Monday, January 25, 2010


Oops it's not LA. This is the condition here in Honolulu as we are experiencing a VOGGY week. I was so surprise to experienced the hazy condition here for almost a week now. On a clear day, we can view the populated mountain areas but during this voggy condition the visibility is almost zero. Hope that trade winds will come back to blow away the vog.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

I want to continue my schooling and obtain a degree but it's so hard to juggle job, being a house wife and maintaining our small business. I have check for campus classes but most of it doesn't fit my day-to-day routine schedule.
I am so thankful that they now offer online degree. It is a relief to people like me who don't have enough time to continue our education in a campus setting. I plan to take up nursing degree due to its demand these days.
If you are planning to continue on your education try checking them online programs. They offer different bachelor's degrees as well as masters' degree. They have teachers, business, IT and health professional programs.

A Set of Parents

Like any other family, my relationship with my parents and siblings seems normal. Well we have misunderstandings and stuff but at the end of the day we are still family with the same blood running through our veins.
I tend to not talk to my parents when I feel bad about their actions without knowing that I'm just hurting them so much. Finally I called and talk to them at new years day, it's nice to start the year with positive vibes and with a good relationship with your parents.
Actually it's not them who are starting the blaze and riff in our relationship but the relatives. Relatives that doesn't understand and nothing to do but fire up the blaze. Well, it's new year and all I'm wishing that this year will be different and it will be the best for all of us.
In this world I will only have a "SET OF PARENTS" to treasure and take good care of for the rest of my life.

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I was cleaning the house today and doing my routine vacuuming when I noticed that the vacuum is not working as good as before. I called up mu husband and asked and he said that it needs a checkup.
I also noticed that we need a new humidifier filters. I make an online order at where we always get the filters for our humidifier. I need to back to my cleaning and finish up what I'm doing before I get hooked online.

Woman's absolutely know that it's hard for us to convince or feed vegetables to our man. In our home I always make sure that I serve veggies at least once a day to balance our diet. I love roasted or boiled sweet potatoes, sauteed greens and beans.
One night after dinner I was snacking on boiled sweet potato and I hand some to him. As always he refuses my offer, then I said "OK so that means I will the only one farting bad tonight." He right away said ok give me some. I was cracking laughing at him. Well I guess that the only way I can let him eat potatoes and veggies. Healthy stuff will make you fart bad =).

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Flat Stomach

I don't consider myself as fat though I wanted to lose some more weight to balance with my height. My big problem is my tummy which really needs attention. I need a stomach fat loss pill to help me because it's hard to just depend on exercise for this issue.
One of my girl friends told me about a review site for stomach fat loss pills. I checked on it and it is very helpful because they barrow down your search to the top four very effective products.

Keep it Chilled

We never know when we feel like sipping a glass of wine or bubbly. In our home I always Keep Glasses of wine in the freezer to keep it chilled and frosted. This is a good idea if we have a sudden visitor and we forgot to chill the bubbly or wine.
I introduce this idea to my husband, now he knows where to find the wine glasses, not in the cabinets but inside our freezer.

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FDA Approved

I have learned my lesson the hard way. Two years ago I am so desperate to lose weight that I went to a drug store chain and get a weight lose product that I feel might help me lose weight. Yes I am so wrong on doing so and without considering on checking if its a fda approved diet pills. After I took the pills for couple days the side effect hit me which is headache, nausea and I feel so irritated. I continue on taking it for a week until I felt so sick. After that incident I make it a point that I will never take any diet pills with out FDA approved ingredients.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I haven't seen my relatives on my dad's side for awhile, like more than 10 years now. Hopefully I will be able to see them when I come to visit. One of my cousins PM me on FB, she is working at Kuwait. She complement the photos on one of my album, which is an album of the food that I've cooked.
Every time someone is complementing the foods I cook, what come to my mind is my grandma. I give the credit to my dad's family side (well my mom side doesn't know how to cook LOL). Maybe our love of cooking runs into our blood. My mom learned to cooked from my dad's family. Thanks to you guys.

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Sleeping Pills

There are times that my husband wasn't able to sleep at night. I knew it when the TV stays on the whole night. Sometimes when we are worried we tend to have insomnia, or when we are so tired that our body cannot relax during the night. One time he asked me to look for sleeping pills online because he really need to rest and have a good sleep. As long as he is not dependent on it, it's alright.

Still Being LAZY

Supposed I've started doing my task last Sunday. But then I was so lazy for couple days and all I did the whole day is sleep and watch TV.
I feel so bad last Monday when hubby was waiting for his dinner to be cook, I know he was starving and was waiting for almost 2 hours for the chicken. Yesterday when he get home he handed me a bag full of chips with soda. I ask him why he was snacking on junks when his dinner is ready waiting for him. He candidly said "I thought I will wait long for my dinner to be serve." LOL, he makes me feel guilty, but I will blame it to my period that makes me so lazy.

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Best Diet Aids

Let's be honest that it's so hard to lose weight just by exercise alone. We need to have diet aid along with exercise to achieve the result that we want. If you want to achieve the result that you want, then check out They will show you the best top 3 diet aids on their list. It's based on the result, affordability, effectiveness and safe ingredients for our health.

