGNORANT people will learn their lesson soon and stop making fun because if they will speak other language they will sound the same "Funny" or worse "STUPID."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My girlfriend gained weight due to stress. She just lost he mom and now she is dealing with her love life drama. She is asking me if I can recommend some diet pills that she can use to lose weight. I told her to check online at, it will educate her about this wonderful product and answer all her question before she ever goes into it. She seems happy now after taking it for 2 weeks; she told me that she is seeing result. Keep up the good work dear friend.

Healthy Diet

Honestly I am not a healthy eater, although I go for fruits and veggies but I don't compromise the flavor by going healthy blunt food. In our home we are always big in flavors and serving so technically no body is on diet in our house.
Recently I been eating in our employee lounge, I noticed that there are so many people eating healthy diet at my workplace. This really makes me think again every time I plan my home menu for the week. I now consider on preparing more fruits and vegetables and more on the healthier side than how we use to cook. It is still good to stay fit and healthy.

Best Vitamin

We work 8 hours a day and five days a week, we need good vitamins to keep us going and give us the energy we need every day. Sometimes we miss fruits and vegetables in our diet, vitamins will help us get the nutrients we need. My husband always gets his vitamins online and it's the best multivitamin that we can guarantee you. Even you eat healthy, always make sure that you are taking additional vitamins for better health.

FB Games

I am getting hook again on this games on FB. I was playing this mall world and the the baking life and now getting hook with critter island and bird land. This is my version of relaxation after work and before I go to bed. I am maintaining few game on Fb and one of it is the bingo island which I also love. I like low maintenance game and doesn't really require your full attention like YoVille or other games that you need to keep up and follow them. I am happy on what I am playing right now and thanks FB for this games.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Clothes

It's time of the year where we give presents to our loved ones and friends. This year will be different because we have some addition in the family. After New Year is the birthday of the boys, including my husband. So for Christmas I am looking for baby clothes for ages 0-1. I was looking online for ideas and the best baby clothes that our little angel needs, I might end up getting him little shoes, a jacket and some shirts.

So Drama

Having a job and dealing with different types of people is sometimes overwhelming. I love the first part but not so much the later part which is dealing with people and trying to make sense of them or apologizing for something you did not do.
I am a very nice person, in fact in my short time working in this company I have know and be friend with so many people. There are also a few that really tick off my nerves but I keep trying on being nice to hem cause I understand that they are so dumb enough to not be considerate to other people and make our working environment peacefully smooth.

Migraine Cure

I have few friends who suffered from migraine and I tell you it's not a joke. One of my girlfriends tried to so many treatments that did not work on her, some had a bad side effect too. Luckily after so many tries and research she finally found her migraine treatment. It is really effective that you can notice result in 30 minutes, the ingredients is very safe and effective.

Since I was working at my current job, I notice this mid 50s couple always coming and buying stuff. The husband is so caring with the wife's needs and always ask her what else she wants or need. One day the lady approach me and I'm kind didn't get what she is asking me so the husband comes to the rescue and took her away from me and he whisper on me "she has Alzheimer's."
She is too young to have Alzheimer's and I gave the husband credit for taking care of her. He is really always there for her, one day I saw them having breakfast together in a restaurant. They go to the mall all the time. I cannot imagine how he handles her when she is having episodes when she does not recognize him. If I have given a chance I want to interview the guy and ask him how he pulls everything together.

Web Directory

When you built a new website for your company or blog, make sure that you will check for directory submission. This will help your new website or blog boost visitors and ranking. I have the same problem before with our website, some people they cannot search it directly until I started to do directory submission. Just make sure that the site is legitimate so you will not waste your time and effort on re submitting on different sites.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Fun

Every year I just noticed that Halloween is becoming an adult people's thing. I saw many adult having fun dressing up in their costumes and partying. After New year is over they started to talk what they gonna be next Halloween, yay.
I don't know but I am not so into dressing up for Halloween, we do give candies to the kids but we're not dressing up nor decorating for Halloween. Maybe because I grew up on a country where Halloween is also a memorial and all saints day. So we are more celebrating the memorial day than the Halloween itself.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was searching if there are vitamins for weight loss and I found that there are inexpensive but safe to use weight loss pills. Don't get fooled by "too-good-to-be-true" promises of other expensive weight lose pills that really does not work. Before you undergo on a weight loss or diet pills always research and read the review to eliminate wasting your money and risking your health. Always choose the best inexpensive one that suit your need.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Aside from "Lava Flow" another favorite drink of mine is "Mojitos" on different flavors. I love the original best but flavors like "passion mojito" is also refreshingly good. From the day I fell in love with this drink with this drink, I always have ingredients in-hand, I even planted fresh mint for easy picking. I cannot live without my light-rum and limes also the fruit puree that you want to add. It's really refreshing and best for tropical regions.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sea World

