Saturday, March 30, 2013

My friend’s son is planning to settle down in North Carolina since he got offered a good paying job there. He wanted to buy a small house near the beach so he will not be home sick from home. I have my sister living in NC and ask her about real estate sunset beach nc, she is thrilled to help my best friend's son. She gave him information about a reliable real estate company that she trusted who helped her in buying her property in NC.

Kualoa Mountain

This was taken last week when we went around the island. Kualoa mountain, it's actually a tourist destination with ranch and activities but I wanted to hike this mountain. I never hike this sode of the island yet since it's a little bit far from where O live and also I need to plan a hike with my buddies here and it should be a one day hike that we need to take our time, unlike what we usually do which is fast in and out hikes. One day I will be hiking this mountain ranges with a new set of hiking buddies, I guess.

Friday, March 22, 2013

My husband was estimating a job today that includes fixing a swimming pool. Some parts needs to be replaced and he can only get the parts online, he already know the online shop where he purchased discount pool parts. Lately he often gets construction projects that include either building a swimming pool or fixing one. He is having fun although it is not really his type of job but he has a trusted sub-contractor who is really good on fixing and building a new swimming pool.


 It's been awhile now That I wanted to check out and see that Sunflower fields somewhere in North shore Oahu. I know it exist but I am not sure which month they plant it and blooms. After searching some leads online we finally locate it, the problem was, there is no sunflower because they just harvested it but learned which month is the perfect time to visit the field. I wish I will not miss it next time they will have the sunflowers because I really wanna see it myself and take pictures as well.

My husband is a building contractor. He always come across clients who wanted to change their windows or homeowners who wants to build a new dwelling or home extension that needs new windows. He usually goes to Pella because they always do quality job and they can also install it for you. He had one client who owns a house in Virginia and asking for opinions about replacing the window in their Virginia property. My husband recommended them to order it from Pella virginia replacement windows; it's easier and convenient for his client.

Rainbows day

A typical Hawaiian day! That's why we are the Rainbow state. I believe that there's is always rainbow in Hawaii everyday. Well it depends though if which location you live in an island because you will always catch the rainbow somewhere in town side where the weather is a little bit wet. Sunshine and shower equals rainbows. I always felt bless when I saw rainbow and it always makes my day.

Name Tags

I need to get name tags for the company I worked for. I have been searching online and ask my bosses opinion about the name tags at My bosses agreed to order the name tags from them because we know that they have quality and good prices. We also need personalized name plates for our bosses so we decided to order the whole thing at once and also get some blank name tags. I am happy that I accomplished one task from my work to do list.

We got the chance to hike yesterday at Kealia trail located at the northwest side of the island. I,m not really a fun of this side because it's a little bit dry and mostly open area, I gave it a chance yesterday knowing that we are still in a cooler season. It's a pretty cool hike with a very nice but i wish it was clear day, unfortunately it was a little bit hazy day.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Outdoor Bleacher

We live close to a middle school park and recently they did some improvements to the park and installed outdoor bleachers by the basketball court and also at the baseball field. It is good to see that the schools are making improvements to benefit the student, it will motivate student to be active and do sports. Being active is good for our health so it is better to start loving sports and outdoors at a young age.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Sunrise

This is the First sunrise of 2013. I promise myself to capture the first sunrise of 2013 so as the first sunset but later one did not came through because I got caught in doing errands and it was also raining a little bit. Good news was I did have captured the first Rainbow of 2013.
I love sunrises and sunsets, it's just so amazing to watch the sky change it's colors. It looks like a live painting that you have to watch carefully to treasure it in your memory.

Pocket Trumpet

I was invited to watch a musical show for an event; it was a pretty good show. There is a guy playing a pocket trumpet and it sounded really good. I should check out some pocket trumpet at wwbw and see if I want one. I just wish that I have the talent to play musical instruments. I had this dream when I was in my high school days to join our school band but it never happened, maybe because I am not good enough to play any kind of musical instrument. I guess it's alright; I still have time to learn a few keys on playing guitar which is my instrument of choice.

