Sunday, August 31, 2008

Since we got married, last night is my first night that I'm home alone without my husband, I remember in our first year that we fight a lot due to adjustment period and we don't talk for days, sleep in different rooms but we're both in our house.
When I call the boat mistress, its just a joke and only teasing my husband but now she's(boat) taking my husband away from me almost every weekend! bad boat. He spent last night with mistress at Molokai island, he called me and we have short talk because the reception at Molokai was so bad. Hopefully he will be mine tonight again, but sure he will sleep early, I know how tiring it is to go fishing especially loading and unloading the boat with so much stuff, the poles with big reels alone is so heavy especially the huge coolers.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

NC Property

When we retire one of our option is at the mainland and North Carolina is a good place to start a new life. I did look for North Carolina properties and found this beautiful site catering Wilmington NC real estate. We love ocean and fishing so this areas they feature now is so ideal for us. We love a beach property and we are considering this one at Carolina Beach or Kure Beach, it is so pretty.

I was visiting a site lately and found out what she did on her photo and of coarse I try my luck right away since I love playing with photos. I love the result, this site is so helpful especially to people like me who doesn't know how to enhance her look, I mean sometimes we have to try on something or experiment what looks best in our face profile before cutting our hair or doing our make-up. It will also help you find the right hair style for your face, the make tone that much your skin and so on.

Friday, August 29, 2008

When I saw Buick cars I remember Tiger Woods. I love Buick car and one of my friend have one, she just recently bough a buick supercharger. According to her she wants more power for her Buick, that is why she replace its supercharger. She purchased it online at Supercharger is essential for cars because its an air compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. The greater mass flow rate provides more oxygen to support combustion than naturally aspired engine. If you want some more engine power supercharge your car. I'm thinking of supercharging our truck.

Cook Books

I love to cook and most of the time i get my recipes online, some are good and some are not. Maybe some are sharing their recipe but they keep their secret ingredients.
Yesterday we went to store to buy good to replace our pantry, while waiting for hubby I check on the books section and found a cookbooks. Lately I get lazy thinking and preparing dishes especially my oven broke down. Hubby said look for a fish cook book but I told him I'll have this one first for now and the next time we come here we will get another one. I still have to buy two more from that store actually. And the cook book it's great since I can't find all the local Hawaiian dishes online.

Moving Rentals

If you are going to move to other city or other state and you need a truck rental, check out ABF U-pack moving. They have the best reasonable prices for you, truck rentals will charge you with the fuel coast separately and still you will be the one to drive it on busy hi-way or winding roads but with U-pack its already included on your price quote whether the price gas goes up.

Bermuda Mystery

Even myself get so fascinated with Bermuda triangle and believe that there is some sort of extra terrestrial happening there. Planes get missing in thin air or simply get lose and ship sank. Some said this happen because of the unpredictable weather in Atlantic ocean, where in a minute the sky is bright and suddenly it change to dark skies and giant waves follows.
For years I believe that Bermuda triangle has something unexplainable thing on it. But when i watch the scientist explanations on TV I was convince that what causes the sinking and missing air crops is the methane GAS that ocean floor produce that when it is release it can cause giant wave and sink ship in seconds or stop the air crop engine.
According to the expert the methane gas supply bellow the North east ocean can supply energy to the whole USA for 60 years.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is very important especially when we travel overseas for long vacation or travel. You can choose what plan and coverage you want, like you only want to be covered travel health or long term global insurance or depending on what you need to protect you while you travel. You can also have student travel insurance. On your next travel, secure your family with travel insurance.

My hubby and his friends are going to Molokai Island tomorrow and be back on Sunday Afternoon. That's overnight fishing trip and maybe about 6 of them in three different boats. They are all excited and since yesterday they are preparing stuff and things to bring for the trip.
I'm not going because Molokai is a small island east of Oahu and east side waters are rough. His friend bring small generator, meat and grill and hubby have to bring rice cooker, rice and some food to cook. They are like "Boy scouts" going to camping lol they are going to bring lots of stuff. Thinking about it I told hubby I bet you, you can't go mountaineering since he is like me even on short day trip, I bring lots of stuff ready for emergency use. He is all pack and he said he might bring an extra gas tank, I joke on him " why don't you bring the whole house with you?" hahaha.
Good Luck husband and have a safe trip.

