Monday, January 23, 2012

Tinsel Tree

For 2011 xmas, I put up my tree as early as first week of November. I twicked my tree twice and bought new ornaments (which is not a good idea) though I made a promise to myself that I will not buy as much ornaments this coming xmas, maybe a few ribbons will do :).
I made the tinsel tree on the right inspired by the picture on the left. I will make another one about 36" tall especially for my Radko ornaments that was given to me by a very nice lady friend from work. I will also make a tinsel tree for next xmas.
The story of me making the tree started when my friend show me her cute tree which is the one on the left made of artificial pine tree, really cute. I went around town's shopping stores and craft store but was no luck. Went online looking for the same thing but still no luck. After xmas I was shopping around for discounted xmas trims and hit the idea of making one. So I made one for me and was happy, though my next project will me more slender tinsel tree and a little bit taller. I will surely made some more to give to my friends for next xmas.


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