Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Funny Shirts

This funny t shirts are good for gifts. I will surely buy lots of them and will make sure that the funny saying will match the personality of the person I'm giving it. I wish I saw this thing last year it must have been a very funny Holiday. My husband once have that said "F U I have friends" which actually given to him by his friends for a reason. I might stay away from bad words but I will surely look for funny stuff.


Looks like a fake picture but actually it's REAL and looks like the rainbow is a water globe.
Looking forward to catch more rainbow photos around Hawaii, although I have a view but having hard time uploading it from my phone. What is wonderful in Hawaii is Ocean, Mountain and rainbows.

Diamond Rings

One of my friend just got engage and her husband to be impress her with a desinger engagement ring settings. It's so beautiful and she said yes right away. Now we are looking forward to their wedding this coming January which will be a beach wedding.
I check on the website where her husband to be got the ring and I was really impress on how he transform his customer's idea into a masterpiece. This is the time to think about the design I have in my mind for a long time.

Fish Poke

My husband introduce me to "Poke Bowl" which mean rice and fresh fish, it sounds gross but it's really delicious. He always get it from Poke store where they usually put more rice than fish. I know where to get it cheaper and the ratio is even better which is just enough rice with more fish. He was amazed and it was so good that we went again today and I am thinking of having it again tomorrow. I couldn't get enough of this is fact while I'm posting this I'm drooling.

SLR Cameras

I am really dreaming of having a digital slr cameras but still not sure what brand to get. I want to get the one with higher pixel, good brand and with good features. I am actually contemplating on Cannon so I might get the T3i bundle. I wish that I'll be good enough so Santa will reward me with one; it's literally on my wish list. I cannot wait to have my own road trips and snap some good Hawaii scenery.

Almost Holiday

I'm not scared of getting old but I don't really care so much about my birthday since I turned 25. My husband keep saying that when you get older time flew by so fast, yes he is right. I though we just had Christmas and now I saw Christmas trees and ornament displayed in the stores getting ready for the Holiday.
I wish this Christmas will the so different and special to me and my husband even though for sure that we are not able to spend it with our dear family. We are waiting for something to happen before Christmas and hopefully our Christmas will be sooner than December.

Dating Site

Finally my Friend Leila signed up for the free dating site. It took me couple months trying to convince her that she needs to do something and be open with the dating site. I cannot blame her if she was hesitant for a long time; she thinks if she cannot find love through friends how much more on dating site? I'm hoping her best that she will finally find the love of her life on dating site, I want her to be happy and she deserves it.

Thanks God

I believe that things happen for a reason even most of the time we could not understand the reasons behind but just believe that God has something good for us after every rocky roads and speed bumps.
I am a little bit worried of the things that we are facing right now personally and hopefully that things will be better for us. On the bright side, I am happy that we have our trust in God that we are doing bible studies and putting God first in our life and thanking Him for everything.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Come to Waikiki! That's the famous Diamond Head crater. You can hike to the top of it and be amazed of the city view. From this photo, Waikiki looks so calm and beautiful though it's always a busy location but it's so beautiful.
Come visit us and check out the beauty that we offer and all the activities to entertain you every time you visit. Waikiki is just one of the places that you can visit and there's so much more you can do and go in this island of Oahu.

I love waterfront properties; I wish I could afford every waterfront properties that I love. I would love to have our own property at Branson, I have a friend who just purchased one with Branson real estate and she is so happy and excited. She invited us to her house warming next month that we are so please and excited. Her property is by the Blue Lake and she has this wonderful view of the mountain and blue waters, it feels like a vacation every day.

One Hawaiian beauty is this Macapuu Light house located at the east side of Oahu. There's a hiking track going to this location and the view is so wonderful. From here you can see the island of Molokai and also the rabbit island. It's windy on this part of the island but your hiking hard work will be paid off with this view.