North Shore

This was taken a few months back when I decided to head to north shore by myself. It was a mixed feelings of freedom, loneliness and guilt. I usually go to north shore with my husband so I felt lonely and guilty but I felt free that I have the chance to drive north by myself. I might do it again only if I am mad or I need to vent out, other than that I will always go to north shore with my Honey.

Gibson Guitars

I always wanted to know how to play guitar. I believe it’s not too late yet to learn how to play, I want to start with acoustic guitar. I have decided to buy Gibson guitars because of the quality of it and I wanted to learn to play with a very good guitar which is trusted by musicians. My brother owns a Gibson electric guitar which he really loves because it always has a good sound the quality the way they made the guitar.

This was taken at Makaha beach, a famous spot for surfers and local beach goers. During this time the waves here goes from 5-15 feet. They had a surfing contest last month, I really have no idea what it is but they have gathered a good size crowd. From this side you will see the Waianae mountain range, the strench of white sand beach that will let you Thank our creator and that you are thankful you live in Hawaii.

Friday, March 15, 2013


It's common to see pulse Oximeters in the hospital. I am wondering if we could purchase our own portable pulse oximeter to be used at home especially when you have your own care home where you are taking care of few elderly.
I am trying to do a CNA training and go from there and see if I really wanted to pursue a nursing career while I have my own home care. I believe it is a good fulfilling business because it helping people although you get paid.

Silhouette photo

I am fascinated with lighthouses and so silhouette views because it looks so dramatic and beautiful. This was taken early in the morning where the sign was facing me so this side came out like a silhouette and it looks beautiful to me. I have hike that lighthouse a few time and I still wanted to hike it again when I have a chance and when I feel like hiking it.

Talk box

I was watching a band rehearsal of my brother's band one day and was wondering about a box looking thing that they used. I asked my brother what it is and he said it’s called talkbox where they used to adjust or modify a musical instrument. My brother said that they need a new talkbox and was checking out online for good deals and free shipping. I think I will surprise them and donate one for their band.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Makaha Side

These is one of the peaks by Makaha Beach. If you drive to the west side you will be delighted with long stretch of white beaches and so the scenery of the tallest mountain in the island of Oahu and some peaks along the way. This is one of the beautiful peak that you will not miss cause it's just right by a surfing spot called "Makaha Beach". Hawaii has a lot to offer depend on your mood and likes. We have beautiful Nature for you  to enjoy.

Boat Seating

We really enjoy living in Hawaii because there are so many things to do like hike to the mountain summits which is my favorite thing to do. You can hang out with your friends at the beach to swim, surf, paddle board or do off shore fishing as my husband's favorite hobby. I go fishing with him once in awhile because I get seasick most of the time. He had his boat about 5 years now and it needs some repair especially the seat, he definitely need new foam boat seating to replace the old ones. It is time for him to change and upgrade something on his boat.

This is one of my favorite short hikes, I cannot really tell the name of this trail because it's technically sitting on "Private Property", so just guess or search about it. I will surely do this hike when I feel happy or sad. Hike here when I'm sad for the amazing view to cheer me up and hike here when I'm happy for the view to celebrate and lough with me. When I come this this summit, I always thought of "Hawaii never failed to Amaze me!"

It is worth to plan your wedding ahead of time and see what you need to make your wedding day special. One key to preserve all the joyous memories you are making and the beginning of your new life is to capture all that moments in photographs and video. With that said, you need a reliable photographer like raleigh wedding photographers in NC. Last spring we went to NC for my cousin's wedding and they did hired Azul Photography. My cousin was amazed and satisfied with the photographs, they really did capture their moments just the way she want it.

Makapuu Side

I love taking pictures! That's one reason why I hike cause I love the scenic view and so taking pictures of it. It feels so rewarding and satisfying to me, both hobbies are good for my soul. I love Oahu cause there are plentiful of short hikes with amazing view to reward you, there are also amazing long hikes for workout as well as scenic views to die for. I love to be on the edge like this one here, literally on the edge of drop off with the elevation of 1,200 ft.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Straight Razor

 Olive Wood Straight Razor (5/8 inch)
My grandpa is refusing to upgrade to a disposable razors, he is a very old fashion guy who loves his straight razor. I will get him a new dovo straight razor so he will have spare one. My grandpa said that straight razor is better than disposable ones, it shave better and leave your smooth longer. This thing is reminding me of the old movies I watch before, guys shaving with straight razor that scared me, that they might cut themselves by accident, buts it's just me who imagines things.

