Monday, January 30, 2012

My husband is not so much into cuff links because of the nature of his business that he does not wear suites as much. The person that I know that owns and collect cuff links is my brother, one reason is his job that he needs to wear suites and formal on business meetings, he lives in the Mainland US. Once I gave him a collector's case for his collections, if I happen to see a cuff link design that he might like I buy it for him, he always appreciate it according to him I always find something unusual.

The inserted photos where taken at the Waipahu side. My estimate is about 8-10 miles from start to finish. I only did 8 miles including the back and forth from where I've park which is about 2 miles from the finish line. My next goal is to do the start to finish, I never knew that walking is addicting but I'm having problem sleeping, maybe because I'm tired or my Endorphin level is high. Even I have been experiencing the Endorphin high which I became restless on bed this will not stop me from walking and hiking. I am looking forward to Hike with my Girl Friends and from then we might have a once a month hike to different trails in Oahu. I know I love nature Hiking and Walking it's just that I married a man who does not love it as much as I do, but thanks to some friends who love Hiking.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My husband just got a new TV that we can network with my laptop and other electronics but the bad part is, it does not come with network cable so I did look online and order it. The moment we got it on the mail he wants me to connect everything which I did and it work so well and so convenient for us. I wish my husband is a little techie so I will be waiting for him to do the networking.

Log Cakes

On our up-coming wedding anniversary I want to make a log cake which will represent our 5th year and counting. I want to play with fondant cream cheese frosting will be perfect for this.
Since I really wanted to play with fondant, I might make a little round cakes for my husband's birthday. I want to make red velvet minis with fondant. Let see what will come to my mind and I will surely post some updates.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Campaign Signs

My sweet mother-in-law sent my husband a package two weeks ago. When he open it, it was a cheap campaign signs for his truck with his business name and contact number on it. She is so sweet that she wants to help us to get more business and we really appreciate it. I was thinking about it for awhile and suggested the idea to my husband but we are procrastinating that we always forgot to stop by the sign shop. But thanks to Mom and she us this from online.

I promise myself that I will do good on working out and exercise so I did. I just wish that I will have more time to do it at least 3-4 times a week, too bad I'm working and I can only do it once or twice a week depending on my work schedule. I love working out in fact I was having fun this morning, after I did my running at the park, I did my walking by the shopping center and it was so fun that I don't want to go home. It was the longest walking I ever did that I don't want to stop. I am looking forward for more successful workouts. I am also looking for some workouts that I could do indoor for the days that I don't have enough time for long walks, maybe I will go back on dancing because it really work on me the last time I did it. The guilty part was, after all those sweats, I cave in and indulge to a fudge brownie, anyway it's 70 calories cause it's a pumpkin brownie.

Cohiba Cigars

I wish that everybody survive the Holidays. Well in my case, I did. As a wife I am in charge on gifts and you want to nail it or at least close to the perfect gift for a certain type of person. For my husband's business associate who smokes I got them cohiba cigars. I had tried it last year to a few people as Christmas present which they love it so I had it on my list of gifts. I admit that sometimes it’s hard to think about gift ideas, so after the Holidays I am already making plans for next year and looking around for presents.

Tinsel Tree

For 2011 xmas, I put up my tree as early as first week of November. I twicked my tree twice and bought new ornaments (which is not a good idea) though I made a promise to myself that I will not buy as much ornaments this coming xmas, maybe a few ribbons will do :).
I made the tinsel tree on the right inspired by the picture on the left. I will make another one about 36" tall especially for my Radko ornaments that was given to me by a very nice lady friend from work. I will also make a tinsel tree for next xmas.
The story of me making the tree started when my friend show me her cute tree which is the one on the left made of artificial pine tree, really cute. I went around town's shopping stores and craft store but was no luck. Went online looking for the same thing but still no luck. After xmas I was shopping around for discounted xmas trims and hit the idea of making one. So I made one for me and was happy, though my next project will me more slender tinsel tree and a little bit taller. I will surely made some more to give to my friends for next xmas.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Xmas Trees

This are the images of my Xmas trees since I got married 07, I am so happy that I have most of the picture to make a collage but I am so sad because I think I lost the picture of my first 07 Xmas tree. I love the simple white Christmas theme of 2008, each year has it's own character. 2009 is simple as well, I like how I lay the balls in clusters.
2010 is a little bit messy and confused, we're just too busy wrapping the present for the kids, buts it's the most memorable Christmas of all since the family is complete with the grand kids.
2011 is quite and wonderful, a new beginning for us and I love my tree, I have two designs. The first one is with peppermint ribbon, I tweaked it with a new ribbon because I want to get the "granny smith apple" color from the ribbon and supposed to be "red and white" tree but it ended up looking so different and so overly decorated but I still love it. Next year will be another winter wonderland theme.


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