Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nail Art

I just get hooked into this nail art thing. I always change my toes nail polish, I'm getting better and better on leopard design. I also tried the zebra print but a little tricky and I don't have the right tools to use on it. I might get me a complete set of nail art tools and so the nail polish colors.
I'm growing my hand nails a little so I can paint and play with it. The only thing is, it's hard to dry my hands and I'm always using it while I'm home (you know cleaning and stuff). I might try to do some other designs and I'm considering strawberries on my hand. I'm trying to take good picture but my camera is not cooperating on me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday Cake

This beautiful cake inspired me again to be a cake decorator. I love cupcakes and cake and I love decorating them. The only thing right now is I cannot concentrate on my hobby cause I am working a full-time job and considering of going training school by march.
My siblings and I loves to cook and bake. I was so surprise that my only brother is switching to a cooking career. He just told me one day that he wanted to go culinary school. My sister loves to cook too.
By the way this is the cake of our birthday boy Makana on his one year.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am so happy that my acne scars is now gone. One of my closes friend ask me if what is my secret and I told her to check online and pick the best treatment that suits best on her needs. There's so many ways to treat acne scars but there's only one way on how to treat acne scars effectively. People have different skin types and needs to but then there is always right medication for each of us.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


For so many reasons, I HATE and love my relatives. I grew up close to my mom side, or should I say "used to be" close to my mom's side. My AUNTS are so stupid, they will like you and talk to you if they think your life is in the pedestal. But when you are down on the ground, they don't know you, they will not talk to you or care for, you are dirty and they won't understand you.
Well Lady "I THANK YOU" for doing this to me. I don't need you either! I will not talk to you too. I just wish that you will not be in my situation right now. Just to let you know, I will survive without a rotten person like you in my life.

Lose Weight easy

After the Holiday season I realized that I need to lose weight even I did not gain any. I was noticing I have this stored fats on my mid section especially on my tummy. It is the hardest part to trim but I will be taking some appetite suppressent to help me reach my goal. I also told my husband that I will do walking, running and cycling on my off days or whenever I have enough time to do it.

Hear no EVIL!

My workplace has different departments with different people of all characters. I have co-workers that are hard to deal with but I always tried my best to keep my cool and dance with the flow. I just want to be respected and be nice to everyone at work although there are days that I am not in the mood.
I have this lady in my department that so anal and most of the time irritating and hard to work with. We suspect that she have OCD plus other annoying character. She can be so mean but there's still a little softer and nice side of her, so I just let go her anal side since I am so aware that she's anally retard ;) peace.
One day one of my co-worker from other department gave me this "ear plug" he said this is for you, you can use this while you work with her. I was cracking up saying "I wish I could" or is there any smaller ones which is not so obvious to the eyes. LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011

US Coins

If you are a collector of us coins you can check this link. I love to collect things like stamps from different country, monetary from different countries and of course US coins. I even collect quarters that has different state on its back. I have known a lot of people who love to collect coins; they also have different silver American eagle coins and a gold American buffalo. I wish I have enough money to collect unusual stuff.

I tried to make the "eggnog truffles," the first pace was great and went on smoothly, I mean the mixing of the ingredients and chilling it. The second pace went on a little sticky, because the mixture sticks on to the melon baller. The third pace which is coating it with white chocolate is a bit of a task lol. Well, the first batch was well coated but the second batch was a mess. The chocolate would not stick on the truffles. So I made a new melted chocolate and try coat and still the same. I wonder why, opps I think I figure it out while writing this post. I remember I sprayed pam to the melon baller and also in my hand, so it might be the reason. ???

Laptop for HIM

I was planning to get a new laptop by next year since the one I have right now is still pretty new, it's only about two years old. But my husband wants one for him so I finally decided that I will surprise him on his birthday and give a brand new laptop computer. The problem is I need to teach him everything again, he said he get rusted already for not using laptop for ages. He always relies on me when it comes to computer stuff and paper works.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three days ago I suddenly suffered toothache. I have my last upper molar filled five years ago, I believe that underneath the filling is a cavity that causes the pain. The second day I was calling around to make an emergency appointment to a dentist because the pain is really bothering me, it comes so bad then it goes away in 30 minutes interval.
Today I got an appointment to a dentist and she recommended me to a specialist to check if I need a root canal since my molar still looks so fine. When I get to the specialist they did another X-ray on my tooth and the findings is the same, underneath the filling is a hallow space that causes the pain. The Dr. did an emergency root canal, the procedure took an hour but I got sick at the last minute. After the procedure I felt so sick and was throwing up that I called in sick from work, I hate to call in sick but this time I have too and that's my first time.
I wish that I will not feel any pain at all after the medication worn off. I start to feel tingling on the treated tooth though.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Cross NC

