Sunday, December 1, 2013


I have a long Christmas list mostly my family and close friends. I pretty much done shopping and was finishing up. I am checking online something for my brother I know he will like it and that's what he actually need since he is a band member. I was checking on save on alesis percpad. I still have enough time when I place my order tonight, I am sure to will be here before Christmas.I just hope that i will get the right one that he likes.

Thanksgiving is basically the kickoff of the Holiday season. As usual I did cook everything from scratch. I refused to brine our turkey because I want it simple with no complicated flavor so I stick to my butter rubbed, I used pretty much the same aromatics when it comes to the turkey cavity which is fruits and herbs. A friend of mine shared a good stuffing recipe that became our all time favorite which is smoked oyster stuffing. I made roasted veggies and mini custard-pumpkin pies which also a seller.

Wood Cutouts

Star Woodsies 

I love making crafts; it is my stress buster after working 50 hours a week. I always go to our local craft store but there are times that they don't carry the things that I need for my project so I always go online online for more selections on wood cutouts. I made Christmas ornament made of wood cutout to give away to my friends this Holiday. I mostly used the stars and it came out nice, I am satisfied and happy.

I'm loving the winter weather here in Hawaii right now, perfect on my Lazy Sunday day off. It does not fog as thick as these as much in Hawaii but today is unusual and I love it. I am well rested today and got the time to run some errands in town in this weather and low visibility. I have to be careful on what I wish for but I really love this winter wet and cold weather, it looks gloomy outside.


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