We are planning to do a family vacation nest year; the destination is Orlando sea world. I am checking for Orlando vacation packages early to see if we can get a better deal. It will be fun because the whole family can have a wonderful vacation. Hopefully we can all go on spring break or before the school starts. We want to experience and see the Dolphins and Whales and we heard that the shows are awesome.

I have been using and trying so many Flat irons, I even research but I always end up buying the junk ones. Luckily someone introduces me to CHI flat iron which I love so much so far and I highly recommend it.
Chi will not break your hair and it helps make your hair shinny and silky. Before I always have hair breakage and split ends due to bad iron. So far I love the CHI and it's really reliable and the best one so far.
My hair dresser introduce me to CROCS, I might get one very soon to try it myself. I have tried once with my hair dresser and I love how it makes my hair hair feel like the CHI. She also told me that she have the CHI prior to her CROCS and since she have tried the CROCS she can say it's better than the CHI. Thats the two highly recommended Hair flat iron that I know of.

Groomsmens Gift

We went to a wedding last week. It was a very beautiful wedding and so unique. I was thinking that they prepared the wedding meticulously for months or year. The wedding favors are classified, they have beautiful items for guest, for bridesmaid and the most unique are for the groomsmen. They have pick baseball bats and pocket knives, engrave is bride and grooms name and wedding date. After that wedding, I was thinking to myself, would it be possible for me to be a wedding planner or coordinator?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweaty feet is so embarrassing, I have this since I was borne. I was looking for a cure ever since I can remember. Depending on what foot ware I am wearing but most of it makes my feet smell nasty.
One day I was chatting with my friend and the conversation when to sweaty feet. She told me, well if your only problem is sweaty feet why don't you get "underarm spray" to help your feet keep dry. I get so skeptic because I already tried many things on my feet. After a month I finally get an underarm spray to give it a try. It works on my feet, I am so happy that I thank her for the "Bright Idea."

I really love wrist watches, in fact I have a few collection of different brands. I have a few that are pretty pricey for my status, I save a lot for it. I have been eying Breguet watches for awhile, I know I cannot afford but it's always on my wish list.
This Breguet watches is a well known brand for the French Royal family, now the company is owned by swatch group. The hottest edition they have are the "Marine" and "Sports," Breguet is considered to be part of the most prestigious Top 4 Swiss Watch Makers.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I just realized that we have been stocking on blocks of mozzarella in the freezer. Well, we're not really into dishes that requires cheeses particularly mozzarella. As most of us we love mozzarella sticks but I totally forgot about this yummy thing.
Today, since I was making fried chicken for dinner, I also made some mozzarella sticks as appetizers. It might not be healthy as it sounds but I can assure you that it's hearty food. We all enjoyed our dinner.
Everyone of us has a good mozzarella stick recipe. I keep mine simple just sticks mozzarella rolled on egg & Italian bread crumbs, deep fried for 2minutes eat hot with your desired dipping sauce.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Comfy Shoes

I was looking online for the perfect working shoes that will not hurt my feet. Being in the sales job we need to stand and walk around on our entire shift, so having a really good and comfortable shoes helps a lot. After doing my online search I found this stylish yet comfortable ecco shoes for me. It is really reliable and comfortable to wear. Now I will stick to this brand and planning to get more of different styles.

Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is just around the corner. Since we have the kids this year we might as well enjoy them and bring them to the pumpkin patch. For the last nine years Aloun farm is giving the kids the experience of pumpkin patch, pickings and hay rides. Hawaii has different weather than mainland U.S. and of course the traditions. It is good that the farm help us celebrate the fall and Halloween and making it much more memorable for the kids.
I am looking forward for a great family gatherings this year with my husband's kids, unlike the fast years that it's only my husband and I. But this family thing will not last long since his daugther and her family might move next year.


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