Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanks person for the cook book you gave me from New Mexico. This is one of the good recipe I found. I love it because it calls for carrots and apple, I think it's healthy. I just made cream cheese frosting because the big guy said it's not sweet enough. he likes it with frosting, I should say it came out good. This is called "Morning Glory Muffins" but I made cupcakes and in square cake pan. It has raisins, nuts, carrots, apple, coconut so I will make fresh ones to bring to our next hike.

2 c flour
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 c sugar (+1/2 c brown sugar if you will not do frosting)
2 c grated carrots
1 c raisins
1/2 c sweetened shredded coconut (optional)
1 c chopped pecans (walnut will do)
1 apple-cored, peeled and chopped
3 eggs
1 c oil
2tsp vanilla

.Sift flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt in a large mixing bowl.
.Add carrots, raisins, coconuts, pecans, apple and sugar.
.In a small bowl, beat eggs together and add oil and vanilla
.Pour egg mixture into flour mixture and stir until well blended
.Pour into muffin tins and bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown and tops springs back when touched.

Trailer Hitch

Few years ago my husband invested on a boat. He got a big Dodge truck but he miss placed his trailer hitch. He waited for the trailer hitch to come before he could bring the boat home or to the harbor. He love his boat and he is having fun fishing and going to other island with his boat. He got a pretty good deal on the trailer hitch and it is really strong.

When you exercise, hike, walk & jog and trying to stay fit this is the result. Your mind change and you think of healthy food options to include in your diet. I still "Pig out" once or twice a week but the rest of the days is set to eating balance and right diet. I will share a recipe I make which is really refreshing and healthy. No need dressing, no need salt or oils.

1cup cooked quinoa
1/4 c corn kernels
1/4 c sliced olives
1/4 c sliced celery
1/4 c sliced red bell
you may add
1/4 c quartered green grapes or
1/4 c cucumber
Toss and enjoy.

My husband owns a small business. It is hard for us and our business the last few years because of the economy downfall. So far this year we are doing good and hoping that things will stay this way and will get better from now on. We are really thankful that we're able to do business cash advances to support our business last year. It really helped us stay in business and hopefully thrive.

Drops Flowers

This is another mystery plant that we happen to see on our way down from our hike. It's different but again I have no luck in finding the name of this plant. Looks cute though cause it looks like a bells or drops flower. I'm sure there is a name for this one, I will try my luck again.

Winter Jackets

I just rediscover my love of hiking. If time permits I want to hike the great U.S. mountain ranges like the Rocky Mountain range and the Appalachians mountains. It is good to do it during winter time to experience the snow; for sure I will need columbia winter jackets for this one to keep me warm. I wish I could this Hike with my husband and friends; It's always safe to go Hiking with a group of people.

I cannot figure out what kind tree is this. For sure this is not Christmas berry tree. We found this during our hike to Kuliouou, we started to see this tree on a higher elevation of 1,500-2000ft. We do not know if the fruits are edible, they look like red and blue berries. Should be good for pies. I'm still researching about this tree.

This is "Mount Apo", is a stratovolcano located in Mindanao Philippines. The elevation is 9,692 feet, a possible 2-3 days hike. It is a popular mountain for Hikers destination in the Philippines. Mt Apo is the highest peak in Philippines that attracts the attention of hikers from all over the world.
One day I will Hike Mt. Apo. I will surely make sure when I come to visit Philippines that I will Hike at least one Mountain and Mt. Apo is on my "Priority List".

Medical Scrub

I noticed that medical scrubs come in different designs. They have a wide range of designs for you to choose coordinating on the Department you are assigned to. I saw a cute one with animal prints at the Veterinary clinic. Some comes in cute cartoons for Nurses working at Children's clinic. There are designs with pink ribbons and so on; it also comes in different sizes. Companies could order in bulk on their web site or individuals could order different designs for daily use at work.

