Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Retails Mishap

As I work in a retail company we always have this funny reasoning's and argument from sales people and customer. My co-worker shared this to us yesterday at the lunchroom and I can't stop laughing.
China's are usually order, so customers come to the store look at the item and we order it and send it directly to their home. I admit that our warehouse does not pack the merchandise good especially fragile china's and crystals. When it arrive it comes with a receipt that has a 1-800 number where you can call them for replacements or complaints or returns. Usually china's comes to the customer in many pieces, I mean shattered, so here's the customer calling the 1-800 and they replace it. The replacement came in pieces so the customer called again and the agent told them to bring it to the nearest store for replacement. The customer told the agent "You guys should packed it good because it's so Fragile and the agents response was "We packed it good on the 3RD time you got it shattered!"
That's really a good one.


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