New York is a busy metropolitan city and what are the thing you can do in New York when you have a vacation there? Actually New York has a lot to offer and for those Art lover you can go to Metropolitan museum of art and enjoy the approximately 2,500 European paintings, in that art alone maybe I will spend almost a day appreciating and looking each and every piece of it. And don't forget to visit miss Liberty it's so amazing to have an helicopter ride and tour the statue of liberty. I also wanted to see the famous central park in new York.
On any vacation you are planning to have plan it with caters tour in many different states and cities in the US. They always have a great deal on their packages if you book with them. If you sign up for the Trusted Travels Newsletter you will have the chance of winning a $150 Magellan’s Gift.
Our next vacation might be Los Angeles, and I am already checking out what has to offer on Los Angeles tour packages. My brother in-law is living at Los Angeles and they keep on inviting us to visit them. Check out their online travel guides too. We'll see you guys soon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fishing AGAIN!

Hubby came home yesterday so early in the afternoon. He ask me right away if I wanna go fishing with him today. Give me a little time to think about it, fishing is really fun but Dramamine only last about 5 hours on me and after that I feel so drowsy and I know he will stay longer that 5 hours at the ocean. Thinking that he might go alone I keep asking him if he will go by the buoy 15 miles out where the big waves are, he said no (the girl in me want's to go fishing). I'm about to say yes when I realized I have my monthly visit and he will be staying out the whole day and no toilet on the boat grrrrrr. Better luck next time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Car Body Repair

I love my brand new truck so much, it's just couple days old when I had accidentally collide it to our gate. I look for auto body repair shop that will bring back my baby to its pre-accident condition, I want my truck to look like good as new as if it haven't been damage. At they help me find the the professional collision repair shop near my area, just enter your zip code and they will show you the listings of auto body repair shop with informations that you need to contact them.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

OUR Fishing Trip

Click on the photos to enlarge

Last Thursday hubby bring me to fishing, only the two of us. We woke up as early as 4am, I cook our lunch and prepare our breakfast while he's loading the boat with the poles, coolers and other stuff (looks like we're staying at sea for a month lol).
While I'm preparing the food I took dramamine already so when we went to the ocean it has its effect already. My hubby's wise move, he let me operate the boat, "AHOY Capt. JANA". On our first hour we argue a lot because I'm still making friends with mistress(boat) and he keep yelling at me "where you taking the boat?". Grrrrr GPS it's making me confused, looks upside down or something because when I turn the wheel left the boat on the GPS is turning right, is this thing showing me backwards?. Anyway the GPS react late that's why when I'm turning left it doesn't show right away.
Now me and mistress are friends she is cooperating so the GPS. Hubby said look for the birds, okay chase the birds I go, but only running 6-8 nauts because we are trolling. The birds are fun to watch, never thought that there are sea birds resting on the waters 5 miles away from the shore, we also saw a bunch of dolphins swimming with us. I scream when I saw the dolphin in front of the boat I'm scared I might hit it, hubby was telling me, they know, you will not hurt them lol as if I'm driving a big ship.
What you would feel if you are in rough water and 15 miles out the ocean and almost can't see the island the big waves are tossing mistress? I was like "am I in the Perfect Storm Movie?"
Maybe Dramamine is knocking me out, I'm almost closing my eyes after 5 hours in the ocean, how come its non drowsy?. I sleep until we reach land and no bite.

OROVO is Here

Orovo is a company that develops premium products using best quality ingredients and with good prices. I like the goal of this company because they ensures that their product has the highest quality and the purest ingredients. They have their signature Top 10 SuperFoods product line, weight-loss, skin care, and also muscle building supplements. You can visit their site and read more about their wonderful products and see how they can help you " Live Rich".


