Monday, October 24, 2011

Rental Listing

Finally we found a place to move in; it's a 2 bedroom with office room apartment. We put a 6 months lease to the place and see from there because we are not certain if we stay on that place longer but if we decide then we could extend. I found the place using a very easy online search engine that will help you on looking for houses for rent, it so easy, all you need to do is fill out a simple form and will show you the choices close to the area you pick. It's pretty cool, it's a very helpful site to us especially we only have a week to find a place and move.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Beginning

Finally we could move on with our life and start a new beginning. It's time to put an end to our past and start a fresh new life, I know that GOD has something more better things for us ahead. Sometimes we get caught on what we have in the present that make it hard for us to to let go thinking that we might lost everything. Our human nature is telling us to hold on to material things that we have right now, but it's not what life is. Although material things are part of our life but we always have to think that GOD has something better for us, material and most of all Spiritual.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm particular with linens and towels. We live in a tropical island, although its cool here almost all year round but we need quality linens and towels. I don't buy linens with thread counts higher than 500 because it will feel hot and not breathable for our climate. I want crisp and soft linens like matouk, they also carries beautiful designs that will suit the island feel. I always match it with blanket covers like quilts, so appropriate for our climate and top it with beautiful bath accessories and soft and absorbent bath towels.

I feel so blessed that we found a Christian church and we are now studying the Bible. I love this church because they go by what the Bible is saying plain and simple and no complicated rituals. The church encourage me to read the Bible to find the Truth.
I am currently reading the book called "The Story", it is a summary of the Bible's famous story and I love it. I am now at the part of Jesus last days and was so amazed of what had happened 50 days after the Passover the "Kingdom of God" came and pour the Holy Spirit to about 3,000 people and from that they on they start Churches and fellowship and making disciples. What an amazing story of Jesus, it really move me and open my heart to the Divine Almighty and let him do what is best for us today and our future. Praise be to GOD.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Until now I cannot decide which DLSR camera I should get. I cannot decide which brand because different brand has different features. I have 3 brands in my mind, DLSR olympus cameras are pretty good as well and the features and pixels are also promising. Olympus Dlsr is really close to my heart, it's on my Christmas wish list taking the number one place. My mom used to tell me that her first camera was Olympus and until now she still trusts the brand.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here's another "rainbow shot" early morning on our way to town. We love Hawaii because we have breathtaking views. You can buried in the hustle and bustle of the city but minutes away you could escape to Paradise and relax. We have the green mountain scenery and also the warm turquoise blue ocean, so fun in the sun and outdoors fun is what we have here every day.

Costume Coupons

It's the costume season again and still I cannot make up my mind of what I want to be on Halloween. But I found a good site where you can download costume express coupons online. You can save up to 85% on clearance items at costume express so go and check it now because Halloween is just around the corner. I need to buy clearance costume for my sister, she wants to start a party costume rental back home, and I can get more discounts on clearance items with the coupons.

Rainbow HI

That's why we're named the "Rainbow State", because you can see Rainbow everyday! I always bring my small camera with me and ready for a rainbow snap shot like this one. It's a little bit hard to take a beautiful shot of a rainbow while you're driving on a freeway :) but I always took pix every time I saw rainbow because you never know when you can get a good shot. More rainbow snap shots to follow on my future post.

I am planning to give my brother a headphones for Christmas. He loves listening to his IPod, when his home he attached it to the speaker. Most of the time it irritates me when his listening to his IPod on the speaker because it distract me especially on my reading time and relaxation time. So I came to this idea to get him a good headphone for Christmas to make him happy and give me back my little peace and quiet time at home.

Oahu West

It's so nice to take off from work and go around check out the wonderful scenery's in Hawaii. This is taken on the west side and famous surf site during winter time. During summer this site is famous for snorkeling, diving and boating, in fact you will see plenty tourist on commercial boats snorkeling and dolphin watching here. Spinner Dolphins are a year round company and so friendly showing off acrobatic dives to people. During September through April this is a good site for whale watching. So spectacular Hawaii!

Lets RV

If you have RV you have to make sure that you also have a good rv insurance coverage especially when you and your family are doing so much interstate travel with your RV. I wish they will allow RV here in Hawaii because it's fun to drive around or just camp in your RV on the weekend at the beach park around the island. When we visit our relatives in the mainland we plan to go interstate in a rental RV and from then on we have to see it we should get one.


This is part of the image of Honolulu from magic island. With its majestic towering buildings with a mountain backdrop or if your on the mountain side the backdrop will be the beautiful turquoise blue ocean. This lagoon on the picture is famous for wedding photos especially Japanese tourist. They come here to wed, while we were sitting here for 4 hours there's about 15 couple showed up for pictorial, what a big business.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Organic Shea

My friend and I are looking for organic shea butter to make soap. We want to start a small business that makes soap and other beauty products and one of our ingredients will be organic shea butter and we want the best quality which is from Africa. I finally found an online site that sells pure and organic shea butter. We are looking forward on our success in our new business.


Of all this things happening in our life, we still make it a little more fun than being sad. The rental is not ready yet and our stuff are all in the storage so we end up living in the old place like a camper. It's fun though because it's like survival day one.
We have few stuff and no cooking materials, but we still have our fridge here with food inside so for breakfast I made bacon, sausage and egg using a camping gas burner and a baking pan. We have few clothing in our luggage, so we feel like we're in a camping. But we hope that the rental will be ready as soon as possible so we could settle down.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I was surprise to see one of my friends yesterday; she swings by my work place to see me. She will be in town for week vacation; she used to live here but decided to move to Las Vegas for good. Before she left she look for job at Las Vegas through the internet website that will help you look for jobs ahead of time before you even move to another State. She looked for Software Engineer Jobs and she got one that makes her move so easy.


There's so many things that happening in my personal life right now that I could not concentrate on blogging. But all the things that are happening are so humbling to my husband and me. Yes we are in tough situation but we always talk and see the bright side of it, what important things that we've learned from it and most of all we seek GOD.
I believe that if one door closed on us one will open for us sooner than we think. We learned so many things that we just took for granted. Are eyes are now open on the truth and this things thought us to be a better and wise person tomorrow. We believe that is is not the end it's just the beginning of good things to come, just trust in GOD. We are grateful that we found so many friends that we can turn to. GOD is Great!


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