Drop Offs

I was once scared with heights and struggling to fight it. I am hiking again and it really helped me conquer my fear and enjoy the scenic view of each summit that I've been. I am not scared of height anymore and I can go on closer to the edge now unlike before. Being on the edge and checking out the drop off like this one is really cool, I love it. I will keep hiking and enjoy Hawaii as much as I can. There is so much more of Hawaii to discover.

Pandora Bracelet

Mother's day is coming up so I am planning to give my mom a Pandora bracelet; I know she will love it. I am deciding what charms to pick for her. I was checking out online what kinds of pandora beads and charms they have so I can pick out what to add on my mom bracelet. They have so many choices that make it hard for me to pick out because I love all of them. I know I have to focus on the theme which is for "Mother's day".

Private Trail

I love doing long or short hikes going up Koolau summit. I usually hike for the satisfying rewards at the end of each trail, I always go for the view. I pretty much been to most of the summits on the east side of Oahu the views are just spectacularly amazing that I don't get tired of hiking to the summits.
Lately, my buddies and I was busy so we did not really do long hikes, we settle for short in and out hikes with wonderful views like this one. This is actually not a public trail so its a hike at your own risk trail. There are millions of "Private Property" signs posted but we don't know how to read this time, we are good on ignoring signs.

Patio Heaters

We are doing this project for our client, building a new patio on their ocean front house. The location alone is so perfect to watch the sunrise and the sunset. They want to want a large patio connecting to their pool. We are almost done with the project, just doing some finishing touches and I recommended that they need to have an outdoor heater for cold nights. I was checking online about it for days and gave them the site where they offer free shipping on patio heaters and most of their products are on sale. They also carry a wide variety of choices.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rock Face

It is so amazing how nature carve itself. These is an image I took at Hanauma bay where the wind carve the cliff side where you can see the layered lava that flows and made this island million years ago. The best artist is the wind that perfected the beauty of this piece of rock on the cliff. The salt buildup is also very visible along the ridges of the cliff. I really get amazed how the wonder of nature formed itself.

Big Barker Bed

One of my best friends loves big dog so much, in fact I babysit her dog once in awhile when she goes out of town. I just love the way she trained her dog, he is a Great Dane. He is so sweet and well behave even he is really a big dog. I wish I could have a dog but for some reason I cannot own one, so "big brad" will get a comfy birthday present from me a Big Barker dog bed. The bed is made for extra large breed dogs, it comes in three different colors and I will get the burgundy for big brad. It's now on sale for 30% less so I will throw in a waterproof liner to go with it. Hope big brad will be happy and enjoy his new bed.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Makaha Surf

This was the action earlier. I felt so blessed that I have the opportunity to live in Hawaii, might no be for good but at least I have the chance to enjoy the beauty of life that Hawaii has to offer. I have another opportunity to check out a beach front property earlier that has a magnificent view of the famous Makaha Beach surfing spot, it's right there on their lanai. I wish I am that lucky to own a beach front property.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gibson Guitars

My brother love music so much and he is also playing instruments, I am glad that there is at least one person in the family who loves music like he does. His favorite instrument to play is guitar and that's what I am going to give him for his birthday. I am going to buy Gibson Guitars online and will send it to him directly because I want him to be surprise, I am sure that he will be happy. I think it's not too late for me to learn how to play guitar, I was there once, and guitar is my favorite instrument.

Sunset in Hawaii

This is my favorite thing to do, watch the sunset and take so much pictures as I can. I truly love sunrises and sunsets they are just so magnificent to watch. Sunrise and sunset reminds me that we have a wonderful creator who have given us the opportunity to live in this amazing world.


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