This fast weeks I get super busy on my offline life. Juggling my duties in our small business like doing bookkeeping stuff, seminar there, family life and mistress too lol I mean fishing. I'll talk about fishing on my other post.
I wish I will learn all the things that I need for our small business so when the CPA ask me to do something I will just whistle and say here's what you need everything is ready. Not like this time that I am sitting on my desk the whole day figuring out what formula should I use to come up with the balance sheet on EXCEL whew. Anyway day after day I'm getting it already and surviving the ordeal of keeping the books and hopefully soon I can handle books for some of CPA's clients.
The downside of having you own small business? is the TAX, I can't believe our TAX is that big!

Acne Breakout

I don't know why I get acne this days, I really hate it because it make me so uncomfortable especially dealing with ugly scares. I already experiment with store bought product but it only make my face much more worse, I need an effective acne cure, one of my friend told me to give an acne cream a try because it works on her.Finally I found the right acne cream product that is right for my skin.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Generations X

From generation to generation! that's a three generation of legacy. My husband his daughter (hubby said she is my sister lol) and Keegan our little fiery.
They come to visit us last Monday, our little boy's dentist appointment. That was a very quick visit, they live at other island which is Kauai. They come here in the morning we pick them up at the airport and they went home in the afternoon.
That little boy love to collect transformers and he have plenty, he also love puzzles. I really miss him, his so cute and sweet but he is growing up so fast pretty soon I can't kiss and hug him anymore lol he might be ashamed already.


I easily get cold when the A/C is on. The office where I have my part time job is so cold, I go there with cute tops because its summer and I end up chilling on my desk, coffee can't keep me warm I need a Cabin Cuddler to keep me warm and comfy in the office.
Cabin Cuddler has a pillow & blanket and comes with a tote. It is also ideal for airline travel or other travel. Did you know that airlines this time no longer carry blanket and pillow, and in my case I really need one because we usually take a long hours of airline travel and sometimes we stay at the airport almost whole day waiting for our flight and airport waiting area is so cold for me. Sometimes planes are delayed or we usually get stranded on our trips especially we have connecting flights to remote areas, having your own travel blanket is a must.
So if you are a frequent traveler and taking long hours flight, this blanket is ideal for you. This is a perfect travel blanket for mountaineers too. because its light and come with a tote bag easy yto carry.
This is perfect for airline travel, contoured blanket covers your whole body, pillow inflates as easy as balloon, tote bag becomes your hygienic pillow case,reversible tote bags holds your blanket and pillow, lightweight tote 12"x10"x2".

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Piece

Actually I like this angle shot of my face but I have a"bad hair day", it's our last year vacation at Kauai and we are cruising around the island the whole day...

I really don't like looking at my face with make-ups on, it make me look old and looks like I don't look good with make-up. I like my natural look better with out the make up. Love photos with my loving husband lol. aww my hair is perm here like rasta girl but the make up artist comb it which I hate because she make it look like a messy NEST!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Does we have similarities? We are three, I'm the eldest next to me is my sister Ruth and our youngest, my brother Jay. Me and my brother are tall but I'm pretty sure he is taller than me now, he is almost 17 and meet my sister shorty, she is the shortest in the family, she's only 5 feet lol. After looking at this digi-scrap I realized that we have the same eyes and we all look like our dad.


I'm pretty much disappointed about this photo because it's blurry. I love pasta, preferably spaghetti but I can't make my husband eat spaghetti so much he don't like it, he said its so fine, he want a little thicker pasta. I look for something else to make both of us happy. Linguine, he eats Linguine and now I can feed him pasta twice a week, we love seafood pasta with a little kick of chillies. I just bought marinara sauce in a bottle and add some seafood like shrimp and calamari, some fresh basil heat the garlic bread and it's dinner time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Click Smart it

When we are looking for something online we want to have the best result. If you are looking for San Diego handyman go and they will give you the very best result. is so easy to use just follow step-by-step instruction and you will right away find what you are looking for. The next time you look for Contractors, Florists, Home and Office Services, Massage Therapist, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Wedding and Events Coordinator, use It is the best and you will also know which city has top constructors. We often use this site when we are looking for top service.


Another one digi-scrap here lol, I am so busy doing scrapping today. Well sometimes when I need a break this is what I'm doing, this arts makes my day happy and light!
Just trying my talent if I really have artistic eyes hahaha... Well I'm not sure about artistic eyes because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Michael PHELPS

Hooray! Michael PHELPS is the torpedo in the pool. He grabs so many golds ever and poses post gold as Olympian.

