Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am taking this powder vitamins that really helped me decide to be healthy and loose weight. All I did is stay away from carbohydrate. I did not totally turn my back off carbs but I limit my intake. I mixed white and brown rice and also I only make potato dish once a week or twice a month.
At work I always bring my homemade lunches because it way more healthy than buying fast foods. I also got me healthy portion microwavable meals from the bulk store like lean cuisine, whole wheat bread for my sandwich, I also got me lettuce and rotisserie chicken for my salad. We eat more fruits and veggies and I successfully lost 5 lbs and my goal is to loose 20 so 15 more to go. The key to this is discipline and stay away from carbohydrates and sweets because your body will process carbs into sugar that will create fats.


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