Friday, September 24, 2010

We have been into our insurance company for years but I heard that there are few companies which offer best deals than what we have. I was looking online for car insurance quotes online, good thing I found a site called "car insurance list," they review that top auto insurance companies and will tell you which one give good deals on what you really need. Getting quote is free and you will also get the overview of the company to help you decide which one is best for you.

Cuban Roast Pork

As Filipinos we are used to eating roast pork but since me and my husband is not in PH, we are really craving for the authentic Filipino roast pork. Last new year we bought one whole roast pork but we are not quit happy about it's taste and the way they cook it, it should be cook in an open pit of charcoals not on gas.
I saw Cuban roast pork at Food network Chanel and I might try to make one on Sunday. I am crossing my fingers that it will come out good and everybody will like it. If it will come out good that means I'm gonna make it part of any occasions we have.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's good to know that these days we can have laptop insurance and other insurances for our valuable electronics. Last month we went to camp and do shoreline fishing at the beach taking advantage of the last summer month. My husband was so excited to throw his line and forgot that his cellular phone is attached on his board shorts. His cellular died down on him, it got a little moisture inside. Good thing he had cellular insurance and he qualify for phone replacement.

I love working, meeting new people and making friends everyday. As the saying goes "life doesn't give you the people you want, it gives you the people you need: to love you, to hate you, to make you, to break you & to make you the person you were meant to be." I met a few good people that I treasure so much and a lot of unhappy ones and all they do is complain and make other people life's miserable. Because of the different personality of people I met everyday. I always try my best to be myself and be true to everyone.
Just recently, I have this young friend who is so cool but suddenly he just melt down. The reason is sibling rivalry which he does not know how to handle. The other sibling got promoted which he also wanted to be on top, in fact they are in competition. But most of the time competition and "high hopes" are not good because it will have a bad effect to a certain person.
All I can say, just be yourself and do your best in life and work. If it's not your time for promotion then take it bravely and learn from it but continue to show how good you are and well in your work. There is always time for everything.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lose weight Fast

Me and my co-worker decided to take walking on our lunch break, we all need exercise because we all gained weight. In our age range, it's a little bit difficult for us to lose weight unless we discipline ourselves when it comes to our eating habits. We keep asking how to lose weight fast by just exercising. But the best way is to combine exercise with diet pills and eat healthy portion food. We have a promising result in just two weeks doing it.

Vigan Ilocos Sur

When I visit Philippines, this is my next itinerary. I want to visit Vigan Ilocos Sur and experience the colonial Spanish Era. I never been to this place and I have heard and seen many wonderful photo and experience from this place.
I am still fascinated by the fact that Philippines was conquered by the Spaniards for over 300 years. It just make me wonder if what is Philippines if Spaniards never leave and how if Americans successfully make it their territory even make it one of the state. Maybe life is better, everyone will have jobs and opportunity to make their own life better. Well, I am just saying, maybe.

Tea tree oil

Most people get prone to facial acne is due hairy oily face. There is always a cure for oily and hairy face; you have to look for a tea tree oil base formula. I have been reading these reviews online about tea tree oil for hair and it is really good. I have the same problem with my facial skin; it's oily and hairy so I am also prone to acne. I noticed that tea tree oil base products works on my skin really good.

Cheesecake pans

I love making cheesecake and sharing it to my friends so I am thinking of buying an individual cheesecake pan. I can also use this when I make cheesecake for our bake sale. This will also be very useful during the holidays cause I am planning to make mini cheesecakes for the neighbors instead of making the traditional cookies. Now I am wondering how many pans I need.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bino Present

I was eying on this ncstar binoculars for months and was planning to get it for my husband Christmas present. Yeah I am already thinking of Christmas since it just around the corner. He can use this when he go fishing because it a waterproof and also when he go hunting. I might also get him something else to add on to his Christmas present, hope he will not give me a long list this year.