Gold Medals in Beijing

  • August 12 2008 - Men's 200m Butterfly Final, World Record
  • August 12 2008 - Men's 4 x 200m Free Final, World Record
  • August 11 2008 - 200 m Men's 200m Free Final, World Record
  • August 10 2008 - 4 x 100 m freestyle relay Gold Medal, World Record
  • August 9 2008 - 400 m individual medley Gold Medal, World Record

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buying Car

I'm still practicing my driving skills and i have tried driving full size truck which I found difficult because I feel its just too big for me. I'll be buying a used car, I like Honda Civic sedan, the size is just right for me and Honda Civic Sedan is my dream car, before I will buy a brand new Honda Civic in the future i better get used and practise my skill to the same dream car but used though. I'm looking for a car near our place so I went to and check. If you're looking for used vehicles or new vehicles you can trust, it's so easy to find your dream car on that site.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, according to some scientist maybe it is the end of the world where the Planet Earth and the Solar System will come into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe. The Egyptian calendar and Chinese I-Ching is in harmony with the Mayan calendar. The Earth changes will continue until 2012. The Elders say that the process can be easy and aligned or can be catastrophic.
Is December 21, 2012 is the end of the world? or it is dead wrong.

Let's DYMO It

In our house DYMO Labelmaker is very useful, and we use it at anything that calls for a tag or labels. Now that it is back to school time of the year again we use it more on labeling and organizing my stepson's school works and his school materials. His is still at first grade but we want him to be organized on his things. He also has his home work folders that we labels are by subject that he is in to. We teach him how to label his school work folder himself. He also label his art materials, and toy to keep track on it. He loves this DYMO Labelmaker so much and he even labeled his DVD of Disney Movie collections and other movie DVD.
I also use this Dymo Label maker at my home office for my files, I want to keep things organized and easy to full out when we need it. It's easy to full out files of our clients when I need it because its labeled properly.
And one more thing, I also use it in our pantry labeling my spices by name and date, just want to keep my spices organized and also keep on track with the dates of expiration. That is how important DYMO label maker in our home.


Last Saturday we went to windward boats to pick up mistress, and I was amazed by the rows of boats there like the one the photo, that black one at the back is a 32 footer boat with cabin or is that a yacht? When I saw that boat I remember LYN she showed me one, I though it's the one but the brand of this one here is SeaRay the one she showed me is Monteray. It is so pretty on the photo that I end up peeking on it for couple days, when I saw this boat at the shop my jaw drop! It was awesome, really awesome.
Yes it is awesome but I'm sure what ever boat I'll be on too I still get sea sick!

If I am a kid and somebody had given me a personalized children's book book with my picture and name on the cover and I am the star of the story, I will be the happiest child in the world. This is a very sweet gift idea; I think all kids are dreaming to be the star of a book story. Give your child the happiest smile on their face and give them a personalized books, kids DVD's, personalized photos and hundreds of gift from poster to plates.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fishing Tomorrow

They will be going fishing tomorrow and its windy. This afternoon we went and pick up mistress at the dealer's shop, the local manufacturer said there's nothing wrong with her though she is tipping towards the truck when we tag her before, the problem is the trailer wheel, which is way to the back and they adjust it already towards the front and its working good and tagging her is so easy now.
Well I'm praying them to have a safe fishing trip tomorrow and I'm not going, the husband don't want somebody sea sick on-board lol.
Alright! bring home the FISH!

Before I switch to windows vista I am using the older version of windows, I can say good but most of the time I'm not satisfied with it. I really like the Windows Vista look its sleek and elegant, I like its new color. Most of my friends said that windows vista is buggy and is not compatible to many programs and site, which is true but I prepareWindows Vista than it's older version because I really like its usability and features. I like its translucent , glass-like menu bars that let me see behind the application window, its like one click away from everything I'm working with. Even when I have my new laptop I'll prepare having windows vista operating system on it. Like mine I have the Home premium my features includes Windows Aero, Premium Games, Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, Windows Meeting space, Windows Media center, DVD maker, Parental control, Windows Defender, Instant search.
If you want to have a great experience with your computer switch now to Windows Vista and make your like easy. You can choose Windows Vista operating system with features that will suit you or your business, Like Home basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate.

