Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unlocked Phones

We have plenty used phones and I want to bring them back home. My problem is the phones we have need to be unlocked so it can be use by any GSM carrier back home. I was looking for a service online that unlocked phone, luckily I found one. They usually unlocked, Nokia, LG and other major cell phone brands. I can now use my phone when I travel overseas; I have to unlock it first.

Beautiful CEBU

This is one of the Philippines Beauty taken in the central of Cebu where mountain ranges meets the ray of sun and sky. I love this location because it fogs during the day, you cannot see two meters ahead of you and the temperature is cooler than the low lying cities. I wanted to have a house on this area but as what I have learned that these is a Government land under watershed reserve area which no individual can own a land here though you can build a house but if the Government ask you to leave then you have too leaving your house or tear it down at your own expense.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Going Healthy

I have friends who gained weight after pregnancy and it made them sad. I told them to check out on weight loss products online and find the best one that suites their needs. This online review site will help you by narrowing down your search into 9 best of the best weight loss product.
In my case, I'm using the detox because of my slow metabolism. I wanted to cleanse my colon, in that way I eliminate toxic waste that might be the cause of weight gain.


There is a wonderful spot in the island where the beautiful Jacaranda's will bring you back in time. This is an old highway going north which leads you to the central valleys, the reflection of an olden days where the island was far from the western touch. If I wanted to feel or be back to the old island, I always drove down this memory lane where beautiful purple tree envelopes you.

Many people are drawn to infomercials. You will always saw many of this on TV with all their testimonials and so on. They did a great job in convincing their viewer's; in fact I am one of them. I have tried many products that do not work and about to make another big decision by going under Hydroxicut, good thing I read the hydroxicut reviews first. It really helped me and save my money, time and most of all my health.

The Wild Side

Wait! that's not me on the photo. This is the wild side of the island. It's not always tranquil waters, clear blue sky and warm sunshine. You can see and experienced the wild side of the islands on winter time when the 15-20 foot waves pounds the reefs and shores but it's a blessing to surfers. There's always beauty in every corner of the island that's waiting for you to appreciate it.

Best Diet Pills

When we got older our metabolism slowed down. Mostly it is the cause of weight gain. I'm partly surprised seeing my HS batch mates after 15 years. Most of them never look the same as before, thin and young, now they look old and huge. I will suggest to them to have a good exercise and take the best diet pill. I was doing this in fast few months to lose weight. I don't want to look fat and old on our upcoming HS reunion.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a Palm

Looks like I'm running out of view. I just wanted to create a nice photo out of this palm tree. In my own opinion, I did great ;) hopefully I will have enough time to roam around the island to do a photo view shot. There are so many beautiful spot that needs to be captured.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lonesome tree!
Another boredom moments by the beach side. Not so much view for the shutter bug so I just tried my eyes and camera if I can make a beautiful masterpiece out of nothing. In my own point of view, I like what I come up with. Not really fancy but I love the angle of my subject. It's easy to shoot a still subject but I have problems with moving ones. Hopefully I can master photography eventually.


One of my in-laws likes to invest in timeshare. Honestly I don't understand how timeshare works, I also worry, how if I wanted to sell my timeshare, what should I you do? I asked my in-laws about this matter and he told me that selling a timeshare is simple. All you have to do is contact Century 21 and they will help you sell your property faster for the best price possible. I might invest on timeshare when I have enough savings.

This is one of my favorite spot on the west side. There is nothing much to see here, in fact this location is by the main highway. For me this spot represents simplicity and true beauty which you cannot spot easily on superficial but you have to understand beauty to appreciate it. I can always meditate on this site, so beautiful.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Digital Painting

I was browsing the personalized gifts site. They have so many personalized gift ideas that we can give to our love ones at any occasion. I am planning to give my step daughter a digital painting of her newborn son. I'm planning to make a collage of her son from age zero to 12 months for his first birthday. I am sure she will love it and cherish it forever.

Spaghetti Night

This is my first time to cook the best meat ball spaghetti. My husband is not really a pasta eater, since we are a big family now, I am trying to accommodate the kids taste buds. The secret to a good spaghetti sauce is to simmer it for hours to get the best flavor. They love it, even my husband who is not a pasta eater love it so much. They love it so much and these only means that there will be another spaghetti night!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I never thought that we need t his much insurance to cover every little thing we have. Like for instance the "Big Boys Toy" like boat, RV and so on. Well, I believe that it's better safe than sorry so it's better to have insurance for cars, boat and other big boy's toys. There's even mechanical breakdown insurance, you can check it at Good Sam extended service plan. Good thing they have this coverage especially for big toys like RV.

Carnitas Feast

Happy "Cinco de Mayo"! We are feasting on carnitas with corn tortilla. Good thing we have full blooded Mexican in our house teaching me what to do to make soft tortilla. We truly love Mexican food and I will take the opportunity to learn how to make them as close as authentic. Time for Margarita's and Mojito's to come with our feast!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's so amazing the way we look for job these days. The most common thing is to search online for employment, submit your resume and wait to be scheduled for interview. One thing I like most with is they cater many states and many types of jobs from different business to choose from. If ever you decided to go to other state for good you can look for job prior of moving to that state. It's easy and so convenient for all of us.

60s Elgin

This is another take to the 60s "Elgin Park." Me and my twin love our yoville and one of the theme we love most is the 60s. When I've learned about Elgin Park and it's 60s town, I was hooked up and look for it online. I love his Idea, upon browsing on the photos I found this 60s dinner. It reminds me of my twin.

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