Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mt Kaala

This is the image of Mt. Kaala on the west side, the highest peak on the island of Oahu towering at 4,050 ft. This is one of my priority to hike for this year 2012 and of course haiku stairs. I will see when we could do this hike, provably on weekdays when we don't have ant kids to think of and possible on a clear summer day. I heard that the Pros hiker in Oahu must and had gone to this Mountain if not then you are not a PRO.

Bunk bed - Queen

I am planning to get this for our guest room, dual purpose. This twin over queen bunk bed could accommodate a grown up guest as well as younger guest. In case our grand kids will come over they could share it. It looks fun so I am sure who ever our guest will be will enjoy and have a good night sleep on this semi theme room. I might also repaint the entire guest room and put some new fixtures to make the cabin feel.

My husband will do a job that will require welding. He might hire a welding contractor or he will just let his worker do it and buy the welding equipment, either way as long as he will deliver the job to the clients taste and approval. If he will keep accepting jobs that required some areas to be weld, in my opinion it is better to just get the equipment because he could always use it on his future jobs.

This will be my last attempt on fondant. I cannot make it right. It's either the cake is too soft for fondant or I'm rolling the fondant too thin or doing it on hot season. I give up on cake decorating for good. I'll just bake goodies and continue to be a good cook but no more fondant for me.

My husband is a grandpa too. My step-daughter and I are planning to surprise grandpa on Father's day with goodies. He does love sweets like cookies and chocolate covered strawberries, so we decided to order it online because they carry wide assortment of goodies for grandpa. We might also add a bottle or two of champagne for him and the grand kids will give him a surprise visit, they are flying in that they from the mainland for vacation and they planned to arrived on Father's day.

This trail starts from Aloha stadium to Waipahu depot street. My guess it's about 7-8 miles long of maintained bike trail known as "Pearl Harbor Historic Trail". They are planning to connect this trail from the Aiea Stadium to Waipahu to Ewa, Kapolei and Nanakuli which will be 18 miles long. Hopefully I will not be to old when this things will happen, I'm sure I will be one of the people who want's to do a record.
 This the trail the inspired my 2012 to get into my health and fitness. This is also the reason that I am a self proclaimed "reclaimed hiker". I love hiking when I was younger but I did not realized that I am a hiker because there is not really a know trail back home, with trail or without when you walk on foot for miles and miles and enjoying the scenery and crossing town-to-town on foot then you are a hiker.
Thanks for this awesome 2012 that made me and my husband realized that there are so much thing we could do and enjoy without shelling money. I am glad that he is now loving and enjoying hiking. My friends including my husband appreciate the trails we go and enjoy the scenery so much that they don't even know exist. There's so much more to see in the island of Oahu alone. Hopefully we could check out other island on the weekend and hike too.


We live close to a park and there are always games on the weekend and practice on weekday's afternoon. Last month the kids had their last game and potluck and we could hear the cheering and screaming of parents and team mates. I saw that both teams had their trophies on respective tables with goody bags for the kid's final game. The kids looks excited to play for the last time to end the season also excited to receive their trophies and goodies. Few weeks ago they started practice again for the summer season.

Hikers Corner

I did strike a post for my 15th trail, the 17th hike I did since January. I am thankful that I found my hiking buddies who made me "hiking addict" and organizer of twice a month group hikes that we are doing. Originally we planned to do once a month hike but since it's not enough we decided to do twice a moth hike. It is awesome to have my friends, they inspired me to do my hardest on hiking as our health & fitness. I saw results, I did lose one size and planning to lose another size and stick to it my maintaining it. I don't wanna be too skinny though I still love my curves. So more updates on my hiking adventure since I have trail line ups and also repeat trails to do.

Tanning Gel

Summer is fast approaching but I can already feel the summer sun and heat, well yeah it's Hawaii always sunny but summer here is hotter than other seasons of the year. I am already getting back my tan skin, we always do hiking at least once a week for the fast months but this couple weeks made me really dark, the sun is like biting my skin but it would not stop me from hiking though. Some girls they are using fake bake flawless tanning gel, last couple years I was using tanning gel but I am skipping it this year since I am now officially a reclaimed hiker. It's addicting to do nothing on my day-off but I kept reminding myself to at least rest from work and hiking at least one day a week to re-energize and relax.

We are going to Kauai next month for my husband's Family reunion and I also invited my hiking buddies so we could hike on the weekend. I am getting excited because I friends are planning to come, hopefully the plan will go though. We are also planning to hike Hanakapiai and some waterfalls and we might also squeeze in Waimea canyon. That would be a very busy weekend for us because we're trying to get to so many places in the span of 2 days.

Mom's Day Flower

We sent flower baskets to my mother-in-law for Mother's day. She was so surprise and thankful for what she receive from us on that special day. She does not expect us to send her anything on special occasions or holidays, a simple phone call from her children will make her day and she will be happy but we always wants her to feel extra special by sending her surprise presents. She is always there for us so I always make it a point to make her special and send her something nice.