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My husband is making a list again, list of thing to buy for his boat! that means still a lot of thing to be added on his boat. I asked him last night whats that list for and his just grinning at me and said "okay I'll add here your laptop and what else you need?" I said I need my softwares, he then write softwares on the list then he circled the things that I want and write at the bottom "WISH LIST". He always make fun of me, now I will just laugh at him. Watch out next time I'll ask again he might get shock of my WISH LIST lol.

Friday, August 8, 2008

NewEgg coupons

I was planning to buy new laptop online and because of our week economy, I look for great deals and discount coupons. Discount coupon codes will help us save a little and that little money we save. I need some software's for our small business and also for my personal use and this software's are not cheap so I look for coupons online and I found NewEgg coupons. NewEgg coupons offer a great deal for our digital shopping. "Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, hard-core gamer, student, stay-at-home parent, small to medium-sized business, IT professional, reseller or anyone desiring a comprehensive digital lifestyle, you’ll enjoy shopping with us."
I am glad that I found out about these NewEgg coupons, this will save me some money especially when I'm buying quite expensive things. It is really good to save money especially thins times when the economy is weak.
One of the software I need for my personal use is adobe Photoshop elements, I have print shop but I'm not satisfied with it so I need Photoshop and hopefully I will be happy with it. I also need quickbook software and Microsoft software's for our small business and I can use NewEgg coupons to purchase this things.

What a Prcatice!

I'm trying my best to learn how to make my own layout for my blogs, I'm starting with my header and here my first one. Am I happy? nope because I can't do what I really want to design, the software I'm using don't have that much stretch to offer so maybe I need a little upgrade. I choose that color because that's my favorite blends. I'm thinking of my hubby and asked him to by me the software that I need *wink.
By the Way this header is for my other blog, and I'm not satisfied of my old template I'm so eager to create my own . Wish me luck!

I have watch Zenni Optical at FOX new TV and now at the popular U.S. talk radio host The Clark Howard Show, they recommend Zenni Optical. With this low prices of prescription lens and frames that Zenni Optical is marketing, I am sure that not only the people in the United states are benefiting from it but globally. I even recommend it to my parents who are living in the Philippines to buy their prescription eyeglasses at Zenni Optical online. My mom have tried it already and she like Zennies because they have a wide variety of frames to choose from, even my dad love his eyeglasses that he also bought from Zenni Optical online.
This inckudes in all your orders made at Zenni Optical;
All of Our Eyeglass Orders Including our $8.00 Eyeglasses Have
High quality stylish frame
Thin and Light 1.57 index lens
Anti Scratch Coating
Full UV Protection
Lens edge polishing and beveling
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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
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My mom to recomend Zenni Optical to her relatives and friends back home, and they all love Zenni Optical Complete Single Vision Eyeglasses starting at $8.00, they all say it's very affordable for them.Even me and my husband love Zenni Optical so much thats why we stronly recommend it to our relatives and friends.

Lovely Weekened

We don't have much plan this weekend, maybe fishing on Sunday but if you will ask me if I go? that depends on the situation lol. Maybe but hubby don't want me to go because they stay on the sea all day long and how if I get sea sick again, well better stay home I guess.
Enjoy the lovely weekend my dear friends!

The has a press release about Global Theft, "11 Charge in the Global Theft, Sale Of 40 Million Card Numbers". Federal prosecutors charged 11 people yesterday with the theft and sale of more than 40 million credit and debit card numbers from at least nine U.S. retailers in what they said was one of the largest and most complex hacking and identity theft cases ever brought. Officials with the Department of Justice said the people indicted were part of a criminal ring that stretched from the United States to Eastern Europe to East Asia, highlighting the global nature of computer crime. Charges of conspiracy, computer intrusion, fraud and identity theft have been brought against people from Estonia, Ukraine, China and Belarus, as well as the United States.
This new is so scary and we never know that somebody stole our Identity. So its better to sign up at lifelock, especially when we are using our credit card to purchased online, this is our greatest fear that is why me and my husband don't use our credit card to purchased online or on the phone. But lifelock guarantee our good name. We can be a victim at any time of this Identity theft and its making me worried. I have convince my husband to enroll on lifelock because we always receive tones of junk mails and also credit card offers. I really hate this companies who are selling people's information to other institution. If you are not enrolled at lifelock yet, this is the time you have to think about guarding your Identity.

