Saturday, June 30, 2012

We went vacation last week to Kauai for my husband's family reunion. It came out to be the best vacation for us because I have two of my friends came with us to check out the Island of Kauai and played tourist with them for two days. The sad part was when my husband informed me on our last day that he lost his prescription sunglasses, it was an expensive one and he just got it last month. Good thing my friend told me about a site online where you can get a prescription sunglasses for a reasonable price.

The beautiful Opaekaa waterfalls
Located at Wailua River state park in Kauai, cascading and towering in 151 feet with two drops. There is no official trail going down to the pool, the unofficial trail has been blocked with steel fence since 2006 when two woman fell off the unofficial but publicized trail. Trespassing on this trail is considered misdemeanor that will result to a fine of $1,000 and possible jail time.

Video game controllers use so many butteries so we decided to get rechargeable batteries to save money. I was looking online for lithium ion battery and found a pretty good price so I ordered extras just in case we need for emergencies. They also caries batteries for cameras, computer, cell phones and more so it’s basically a one stop battery shop. I am happy to discover this because I also need battery for my computer and another extra battery for my GoPro and my digital camera and I will be ready for our next adventure to hike long distance 11 miles which will take us around 7-9 hours depending on the people we go with.

Friday, June 29, 2012

(This was an old picture)

 This are my pictures taken 6/23/12

This is located at Koloa Kauai. It's not as magnificent as 10 years ago due to the hole is way bigger now than before, experience the wave action on underwater lava tube result in a flume of water shooting into the air on intervals that make it exciting to watch. This place looks like Waikiki in a country setting. I wish they will preserve the country beauty of Kauai for ever.

Having your own business sometimes is a pain due to the requirements that you have to meet, like for instance business insurance. I just realized that my husband is paying more on his business insurance, it lead me to search online for business insurance quotes. We need to renew our business insurance now, so hopefully everything will fall in place since I found a good deal online. Too many expenses for a small business, hopefully everything will pay off from this year forward.

The traditional Lechon (roast pig) Filipino style. The authentic style should be cooked over charcoal manually rotated for 3 hours or more. Because we know how good the authentic lechon taste, this people refused to used gas to get at least better tasting lechon. Good thing we have abundant of Keawe wood in Hawaii which they used for the lechon, there is "No open fire allowed" on public parks & beaches in Hawaii so they have 2 half barrels where they place the wood and rented a machine to rotate the pig.  The lechon tatse good but they failed on the skin, it should be crunchy but they promised that they will try to perfect it next time they get a chance.

Wood puzzles

Weaver - Wood Disentanglement PuzzleThis is a nice wood puzzles toy for kids. It comes in different designs and shapes, this are fun puzzles for all ages. I will buy a few as a unique Christmas gift ideas for my friends and kids, good for stocking stuffer.
I am excited for our next adventure this coming Sunday where we have to enjoy the ocean, hope the weather will be nice for kayaking and Stand up paddle boarding. Hiking will be in hiatus for awhile until the summer ends. Although we have plans and hiking location lined up. After I did the challenging Haiku stairs hike, I am now looking for the same or at least close to its trill and challenge.  

This is one of the places to check out in Kauai going to Poipu, the "Tree Tunnel". It's just about half a mile long on a lust green pasture side going to Poipu beach. In my opinion the best time to see its beauty in during winter time when its wet and rainy that makes this place so lush and green.

Party Cigars

We went to our inter-island trip last week with friends and family. It's for my husband's 3rd Family reunion. I invited my friends to come join us so we could check out historical sites and beautiful places in Kauai. Everything went well and turned out to be the most memorable and awesome vacation ever. The time I had spent with my friends checking out the island and revisiting the places I've been and also checking out new places was fantastic experience. Saturday was really great, we finish it off at the reunion party, enjoyed the yummy food, had some drinks, and honey cigars to celebrate the 3rd Family reunion. Looking forward for the 4th family reunion to be held at Las Vegas 3 years from now.