This is the awesome view up Kulana'ahane saddle summit lookout. I gave my friends the option of trails to hike but this one is actually my no. 1 priority, they made me the happiest person when they pick out this trail. I have read a lot of blog write ups about this trail that really intrigue me to do this one. We have been through a lot of head scratching because no one in the group have been in Kulana'ahane trail, one did only the Kamananui valley trail way back. Four of us hiking this trail that includes me, my husband and two girlfriends.
I know that my goal is the Saddle lookout but I also think of my partners who had been walking for 3  hrs. One of them needs to pick up her kids at 2pm and trying to reach somebody to pick up the kids because we cannot make it out by 2pm that's for sure. We have no cellular signal and we are trying to get to a clearing or gain elevation to see if we could reach civilization by phone.
Another reason was that my goal saddle lookout was not clear to my two companion aside from my husband. One of them keep suggesting me that there's lookout here and there along our way but my goal was the overlooking H3 freeway Kaneohe side. There are two hikers who pass us and when we are gaining elevation they are coming down and told us that we're almost to the saddle, not even quarter mile although the climb will be so steep and some part are short vertical that requires all fours to be used.
We are greeted by the amazing view of the H3 freeway, Kaneohe bay and stairway to heaven. The two ladies we're glad that we did not turnaround or we will miss this panoramic view. The 11 miles in and back that took us 7 hours instead of 5 hours is worthwhile. This is definitely in our list of repeat trail. 

Easter Bucket

I saw this Easter tin buckets at one of my friend's house, personalized with her kids names. She said the kids got it from a party they went too last Easter, it was cute personalized gifts for Easter that the kids will surely love to receive. You can make this gift idea for Easter, birthday, Halloween or any occasion that you think kids might be so happy to have got this cute buckets. I'm contemplating of doing this for the kids this coming Halloween fill it with treats and sure they will love it.

The first trail head to the valley

Long trail but with rewarding view. Your first trail will be the Moanalua (Kamananui) state park. You have to take the Kamananui gravel dirt road which I hate so much and wish that there will be another way to Kulana'ahane saddle lookout, unfortunately there's none so far.
After more than 3 hours of hiking and the final quarter mile steep climb to the lookout where there are short vertical part that you have to use all fours and literally climbing the ridge. We are greeted with the one of the Amazing view of the island of Oahu. The view of Kaneohe bay, Haiku stairs, H3 freeway which are breathtaking. It took us 7 hours to do the 11 miles because we're taking our time taking pictures and soaking in the view. I will do it again with some friends but I'll make it a point that we will be doing it in 5 hrs.

Metal Buildings

The big warehouse store this days are build with metal structure, maybe they could save money by doing this and easy for them to turn it green by installing natural lighting. The metal buildings are ideal for warehouse, big bucks store, warehouse type gyms, even houses. 
In our case we are planning to build our house simple as possible so my husband and I agreed to steel framing. This way it will save us a little bit money that we could use on the appliances and furniture. We are excited but we have to wait for another two years to settles and do the things we need to do before we built our house.

I am so bless to live in the Islands of Hawaii. The main island are not that big but with it's own characters. The Main island is Oahu which means the gathering place, I'm bless to belong in this island because it has so much to offer like beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery and lots of hiking trails.

Last week which is the first week of the month was a crazy week for me, juggling work and squeezing hikes on my days off. For the month of May alone I did 5 hikes total, 2 new trails and 3 repeats. Today is my day off, yesterday I warned myself to not ever contemplate on hiking today and make it a lazy rest day for the weeks to come. Next week might be another busy hiking week for me because my friend took her vacations and wants to do two hikes with me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mountain Faces

When we go hiking on the valley we entertain ourselves on looking up the mountain wondering if there are trails up there and also checking out the ridge formations like this one on the picture. It look like a man's face sculptured on the side of the mountain. The ridge lines formed the face with nose and side of the face. I wish it was a clear day when I took this but it was drizzling.

Rain Barrels

My grandparent's lives in countryside, they grew mostly their produce and livestock. They live on the side of the county which is a very lush green, chilly and mostly rains at night. My granny has her herb garden near the rain barrels where she uses to collect rain water for her gardens. They have rain barrels on each downspouts, this way they save money on their water bill. I love coming to my grandparents place. I told myself, if I retire I will leave close to their place because I love the country life.

Rock Formation

This is one of the rock formation that I consider beautiful, although it is man made but it's really pretty in my opinion. This was taken on a man made fresh water swimming hole by a "not public" trail to the waterfalls. I just wish that they will keep this place low on guards so me and my friends could always come back and have fun swimming. We don't really care about the waterfall although it is beautiful and gentle but the fact that we cannot swim on it (only shower if you wish) and not as fun as swimming on it like Maunawili.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I saw one show on TV that features video conferencing. It's pretty neat that companies can benefits from this and they should check video conferencing., it will be easier for companies to hold meeting through this with less cost than sending their employees different locations. They offer different services like Video events, Video conference room rentals and more.
One of my friends is trying to get me into office job in a bank, she is telling me about meetings and so on that makes me wonder if they do their meetings and video conferencing.