Dress for LESS!

Few months ago I bought a dress at my favorite store, its kind of marked down price but still a little bit expensive. I bought it because I like the black print on the white dress. Its a tube and knee long dress, when I got home I fit and show it to my husband, I get disappointed when he said I look like going to a prom! So it just stay on the closet for several months with the tag on. When I chat to my cousin Avigail I learned that she's four months on the way and suddenly we talk about her wedding dress, she said its just a civil wedding opt the bridal gown, she said she looks for a nice dress but can't find what she really want, I show her on the webcam that dress that I bought and she said sent it to her cause its two weeks to go for he wedding. I sent it the next day but I told her if it will not arrived on time she have to buy her dress. Two days before she is going to be wed she inform me that she got the dress and she really love it that she is going to wear it on her wedding day. I'm skeptical and thought that she is just joking at me until she sent me a photo yesterday. I will just post other photo next time since I can't find where I saved the photo she sent yesterday.

It is still August but I am already looking for Christmas present especially for my husband. I want something elegant that he will appreciate and could keep for a long time and that would be Breitling watches, he love watches and I'm sure if I will give him Breitling watches he will surely love it. I really love buying watches at, they have the finest brand in the world and you can save a lot if you buy watches from them, they even have buy one watch and get one free, that's a very good deal for me.
This photo of a watch I inserted here is what I'm going to give my husband on Christmas, I like it in two toned so he can wear his silver or gold jewelries with it, it is the Breitling Shadow Flyback Men's Watch Automatic Chronograph in silver dial. And did you know that if I get this watch now I can have 80 percent off on my next watch, so why should I not grab one foe me too, this is a great deal. I settle it now so me my husband will be happy. Go and get your own watch too.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Promise

My cousin Avigail's wedding is today in the Philippines, they are ahead to US time. She asked me something for her wedding and she's a little demanding! She want's me to sponsor he wedding cake! is she serious? yes she is serious and she want the expensive one that coast 15,000.00PHP which is almost $400. She's crazy lol.
I make fun and joke on them most of the time so lets have some fun couz,
HERE is your CAKES and a LOT of them from 3 to 5 tiers and its so pretty and elegant just for your wedding lol. In fact it's six different cakes so I wish you are happy now, your wish is my command lol.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My cousin Avigail is getting married on the 8th. They are not Chinese but they are hoping for good luck on their marriage and join the crowd of people hoping for good luck on 08-08-08, August 8, 2008.
She's 28 years old which is right time on getting married, couz are we close? oh yah we are and many stupid, happy and sad moments happened in our life growing up. We had fight many times and didn't talk for years and still we find our way back lol. That's what cousins are hahaha, we are just a typical cousin. Aww sorry your one wish can't be granted for some reason Mamang can't attend to your wedding, she really wanted to be part of your wedding and be your second mom as always but you know the reason.


Pool Floats

My husband is so crazy of swimming pools and when he started to dip in he will stay as long as he wishes, even half day on the pool. So what I did to make him comfortable and not calling me most of the time for drink refills and food I bought him pool floats where he can have sun bathing and he stays on the water longer that I imagine I also got him pool accessories like floating beverage cooler and pool snack buoy. Now he can stay there longer than ever and have his food and drinks floating with him too.


I receive the presents from my birthday fairy last July 22nd, and the mail lady said wait you still have one more box, aww Birthday fairy is generous she gave me two boxes (birthday fairy is really generous though), but when I check the address of the other box I have learned that its from other state OH. I never know any body from OHIO. When I open it it I realized that its from ENERGY POP.

Now I remember, I write a post about Energy pop few months ago and a week before I got this things they emailed me and ask for my address and shirt size, This shirt is for my husband and he love the energy pops too.