We need to be always prepared in our life and make sure that our family is protected whatever tomorrow throws onto us. Make sure you protect your family buy securing a life insurance. It's so easy to get a quote, just go to, fill out the form and it will give you the rate comparison. That's where we got ours. My husband and I both have term life insurance. He also has our mortgage life insurance. It's really good to be protected.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When I learned that Black Pearl was had arrived in Hawaii and it's close to our place, I asked my husband to check it out with me armed with my mini camera. I was so happy when I finally saw the beauty of "Black Pearl", I took pictures of it right away and was hoping to spot the cast. That was last year.
The harbor where they kept the black pearl is about a mile from the highway to our home, every time we passed by that area my sub-conscious mind always look and search for black pearl. Today I was so surprise that Black Pearl is still at the dock. I am planning for another trip to check it out soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

There are things that you can do when ordering flowers online, you can always use you coupons and save money and there's a link that will teach you how to do it. ProFlowers coupons codes are the best out there, now you know where to order your online flower. Remember that when you search for flower coupons online usually it will bring you to high mark prices before you could use you coupons. The key to this is the right link that will give you the best discount you can get.

Xmas List

I learned it from my own customer to do my Christmas shopping early. I have a list of items and whenever I saw things that similar or can be alternative to the items on my list then I buy it on good deals. It will save you a lot of money when you know what to buy, when to buy and use a coupon as much as possible.
Last year when I start doing it and it works for me a lot. I did save a lot of money, looking on my budget I was able to stretch it and add more people on my list. I was so happy that i'm able to get good quality present for the fraction of the price.

Payday Loan

It's hard to live paycheck-to-paycheck; there are so many unexpected things that come our way which are not on our monthly budget. Most of the time we signed a check couple days from our paycheck, it happened to me several times that my check bounce. From then on I make sure that I have cushion so I do payday loans, it's easy and coast less than paying a bounce check. Save some money by doing payday loan.

Yes indeed, I am looking forward for a mini vacay with my husband. I really don't know where to go yet but maybe just here in our island at Waikiki, it will be fun to play tourist. I wish we still have the Superferry which we can bring our vehicle with us to other island and camp out. Let's see how things will work for us and hopefully we could go other island for a little while.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dried Squid

I was cleaning up the freezer last week and found some food that have been left in there buried under the ice. I know what we have in the chest freezer but sometimes when you are looking for it you can't find it and when you stop looking it appears on your face. I know I still have dried "ika" (squid) in there, my friend gave it to us and it's a good one because from Japan. I was so happy when I found it but a little sad cause I know after we ate it all I don't know where to get the real one which is made in Japan. Anyway, I am enjoying my ika right now.

Retails Mishap

As I work in a retail company we always have this funny reasoning's and argument from sales people and customer. My co-worker shared this to us yesterday at the lunchroom and I can't stop laughing.
China's are usually order, so customers come to the store look at the item and we order it and send it directly to their home. I admit that our warehouse does not pack the merchandise good especially fragile china's and crystals. When it arrive it comes with a receipt that has a 1-800 number where you can call them for replacements or complaints or returns. Usually china's comes to the customer in many pieces, I mean shattered, so here's the customer calling the 1-800 and they replace it. The replacement came in pieces so the customer called again and the agent told them to bring it to the nearest store for replacement. The customer told the agent "You guys should packed it good because it's so Fragile and the agents response was "We packed it good on the 3RD time you got it shattered!"
That's really a good one.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I am not expecting any package on the mail, good thing I heard the mail carrier's beep. She handed me a package which is for my husband. When he came home I gave it to him, he carefully open, it's a cuff links with his initials and it's from our daughter. No wonder she was asking me where she can get engravable cuff links, now I know where she got it from. She sent it along with a Thank You card, thanking her dad for being always there for her. She's so sweet of her.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sushi Bar

My husband and I was invited by my friend to a Sushi Bar last night. It's five of us at "Sushi Masa", It's authentic Japanese Sushi bar, it's pricey because the seafood are fresh, handmade in front of you by chef Masa, I cannot compare it to Genki sushi or other cheap sushi place.
The Sushi are really tasty, the fish is really fresh and he will tell you how to eat it. He will tell you to just eat it with wasabi, no soy sauce and one bite. Don't order on the menu rather ask chef Masa for house special and he will prepare the finest quality of fish he has. I regret that I miss out the "uni"(sea urchin), the smoke salmon is really good, the "yellow tail" as well. I cannot believe that "aji"(skip jack tuna) is very good too also the "akule" (big eye scad) surprisingly delicious, so smooth and clean, no fishy smell. I really recommend this place to people who appreciate old school sushi preparation. Chef Masa entertained us with his humor and views of life. Five star for you Chef "Sushi MASA."


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