Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am taking this powder vitamins that really helped me decide to be healthy and loose weight. All I did is stay away from carbohydrate. I did not totally turn my back off carbs but I limit my intake. I mixed white and brown rice and also I only make potato dish once a week or twice a month.
At work I always bring my homemade lunches because it way more healthy than buying fast foods. I also got me healthy portion microwavable meals from the bulk store like lean cuisine, whole wheat bread for my sandwich, I also got me lettuce and rotisserie chicken for my salad. We eat more fruits and veggies and I successfully lost 5 lbs and my goal is to loose 20 so 15 more to go. The key to this is discipline and stay away from carbohydrates and sweets because your body will process carbs into sugar that will create fats.

My husband has a job project, to build a garage for his client. They want a two car garage; they will use it as garage and also a working area for them. They want it to be safe for them especially for their elderly parents who also live with them. The solution as my husband suggested to them is spray it with garage floor epoxy a slip resistant that you spray or coat over cement flooring. They love the finish product and happy about it.


Meet my "BUG". I was browsing at my picture files and found this one, this is the a test shot I took couple years ago using my point and shoot digicam. I was inspired by a guy who has devoted himself and his time in making miniature villages and putting his mini toys and buildings together. He is so amazing.

Graduation Gift

I have a friend who graduated last week and I have no idea of what to get her as a graduation gift. She is way younger than me although we were friends for long time now but I really don't know what to get her. As I ask my other friends for ideas and also I check online for graduation gift suggestions and found that she have an iPod and she might need an iPod nano to play her favorite songs while she is doing her running.

I just submitted my photo entry for costco, Good Luck to me. I am not hoping to win but it will truly help me learn to take best photos in the future and embrace photography even more. I will be the start for me to enter contest and to get more pictures inspired by this beautiful island. Here's another sneak peek of my entry, not the best but it means a lot to me.

I was so blown away with my cousin's wedding pictures. We are not able to attend her wedding because we already had vacation plans on their wedding date. She sent us some pictures, according to her they hired raleigh wedding photographer to do their prenuptial photos and so the wedding pictures. I surely recommend this company; they do weddings, family and commercial as well. I check on their portfolios and was amazed by their professionalism.

Random Rants

It does not mean when you know how to write a song you can be a singer! I know a person who is so proud that he had written 10 songs, he needs 2 more to compile a CD. He invited me to his link to listen and like the song that he wrote and sung. I did click the like button just for the sake that we're friends.
His don't have the voice of a singer although he can write songs, while listening I'm like "Oh GOD hope he will realized in his own that he couldn't sing. I'm having hard time understanding his lyrics cause he's like murmuring. Oh boy I wish people will know what they can and CAN'T do in life so they will not embarrass themselves.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greeting Cards

Days flew by so fast and it's almost end of the year. I always prepare months ahead for certain occasions and for the next Valentine's Day I want to give away cute cards to my dear friends and close co-workers. I saw this cute Valentine Cards website with wide selections of designs. They're all cute that truly will make a person smile and feel them special. I have attached one cute sample above, go ahead and check them out.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Profile Hack!

I only have one blog running with one advertising company since the day I worked FT. I was so used on doing my task before due date, easy cause I only post one blog. Last week I noticed and was wondering why some task is saying error after I submit my task. I didn't realized until 3 days ago that it was for another blog. When I check on my profile there's a blog added which is not mine and my address was change! This is creepy because I have all my info there including my SSN and people can just change my address and add blogs if they want too? Until now I can't figure out whats going on, if it's accident or what. All I feel and know is "It's CREEPY." Did it happen to anyone?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swing Set

We are having another grand baby from our only daughter, she will soon to have 3 kids. I told my husband that we need to give her a wooden swing set for the kids to play and entertain them after school. I want to give them the fantasy tree house model but as of the moment they're always moving every 2 years so it's not a wise idea to have big tree house. I wish the kids will enjoy it so much.

I found a new hobby, it's alteration. It started when I saw a beautiful plus size dress, I then went to the misses department and also at petites to hunt for it but to no luck. I bought the plus size dress and attempted a major alteration, sounds easy because what I need to do is trim the sleeve, saw 2-1/2 inches on each side and make the shoulder length fit me.
The plum dress fits me so well and I always get compliment every time I wear it. Since then I got hooked, I buy cheap big size dresses, blouses or cover-up shells and do my own alteration. Once I thought I should learn my lesson and buy a dress my size but I love the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment so I will continue to buy cheap plus sizes dress.
Note: cheap because I always go on clearance rack.


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