Manoa Fall Trail is a short one, only .8 mile sitting at 800ft elevation. My overall rating of this trail, from 1-5 star, I'll give it 4.5. It is a very beautiful trail, wet and muddy. There is certain part which is a bit hard especially when it's wet, slippery, and muddy with breathtaking scenery's. The downside of this trail is too much tourist (I'm not against tourism) I guess because this trail is easy and family friendly so tourist flocks here. It's a "must Go" trail. For a longer Hike, you could traverse to "Aihualama Trail" which is another 1.3 miles from "Manoa Falls".
On the other hand, I am so proud and Thankful that my husband starting to love hiking and this is his first hike with me (I think we did some short hikes in Kauai way back) but this one is when I rediscover my "love of HIKING". He did a good job and got him a new pair of shoes for the next hike; I wish it means that he will hike with me on any trail, long or short, hard or easy. Round#2 on this trail we will Traverse to "Aihualama Trail" 1.3 miles to make our hike longer. I'm a happy girl!

Penn Energy

How I wish that we live in Pennsylvania State where we could choose our electric carrier and enjoy the low electric rate. The pennsylvania energy allows the consumer to choose their carrier and save up to 10% of more on your electric bill. The good news is their PA rate is constantly decreasing. How I wish that we are given the same opportunity to choose and save money on electricity in our state.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I hiked this mountain ever since I was in very young age. There is a big cross on that mountain that made it famous during lent season. Every lent people will gather to this mountain to worship and sacrifice. We always go to this mountain and start my love of hiking that I did not realized until recently.
I cannot remember how many times I Hike this mountain but I know for sure it's more than a dozen times. We always go there for fun and nature trip with friends and sometimes with family. I know in my heart that I love hiking and nature tripping but I just realized that I'm a "mountain Girl" as my husband call me. He said he knows for sure that I don't love the ocean as much as I love hiking in the mountains.
I love the ocean but it is also my demon that I'm trying to fight. Blame it to horror films and "Jaws" movie that I grew up. I know how to swim but I'm sure it could not save my life. I am looking forward to be good in swimming and love the Ocean as much as I love the mountains.

I know that we are still on the first quarter of the year but it does not mean that we cannot plan ahead Christmas. I know my theme for this year Christmas, it will be more on white and green. I am also making my list for christmas gift ideas. I have few families that I give basket and some kids and adult that I personalized their presents. I love Christmas so much and it's always fun.

Whale in Harbor

Whale start showing up in Hawaiian waters during September through April. Early this year some whales was swimming inside the harbor. They stayed there for the rest of the morning where people gathered to experience it. I wish I know what was happening that hour so I can run to the area and experience it myself. I love whale watching especially like these one that you don't have to hire a boat.

Torx Keys

We usually have plans on the weekend especially on Sundays which is as of now; Sunday is the only day off of my husband. Last Sunday we went to the 10 miles Bike trail it's actually 20 miles for us because we went back where we parked. Delayed is expected because it's a long trail, chains and brakes went off. Good thing my husband always has his torx with him to do some bicycle quick fix. It was really a good day to do outdoors and the sun is not so hot, good thing we started early cause in the afternoon when we're heading home it started to rain.

Another angle of Waikiki and Diamond head. Diamond head has a short trail that you could hike to the peak of the mountain. My husband wanted to hike diamond head, we have to plan it on an early Sunday morning to avoid the heat of the sun especially this time that summer is approaching. Taken by Magic Island.

Thyroid Doctors

Thyroid controls how our body uses energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body is to other hormones. If you experience hair loss, fatigue and weakness, weight gain, insomnia, constipation and so on, then you probably have Thyroid disorder. If you're looking for thyroid specialist you should check out Thyroid doctor austin in Texas. They are the best because they will tailor your treatment based on your test results.