This hike is not in our plan, we usually pick out short easy hikes when the kids are coming, or short hikes is for last minute change of plans. Personally, I was never interested on hiking Makapuu lighthouse and set it aside until winter time when the breeze is cooler and the sun is not scorching hot and for whale watching.
Our plans last Saturday was Lua'alaea but I really don't know the trail and somebody was a bit hesitant due to the latest accident that happened couple months ago.
We're bouncing Makapuu and Kahaluu waterfalls with the majority vote for a waterfall to swim. Off waterfall we go but since we have so much time in our hands, so two of my friends and I decided to hike Makapuu and took a side trip to Pele's chair.
It was such a fun day starting at the waterfall, we enjoyed diving at the swimming hole. I am glad that the group appreciate and enjoyed the Waterfall hike.
I admit that I was blown away by the scenery of Makapuu lighthouse, never expected it to be that beautiful. I will definitely come back with friends or when I need a short hike. I will never look at Makapuu lighthouse the same way, now she got my respect and admiration. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Most of my friends are physically fit; they always go to the gym and sporting nice muscles. Some of them built muscle through heavy workout but some of them needs the help of supplements. I was reading syntheroid review because I am interested on it, also I might suggest my brother to go under it for couple months until he built muscles on the areas he wants so he can easily maintain it after. I'm hoping that it will work on him.

As always change of plan again. We are planning to Hike the either "Lua'alaea" waterfall or "Hamama" waterfall but some of the group members decided to hike Macapuu point. Although it is a nice spot to hike and I never been to this trail but I'm kind of disappointed when they suddenly change plans.
That's one reason why I can't wait for the group and squeeze in hikes in between because when I want to check out a trail which is new to me, I want to do it yesterday. There are so many trails in Oahu alone which will take me years to check them all especially when we are only doing two hikes a months. There are over 80 trails in Oahu public and private plus the connector trails. Twice a month will be less than 24 trails a year so it will take me 5 years to do almost all the trails which I simply CANNOT wait!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bunk Bed

I saw one of my friends posted a picture of her twin girl's bedroom on facebook. They just redecorated the girl's room because they are getting bigger putting new furniture and new bed. They got them mattress which is twin over twin bunk beds for girls. It is so cute with pink paint with summer colored bedding. The girl's love it so much I can tell from their pictures. I am planning to put a bunk bed in one of our guest rooms in case we got visitors like my step daughter and her family. 

Koko Crater

Koko head is 1,208 feet elevation. This is a very good cardio hike if your looking for a real workout hike. But you have to do it early in the morning at around 6 to 7am.
We are planning to hike this again soon with my friends. Maybe nest week, I am excited to this again because I'm ready to loose a thousand calories in one hike. This is one of my favorite hike adding to my list that includes Kuliouou and Lanipo.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Atop Kuliouou

This islet is located eastern side of Oahu Island. To most people it looks like a rabbit and they literally raised rabbits on this islet until 1994. Manana island is a 63 acre, about 2300 feet long and 4200 feet wide, rises to about 360 feet at its highest point. It is visible and beautiful when you hike up Koolau's eastern summits.
Today the island is protected bird sanctuary and a breeding area for sooty terns, brown noddies, wedge-tailed shearwaters, bulwers petrels, and red tailed tropic birds.

Coat Rack

I have been working in retail business for almost 3 years now, been to different departments and choose to stay in clothing department. I love our customers and working with clothing although there are time during busy days that we have as much as 6 rolling racks to "go back" on the floor. We also have few rolling coat rack. I am thinking of buying a new coat rack for our home since the one we currently have is old, that might be a good idea before winter season comes.

Hamama Waterfall

 Wild Flower
 Bonus swimming pool
Hamama waterfall = Beautiful & Gentle

First of all this trail is not Public and what I have heard that you need a permit to get in here. But we sneak in anyway. This area is used by Board of Water Supply.

The reach the waterfalls follow the gravel road up to where it ends, just follow the gravel and don't go on any confusing visible side trails along the way. There is a swimming hole on your right but it's good to take a deep after you see Hamama. I heard there is a bonus waterfall called Waihee but that will be our next goal the next time we come visit as a group.
Hamama Waterfall is about 100feet high, not that mighty, it has its own beauty and very gentle. There is no swimming hole but you could take a good shower.
Direction: Find your way to Waihee Rd.

My mother-in-law is planning to retire at NC close to my sister-in-law. She is currently looking at this house that she wanted to buy, big enough for her children to use it as vacation home with enough room. Although she does not need big space for herself but she said family could always come visit and stay with her. There is some remodeling that she wants to be done especially the kitchen. She contacted raleigh kitchen remodeling to get the quote and look on their work. She did choose best company in NC, their job is awesome.


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