Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cajun Shrimp Day

We always have shrimp especially when I can get it for good price. For years I am making spicy garlic shrimp or sour shrimp soup but this time for a change I made cajun style shrimp. I have sweet corns, potatoes and sweet potato then steam the shrimp on bear. We love it so this dish is officially a regular in our table.

Data Backup

I was working in a tax office two years ago and remember the time that we lost all our files when one of the computer crash. Lucky thing one of our computer geek client inform my boss about backup recovery system. Yes we got panicked after the crash that we all forgot that we are in good hands. The data backup disaster recovery saves our life. You can always get a storage quote easily from their online website.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

 We gave it a try last night for somebody in our family has a birthday. Well overall it's a pretty cool gym and fun to climb the walls. They have a 30 ft wall that you need ropes and harness but there are just ones that you can take a chance and land on the cushion.
It was fun but rock climbing is not for me, I rather stick to my hiking and maybe do the rock climbing once in awhile. It is really an exciting hobby but I am not into it even I kept trying convincing my train that "I will love this thing". For sure I will check them out once in awhile because they are cool.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I catch a colds lately and suffering from runny nose and fever for 4 days now, thanks God it's not at its worse but I am always craving for soup for suffer. Last Friday I ask my hubs to meet me by the Pho soup place, I love the Thai basil, parsley and the spices that they've put in the soup, it feels like it helps clear my throat a lot. Saturday, I'm craving for soup again and tired of eating plain chicken soup so I've check out the Asian store before heading home and I came up with the idea of making Shabu-shabu, that was a good simple soup with a little twist on the broth I put lime leaves which makes it a little Thai infused. Sunday, I was planning to do running but decided to rest because my body still hurts and wants to just rest the whole day, so I just run fast to Asian store and grab me some ox tail and beef bones for oxtail soup, we love the combination. Those where really good soup for the soul and I', thinking to eat ramen tonight. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pella Virginia

I was just wondering if there is a store for replacement windows hampton because one of my friend move to Virginia and got a house that needs a window replacement. . I am trying to help her best I could and my husband recommends Pella windows so I was looking for a branch near her location. Good thing there is one really close to her new home and she ordered and schedule for replacement.

We did the unplanned Pillbox late hike last Thursday with my two friends. It turned out to be nice. Pillbox is a 2-3miles hike up the Lanikai ridge, it really depend on you where you want to end up. This trail is good for hike as well as good for running although there are areas where you have to slow down but overall safe place. The 360 views is so amazing.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rustic Living

We are looking on a house near the mountain with a spectacular view overlooking the ocean and a wide country feel backyard, this house in built in the 50s and used to be in a pineapple farmland area. There is a section in the house that has a rustic dining table with country cottage living feel to it. I love this place so much; I wish we could own one of these properties before we retire. I think I will get us a rustic dining table too since I live in the country side of the island.


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