TV on the LIST

Every time we go to an appliance center my husband always get stuck on the tv department, I know he want to buy a new HDTV for our room. I think I have saved enough to buy him a new HDTV for our room, I found out at that HDTV are cheap compared to other online store and appliance center. He want the big one possible the 72" HDTV, so maybe I can pay half and he will take care of the rest, because 72" has a higher price but still cheap at

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am receiving a SPAM text message since early this year. I hate it so much receiving KINKY messages from unknown numbers. At first I just disregard it, but I get paranoid because my husband might read it and freak out and he might think I'm fooling around. I thought it stop already because I haven't got any for couple months until suddenly few weeks ago I receive again. What I did is reply STOP hopping that the system will automatically stop it, but somebody text me and asking who I am and what I'm talking about and start calling my number, I answer but he/she drops it, sounds crazy!. I thought it will end already until tonight, I get furious again, what the! texting me this "what does it mean to be necked" or naked or necking and mostly talking about sex! hello I don't like this kind annoying spam text!. I forward to the number what I receive and she/he apologized and ask me how I get this stuff, of course I DON'T KNOW!, he/she don't know why I get the text too she said she from MARYLAND and shes innocent!, I told him/her(still don't know if he or she never heard the voice and I'm not interested asking) got it from VTEXT.COM and if your provider is verizon kindly go online and see what you can do about it. She told me to log on to and blocked the number, hopefully it will work or I'll know their SECRETS!

My husband's clan is having a family reunion early next year and they usually t-shirts for that occasion. Each year they assigned different family members to do the t-shirts,

and this year it's our turn. I have search and found out at where you can create and customized, you can even use your own logo. I have sent out the samples I have made to the family organizer which is my husband's aunt and she likes the design of the T-shirt; she said the t-shirt is high quality. I'm just waiting for the confirmation of how many are going to attend the family reunion so I can make the exact pieces to be ordered. This is fun to do, how I wish they will assign this task to ask every time they will have a family reunion, I love making the logos and loving the results of it, especially when the family member's do appreciate the T-shirts. I will be using the coupon code TShirts25 - 25% Off T-shirts. Sounds great
If you are marketing you business, fund raising or any kind events, having a T-shirt for a gift is great, don’t forget to sue this coupon code TShirts25 - 25% Off T-shirts.

It's so muggy and hot today, its so uncomfortable and I can't think of anything to write. I just make random blog hopping and planning to do some task but can't think i have brain freeze! lol.
Just wishing that everyone have a great week and hopefully summer season will be over! Good thing we didn't reach 100 degrees yet!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Moving service

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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Skip-Jack TUNA

Finally they got fish! Actually I didn't go with them cause I work part time today. When I called hubby he said "HANAPAA" (hawaiian for GOT FISH) they got "AKU" (skipjack tuna) it's the smaller version of tuna. When they arrived, the BOYS are so happy and ask me to cook them fish soup and fried some, so that first photo is what I prepare for dinner. This is MISTRESS first catch so we gave most of it to the neighbors and his two buddies who joined him fished. They said you really have to give your first catch for GOOD LUCK, so I wish next time they are lucky enough for marlin and big tuna.
Actually they make one of it as bait and after a while only the fish head was left, they said the big marlin ate it, hope its marlin not tiger shark lol. FIY Hawaiian waters is rich with tiger sharks lol.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fat Burner

I am trying to lose weight and burn fats as much as I can and shape my middle section but I have observe that the middle section fats are so stubborn. I have realized that for me to succeed on burning fats I need extreme exercise and also the help of Lipovox, I found it good because it also contains 14 superfoods that focus on weight loss, skin and complexion. Lipovox is marketed as a ‘life pill’, more of a general supplement for energy, health and wellness. It claims to help you with weight, acne and wrinkles.

Post card

I was surprise yesterday when hubby hand me the mails, he said something for you. It was a postcard from Elda of Florida, I was so happy because she picks the right character for me lol. It was TINKERBEL as you can see, another addition to my collection. Now I have shirts and a watch that I personally bought, another shirt from my birthday fairy and now a postcard from Elda. Wow I was not so crazy about TINK lol.
I really love TINK shes the perfect sassy little flirt, hehehe. Does any body know where I can get a real PIXIEDUST? lol lol


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