Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spring Deco

Since we have a new and beautiful place I can now decorate by the season and make our little home pretty. Here are some of my "Christmas Ornament and decorations" that I made as a spring deco. It will be place on top our island counter so it look like a spring basket. I love the way it look. I still keep our decoration on the minimal side but a little bit on elegant side.

My niece has a bad migraine, she seek help from different Doctor until one of them advice her to be a patient at Lubbock migraine centers. She is lucky because she live in Texas. Most of the migraine treatment centers are located in Texas but hopefully that they will have some facilities at different states to accommodate patients out of Texas. They have helped patients with migraine including my niece. She's been in treatment for a few months, she is happy with positive development.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candy basket

On of my candy basket for a friend. This is actually for their kids, yes bad me, I'm trying to feed the kids candies. This is just a simple one I made trying to fit into my budget, I know the kids will love the candies that I have for them. I'm just hoping that this will not melt before they get it.
I handed this over last week during our Christmas party and told my friend "just a little something" for the kids and she was cracking up telling me the story about "Filipinos" saying "a little something" which actually means a lot LOL.

Internet is the best invention ever that made our life easier. Like for instance when we are looking for answer quickly, I always go online and look for it. You can do banking, shopping online and so on. But the best thing I love doing online is comparing prices of anything I need including insurance. Any insurance we need that we could save money like auto, home and most especially the "Term Life Insurance" that we need to protect our family in case something will happen to us. It is so convenient that you could compare rates from 12 different insurance firms.

I love wrapping something for friends and family. For this wine I found a Christmas ornaments that I used, I don't know exactly what it's called but I always love putting something that will encorporate my gift baskets.
On my candy gift basket I used candy cane this year, last year I used small ball ornaments that goes well with my theme.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One of my girl friend got recently engage and she got a Scott Kay trellis semi mount ring, it's so beautiful. I am so impress of scott kay jewelry designs; it's simply beautiful and elegant. They are getting married on summer next year and will get their wedding band at scott kay. Scott Kay does carries elegant jewelry; they give you the option to design your own. They have watches, designer, collection and bridal as well. I am looking for this beautiful Everlon and palmetto cpllection.

Radko Ornamnets

The Christopher Radko ornaments that my friend gave me. I was so surprise and of course very happy girl when I'm unwrapping the ornaments that she gave me. I thought she will only gave me a couple but she gave me so much. Radko is a collectible item and pretty pricy ornament because it's made in Poland. I was so happy and I'm checking for a small tree just for Radko.

Compost Bins

I always do compost year round and I own one very reliable composters. I also have compost pails that I use when I'm cooking to put the peel of veggies, easy way to make trips to the composter bin. I have enough compost to start my veggies garden on spring time. when I run out of compost I go to my friends ranch because she have a few composter bins that we keep working on one weekend a month for our garden.

I'm getting crazy with Christmas, I officially say the Christmas is my favorite season of the year. I love the spirit of it, the family, the cheer and the happy sight around. I love Christmas so much and so my Christmas tree that I've tweak it three times and I still keep buying ornaments, in fact I am planning to get a small artificial three about 2 feet tall just for a special ornaments that my friend gave me. She gave me "Christopher Radko's ornaments".

Monday, December 5, 2011


If you work in sales or if you have a retail business, it is nice to own a reliable barcode scanner especially this busy Holiday season. Some of our scanners need to be upgraded because it freezes during the busy key days. We have long line and our scanners are not working after awhile, we ended up keying in the merchandise barcode manually which is not fun. We learned our lesson from last week’s big sale so we ordered new scanner for our store.

Puppy Floral

Oh my friends! they are awesome. This is what one of my friend gave my other friend as a "thank you" for being such a nice friend to us. He made a nice bouquet of flowers with a cute puppy made of white flowers. It's so cute and it looks like a puppy. Our girlfriend was so happy and really appreciate the bouquet.


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