We need to always take care of our health, as they say health is wealth. It's wise to have medical or health insurance coverage just in case we get sick or need medical treatment. There always choose on insurance company and Blue Cross is one of the best in North Carolina. You can choose from Medicare supplement, dental and health or group health. You can tailor your group plan and choose what benefits you need most.

Sending Flowers

My friend's mom is living in Tampa Florida. She wants to surprise her mom on its birthday so she was asking me if what she can get her since she was living on the mainland. Every time she asked her if what she wants for her birthday her mom always told her that she doesn't need anything. But she love flower so much in fact she have a very beautiful garden at her house in Tampa so the good idea comes to send flowers to Tampa FL and my friend add some grower orchids to add to her garden.

Teflon Hose

I was watching this show on TV and was wondering what teflon hose is. They used it for industrial purposes and some are using it for auto tubing and hydraulic hose. You can choose from low, medium to high pressure. It has many use to it so I assume that it's the one they use for elevators, hydraulic machines and also electrical and cable tubing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cherry Blossom

I really love Cherry Blossom, it's so pretty. I wanted to go to Japan during winter season and check out the Cherry Blossom park. This is also the reason why I wanted to visit Washington. I keep bugging my husband to let me have a cherry blossom tattoo, I want a small tiny one on my wrist or feet. I wish I was living in Japan.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Me, Myself and I

I had learned from the start that in this world even you have family and friends around you, at the end of the day your life means you and you alone. I am not being selfish but that's the hurtful truth. I can describe myself as Meridith Brooke's song titled "BITCH," I can be mean but I have a good heart and always looking not just for myself but also the good benefits for others.
I am always giving especially when I have something to share to others. I'm always thankful to my family, friends and the people who have shape my life. When I share, give or help I don't need a payback, all I want is a little respect and appreciation.
I was born alone, deep inside me I have live my life alone and I will die alone.

Comfy Jeans

My husband is so particular with his jeans; he wants it a little loose on his thigh. He loves rocawear jeans because it fits him perfectly especially on the thigh part. They also have selections in designs and colors. He always asked me to order it online for him when he needs a new pair of jeans. He feels so comfortable wearing these jeans for his work or after work.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Who doesn't hate calling 1-800? I always avoid calling 1-800 because they're just making me frustrated, last night I cannot run away from calling this numbers because I am making a very necessary and important call.
Well as usual I get irritated because this agent that sounds like from P.I. is reading me a long list of nonsense paper. All I want is for them to make it short and straight to the point and activate my card. But she keeps repeating her list of paragraph again and again. It's so irritating because my question is so simple but she answered me with the same paragraph. They sound so annoying!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Being healthy and fit is always on my list for my new year's resolution. My husband and I needs to spend more time on fitness because we are getting to the age where we need it most to keep fit and healthy. We agree to add another fitness equipment on our home gym. I was shopping online for elliptical for me and total body arc trainer for him. Now we can always have our workout everyday and do it on our convenient hour like before we go to work or after work.

I miss my parents so much, I have not seen them for years now. Hopefully our plan vacation will come true but that will not happen until a year from now. I miss my relatives too especially my grandma.
On January 7th is the 33rd wedding Anniversary of my parent's, since I'm the eldest that means I'm getting pretty old lady. My parents love and respected each other so much that's why they[re still together for more than 30 years. I wish them both good health, long life and spend time with them in the future.

Whirlpool Tub

Home is our refuge and a place where we rest, relax and be our self. That is the reason why I want a relaxing and cozy house, a wonderful bathroom with a whirlpools bath tub where I can soak the stress out of me. I believe that whirlpool is a good brand and most of their tubs are on sale right now. This is the best time to redo your bathroom and change your bath tub to a cozy one.


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