Easy Cooking

I love being a "working wife." My husband thought that if ever I will have my own work, I might change that I will not cook for him anymore. I know he love being pampered with home cooked food that makes me happy because he appreciate and love my cooking. I promised him that I will never change and will still cooked for him even though I'm working, so far I'm still sticking on my promise =).
Depending on my schedule. If I work early and be home on time for dinner, I make sure I prep my ingredients and ready to be cook when I get home for dinner. When I work late, I make sure I prep his dinner waiting for him in the microwave or in the crock pot. During my off days, I make sure I cook the dishes he love that takes time to cook. He is a happy boy. LOL

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Best FAT Burners

There is so many weight lose product out there that claims to be the best. One of them is This product claims to have fat burning ingredients but the truth is they are actually actually fruits, which don’t burn fat and they also don’t really provide all the weight loss benefits at all when used in pill form. It's better to use the proven product like LipoFuze, Nuphedragen and the products on top 5 list of best fat burners.

Being LAZY

I supposed to be off from work for a week which I find good and not. Good because I have so much online task to do and not because I'm stuck at home by myself all day long and eating junk is a way to spend the day. I was happy when I was so busy working because I was able to diet and limit my food intake. Yes I lose weight though I still need to work out on my tummy but then I was inspired to lose more weight.

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One of my aunts is spending her fortune on body wraps and diet pills. She tried a lot of stuff but nothing works on her and she is still fat. I told her to try the best natural fat burner, but she have to discipline herself especially on her food intake if she wanted to see results. She then limit her food intake slowly each day while taking the natural fat burner and see a promising result with in just a week on it.


My husband is a fan of TIGER Woods. He feels a little sad of what Tiger is facing right now especially he had filled for indefinite leave. That means he can't see Tiger playing for awhile.
Tiger was reportedly having a sex problem and was rumored to check in a sex REHAB facility.
My husband and I are talking about this REHABS that celebrity made famous that we never imagine that this facilities existed. Alcohol rehab to name the few and now sex rehab. I wonder what rehabs are next.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Book it Now

We love to travel and one of the Cities that we love to visit the most is New York. When we say New York it sounded like it's a very expensive place to visit. Well, if you will do your homework you can absolutely find cheap New York hotels to stay. Before making a trip, check out where they always have good deals of your next destination. It's fun to enjoy your vacation without breaking your bank. Be wish and know what to do,


It was so funny to think that when you are on sales job you always have to "SMILE" no matter what. Yes, it's hard for me to comprehend that before but after I landed on one sales job, SMILE is part of your life.
Well, maybe the environment is contagious that makes you SMILE so easy. The bosses are nice too and they are always smiling. Even when I'm off from work and just browsing at stores, when I saw people I always give a warm smile at them. I wish they won't think I'm weird or perv hahahahaha.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

TV stand

I was looking for a flat screen TV the last time I went to electronic store. I know my husband wanted to have a new big one for the family room. Now I am looking for a TV stand that will match it, the design I choose is to case the TV which will be mounted on the wall. I don't want it to obviously look mounted on the wall so this one is the perfect tv stands design for it.

Tiny Winies

I got him the Sansa Fuze for Xmas with a slot radio card 80s&90s, which I ordered separately and came 3 days after xmas. He was like not so into it when he got it but when the slot radio chip arrived, he was so exited and listen to the songs the whole time. I am glad he likes it, now he is asking me to down load him songs and buy some more slot radio card and maybe I'll get him slot music too, which is music albums in micro cards.
He said its so amazing how a tiny micro card can hold 1,000 songs (as tiny as your pinky nails), and now albums are in micros too instead of CD. Things are getting smaller and smaller each year. Be ready to rent and buy your movies in micro cards in the near future and play it on tiny winy movie player, since they already have music albums in micro cards.

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Modern Stools

I was so happy when my husband told me about his plan of our future dream house. Hopefully we will have enough dough to build it in near future. The kitchen is my favorite place in the house and because he knows how much I love to cook, he gave me the full authority in designing my dream kitchen. He said he wanted to have a Korean style table with barbecue grill in the middle of the table by the gazebo, which I found so cute. We love Korean food so much especially Korean style grilling, we can also do Yakiniku, I'm so excited. This modern stools on the photo will match our Asian theme gazebo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rough Sea

We went to shop for food yesterday and past by Kahe point. It's a surfing, shore line fishing, scuba and snorkeling spot. The ocean was so rough yesterday, when we past heading town we noticed a sailboat that looks like drifting and battling the rough waves. Sure enough when we past buy heading home there's two fire engine on that area and the sailboat run to shore. I just wish that no body is hurt and no oil or gas spills because it's a good snorkeling spot with lots of fishes. Whales and dolphins love to hang around that area too, we always saw dolphins and whales breaching on that area.

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I gave out cigars as Christmas present o some of our close relatives and friends. Good thing I get discount cigars online and the quality is good. The one on the photo is $66.25 on regular price and they sale it on $37.99 for a bundle of 25, which I find a good deal. This is nice as a present too and they enjoyed it. There's a lot of brand to chose from.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I was off from work late last night and when I am on my way to the parking lot, two teen guys approach me saying they need my help by gaining POINTS. So I ask them how can I help them win something for their school or what ever it is, then they hand me 3 list of magazines to choose from. He ask if I like Cosmo magazines, I said yes. Then he ask my name and wrote it on a paper that looks like a receipt. I came to think right away I will never give my real name and address to strangers. Then he said it's $40, DAMN! WTF. I said NO WAY, you guys never told me at first that it will cost me money, then he insist if I don't Have CASH with me, there's ATM machine nearby. WTF! scammers! they said if I don't pay he will lost 10,000 points because he already wrote my name on a receipt. Well eat your receipt Dummy! I really hate that kind people. They claim to be Aussie guys.
FYI I will never hand out any single hard earned money to people on street that force me to withdraw on ATM. I feel SORRY to the people that gave money to them, I saw 2 ladies that they've walk to the ATM.
They might be Legit or not all I can say is I hate those two guys Scamming peoples hard earned money. I really hate them that I almost make a complaint call to 911, I was so pissed!

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