Located at the west side of the island of Kauai with the elevation of 3,400 ft above sea level and 10 miles long. The beautiful Waimea (Reddish water) canyon often called "The grand canyon of the Pacific", its weathered crags and color make it so beautiful. It will make you appreciate & hate nature. Appreciate in a way of carving the beautiful Waimea canyon over time which was formed by incision of Waimea river arising from the extreme rainfall on the island's central peak, Mt. Waialeale(rippling water or overflowing water), among the wettest place on Earth with 452 inches of rain a year. There's a lot of trails up Waimea for hunting and for day hike, there's also cabins that you could rent.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I was looking for shirts to give away back home and found this web site. I know my relatives back home will appreciate and love this shirt so I ordered a bunch of it at blue falcon. They have good quality and wide variety of choices and it's the original. My brother wanted the Army and Navy shirts. Hope it will come on time so I will be able to include it on my package to be send home by next week.

I have been hiking in Oahu for 5 months now and been to a lot of trail. From novice to intermediate and it's getting more challenging to expert. I did the Moanalua saddle months back and it really intrigue me a lot that lead to open the path of getting to stairway to heaven. 
We planned to take the middle ridge but we missed the turn and ended up going the long way and doing the Tripler ridge which turned out to be the most AWESOME hike I've ever done by far. The combination of challenging trail and the wonderful view made this Hike the best of the best. I planned to do this hike two more times and I will call it quit stairway for awhile because I don't want to loose my interest and wipe out the good memories I had on this trail.  


This is one of the flora that I saw up at the KST trail. It's a tree bark that was overgrown with wild orchids and moss. I was walking on a muddy stiff trail when I saw this and I stop just to snap this picture. I always snap pictures when I'm on the trail especially a challenging trail. My point is, soak in and enjoy the view and snap pictures a much as you can because you never know when you going to check out this trail again.

Name Plates

One of my dear friends works in one of our famous University in the island. I have this idea of getting him a cubicle name plates that he can use in his office. I know he will appreciate it or it can be personalized just for him. This will be his Christmas present from the hiking group. He just recently joined us hiking and I can tell he love the challenge although he is a little bit scared of heights but he is getting better each time we hike high mountains with stiff drop offs. 

This is what I am up too recently. With the first attempt to go up the stairs failed, we decided to do it the long way 3 weeks after. We planned to do the middle ridge but we miss the turn and ended up doing the long way which turned out to be the "BEST HIKE" I've ever did in my life. The experience and challenge was awesome. I will post a detailed info about my awesome experience later after I settle every thing.

Intuit POS

I love QuickBooks software because they are making my life easier in dealing with our small business. I use QuickBooks to keep our books in order and for me to easily transfer it when it's tax time. Now they have this intuit pos that is connected to your QuickBooks to easily track down your sales and do inventory faster and easier. I also have our business website with them. I am so grateful for the people that made this software which really help me and our business.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Koko Crater #2

My round 2 record breaking hike to the top of Koko crater that took us 30minutes. The first time I came here with the group it took us 1 hour. We are trying to do another repeat and do it in 20 minutes, good luck to me. We might also do the stairs and descend on west rim, that would be fun but we need to be quick with agile feet.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I got hooked on this online jewelry site where they have deals every day. The daily jewelry deals are really good and usually you can get it for 65% off the regular price. I told my friends and relatives about it because it's just too good to pass on. I was just browsing online one day and came across the website and from then on I got hooked and got most of my jewelries from them. I am eying on a 14K 1carat diamond ring which regular price was  $1,700.00 and it's now on 70% off. I will get it before my birthday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Found it online by accident while I was checking for the latest blog post update from a hiker's blog that I followed. This is one of his recent post, I checked out for the direction and head there two days after. I believe that this is a beautiful waterfalls specially after a down pour. I am going to plan to visit this again because it has 3 waterfalls or maybe more. I climb to the second but leave the 3rd waterfall to be explored on my next visit with friends.

Friday, June 1, 2012

It is always good to have electric fireplace like what my sister have. They live in San Francisco but she has young kids and pets so they need electric fireplace. It still does keep their room and warm with the feel of a real fireplace. I was checking on it online, it's so cool because you can choose from different design like linear wall mount for modern & minimalist look, corner and stove fireplace. I like the wall mount because I want the minimalist look on it.

Still Hiking

It was a crazy month for me so I was not able to update my blog. I'm juggling real life work and hike with friends & family to the point where we were hiking almost every weekend and my off day on weekdays. I came to the point where I was so exhausted that I told myself to "Not think of Hiking" on my off days but did not really work well because I still did hike.

 Taken at the Summit of Lanipo trail left side connector to Wiliwilinui...


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