On Diet

I was catching up with one of my best friends last week, she asked me if I can suggest a diet pills for her. She did gained weight due to stress of losing her mom. She does not eat that much but she gained a lot of weight. I told her to check an online site that I gave her; the site will show you the best diet pills that are effective with reasonable price. It's the best review site because they have their honest opinion and very informative.

I love this decadent sweet treat, I love eating it cold. I always buy ready made but this weekend I will try make one. I have found a recipe with a very good review hope it works. I might just buy a box cake mix hoping that it will come out good. Crossing my fingers this weekend.


Have you heard of "microcotton?"
It's a trademark name and made of 100% special cotton yarn. MicroCotton™ is made from exceptionally long staple cotton fibers virtually identical to "Sea Island Cotton." This rare quality of cotton is amongst the very best that is grown in the world. The fiber is naturally silky soft and is used to make the finest natural cotton yarns that can be made.
The soft and plush character of MicroCotton™ is immediately evident with touching. You will find that this extraordinary towel is both light and bulky, as well as exceptionally soft. But the most important characteristic of MicroCotton™ is its ability to absorb water almost instantaneously. You will not find a more absorbent cotton towel than MicroCotton™.
The MicroCotton™ towel also dries quickly after use.
The MicroCotton™ towels have outstanding absorbency, luxurious softness, and a bulky feel without heaviness. The towel, simply, looks and feels luxurious. These properties make MicroCotton™ a highly desirable towel. Every loop in the pile of the MicroCotton™ has an extraordinary 120 fiber loops. No other towel can boast this high count of fiber loops. It is these high number of fiber loops and the microscopic space between the fibers that allow the MicroCotton™ to absorb so well and, because air can pass through the fibers easily, the towel dries quickly. Independent Testing Lab results show that the MicroCotton™ towel has a 250% faster absorbency rate than an ordinary cotton towel. These tests also showed that the MicroCottonTM towel is 133% thicker than a comparable ordinary cotton towel of the same weight. The tests further showed the MicroCotton™ towel to have almost no linting during the first two washes and none thereafter, which means the MicroCotton™ towel will have an exceptionally long life under normal use. The naturally softness of the towel can be enhanced by washing it without any detergent from time to time. All of these MicroCotton™ characteristics are natural and, therefore, permanent. No chemicals are used to enhance the towel's characteristics. The MicroCotton™ towel is also dyed with high quality, azo free reactive dyes, which are completely friendly to the environment.
Simply stated, MicroCotton™ towels are the best towels on the market. We know that they will become your favorite towels.


Acne Solution

My co-worker and her husband are both acne prone. They have been using the famous acne solution that they saw on infomercial TV for months but it's not doing any good to them. Last month I told her to check online for a acne solutions that suits for their needs, they might need two different medication since they have different skin types. Yesterday she told me that they have been in different acne medication and been using it for almost a month and saw a very promising result.

In the love of cheesecake! I have search for years for the perfect cheesecake recipe over the net, I've failed many times until I found this perfect recipe. My family loves it so as my friends. Now my friends and family keeps bugging me to make them cheesecake. I love to please them all the time especially when they said "it's so good." It is really good I promise!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We went to this house to do an estimate for their kitchen. Upon arriving to their house their newly finished landscaping caught my eyes. It was so beautiful, simple and elegant. They have it like a Japanese garden with beautiful landscape lighting to complete their theme. It's my dream garden, I really wanted to have a Japanese garden in our front yard, easy to maintain, simple and elegant.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mango Salsa

Summer is almost over! There's so many things you can do during summer. One of my favorite thing about summer is the abundant of fresh fruit and veggies, this allows me to make mouth-watering dishes. One of my favorite is mango-peach salsa. It's so easy to make, it will be best if you used fresh ingredients like mangoes and cilantro from your backyard.
Mango is a sub-tropical fruit and living in a tropical area is a blessing. So every summer I make a bunch of the freshest mango-peach salsa, I make sure I make extra for my friends. I always make gift jars for them with the recipe tied on it.

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