Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lapel Pins

We are planning to make some freebies for my husband's company and we agreed on personalized lapel pins that looks like the on the picture with his logo and company name. This will be good souvenirs and give away to our clients along with the tote bags and shirts. We do take care of our good clients and give them freebies depending on the job we got from them. Hopefully this will also serve as our marketing and spreading the good words about our company.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from the land where palm tree sway. They call this Hawaiian hut but I believe that this was influence by Filipino 'Bahay Kubo' or house hut. I was able to snap this picture when I was stuck in traffic one day. It is located by a watercress farm in the middle of business establishments and malls. It was a festive hut perfectly fit for the Holidays.
Merry Christmas to all from the land where palm tree sway...

Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's Christmas time once again and here my younger brother asks me for a present. He is into playing instrument so he asks me for dean guitars as a Christmas present. I really don't want to spend that much for him but he made me listen to him playing and made me think that he needs a new good guitar because he have potentials. I wish my brother will enjoy it and will be very good on playing guitar, he deserve it.

We been sick for weeks now and craving for soup. We got our favorite PHO soup with all the herbs which is good for when you have cough and colds. We also have the yummy spring roll to go with it, comes with mint and noodles which you wrap it on a lettuce leaf and dip in its special sauce. I know it's just placebo effect but it feels good after having the soup. Hope that we will be better before Christmas day.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Safe Candles

Battery Operated LED Window Candle - Large Base - Yellow Flame 

I got us some of this battery operated window candles. It's convenient and safe to use around the house especially when you have small children and pets. This is also good for Christmas present, I might order some more to give away, I'm sure my friends will love it. I also used it as a decoration in our bathroom and kitchen at the same time we turn it on on movie nights.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is what I am up too lately. Actually, last year I planned that I will make more to give away to my friends for Christmas but I procrastinate, now I caught with my work and other things that needs to be done first, plus I'm sick. I am really hoping that I will have enough time and finish at least a few more before Christmas is over or my other friends will wait till next year again.

Kahe Point

I love taking pictures and it's a sort of my "Therapy" to feel better. I drove few miles from my home to this location, it is indeed a beautiful day in Hawaii and felt blessed. Although it did not really made me feel better from my colds and driving with cough syrup in your system is not too good. I will always come to this place to meditate and Thank GOD.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

System Mechanic

I have my computer for at least three years now. Everybody in the house is using it and they download stuff that makes my computer run slow. I was so upset about it until one of my friends told me to get a System Mechanic for computer running slow. It did work for me and save me money from buying a new computer. Thanks that I can enjoy my computer for couple more years before I upgrade and give it away to my siblings.

Kickin Kajun

We got a chance to savor the Cajun goodness after Thanksgiving when my husband's relatives was here. I believe there is a few Crab restaurant in town that started recently. This is our first time trying it here in Hawaii. My husband and I are a happy campers because we love seafood so much and this restaurant deliver it's best. We are looking forward on going back in there soon. I'll give them 4.5 stars.


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