This is one of my "stress buster" hobby. I remember when I was young that I couldn't keep still, I always look for something to do and though myself how to cross stitch, crochet, simple drawings of cartoon characters and clipping art papers. I remember my mom gets mad at me because we don't have that much money to spare on my hobby.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Car Title Loan

There are times that we need fast cash. So many ways to get it but the easiest and secure way is to do it with Turbo Title loan. My cousin lives in Colorado, she likes car title loans Colorado because she can get it fast, and it's secure, convenient. She only needs the money for two months, so she only paid worth of two months interest. In my own opinion, Turbo tile loan is really good because they help you and tailor it to your needs.

Hawaii Trails

I am so bless that I now live in Hawaii for good. That we have the blue clean ocean and fresh air. Thick beautiful forest to and trails to explore. Swimming and fishing in clear blue waters.
Hawaii is a land of beauty and enchantment. Most people that came here to visit never left because they were enchanted by its beauty, the nature, the ocean, the people. It's a busy metro with a laid-back country side.
Inserted Photo is taken during our Nature Hike at "Kuliouou Ridge Trail", overall a very nice trail to hike.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Orbeez Balls

I want to make our family room fun for us and the kids so I decided to get us Orbeez mood lamp. It's a ball that comes in different color, when you add water to it becomes bigger 100 times its size. It is fun for the kids and us and it glows in water. You can always go to their web site to Buy Orbeez refills in different colors. The kids love to play with them, they make different designs. It is really fun to have orbeez so get your now.

It took me awhile to update my blog about our Hike at "Kuliouou Ridge Trail". It was an amazing Hike, it was my first Hike ever in Hawaii to be honest but it was great, in fact i am ready for round 2 Hike at Kuliouou Ridge Trail.
Kuliouou ridge trail is located on the east side of Oahu. It has two trails, one is The Valley Trail which is a 1.5 miles 300 ft in elevation and the one we took was the ridge trail is 2.5 miles 2oooft elevation. My first hike was so awesome which inspired me to Hike more trails and mountains as long as I could. Never been to the valley trail but the ridge trail has a very awesome views of the east side. We are planning to do round 2 sometime on May.
I'm hoping that my husband will come with us next time. He works out a lot before, lifts weight and does other crazy stuff at the gym but it's been awhile that he did not work out. I want him to be fit as well and I think he could share my love of nature adventure. That's the reason why it took me awhile to do what I love which is nature hiking because my husband is not really into it. Good thing I found friends who loves to Hike after 6 years here in Hawaii. It's never too late for me to do what I love.
We are planning to do Once a month Hike to a different location and continuing to challenge ourselves and endurance. We want to do alternate hard and easy trails. The first one was a very good trail, the last half mile was a killer. The next hike will be at "Manana trail" 6miles 1700ft elevation. Never been there but they said its an easy one, lets see. I wish my husband could come with us and enjoy nature.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kuliouou Trail

Hope it will not rain today or tomorrow and the wind gust will be mild. Our plan for tomorrow is to hike a 2.5 miles trail at "Kuliouou" one of the famous hiking trail in Oahu. This is the view on top and I'm hoping to get more beautiful photos tomorrow. I am very excited to be with my girl friends.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pandora Bracelet

My husband knows that I love jewelries he said he has a surprise for me on our Anniversary which is a few days to Valentines. I remember that last month that he was asking my opinion about pandora jewelry, I told him that I want to have pandora style jewels to go with most of my wardrobe. I know for sure I will get a pandora style bracelet but I keep wondering what color and charm design he picked.

My Bonsai

I am sad because my Bonsai that I got last month is dying. I have herbs too inside our apartment, I noticed that my mint started to have this white dust like forms on its leaves upon my close inspection I notice that its insect but I don't want to spray it. The culprit that started it was my petite roses that died after the insect swarm on its leaves and branches and now it's spreading to my mint and bonsai. Oh my bonsai please fight for your life cause I really don't know what to do to help you, I don't want to give you insecticide.


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