Friday, July 27, 2012

Koolau Range

This is my playground, Koolau range stretching to 34 miles from Kahuku to Makapuu. There's so many trails and connectors on this mountain, in fact it is possible to walk this trail from Kahuku to Makapuu which one person did recently on April 2012. I may not have the drive to hike the long strench of Koolua range from point to point but it always makes me wanna hike a part of it at least twice a month. I feel so blessed to live in Hawaii for good for there are so many things to be done and will keep your life interesting and occupied.

Photo: from Google

I wonder where my bosses order the custom lapel pins that they gave us, I asked one of them and she told me that they order it online. I am just curious just in case I need to order and donate it to my hiking club, it would be a good souvenir. I also collect pins from different organization, they usually sold it for good cause, it's good to give donation and have a little token in return.

Fried Sun fish
 Garlic Shrimp

I might be BIAS but this is our favorite shrimp shack at Kahuko, ROMY'S. I and my friends are planning to do another round of Island ride one of this day, just drive North to try 1 plate shrimp from different shrimp shack and see if who's made the best shrimp. Although I will forever love ROMY'S shrimp but I'm on for a try and defeat.

Reid Supply

I was wondering why we got another package in the mail from Reid Supply Company. I asked my husband and he said he did order some tools for his job; it also comes with cad library catalogs. This might be a bad idea because I know that I will get packages in the mail often especially now that he got the listings and product catalog from the company. I will let it go this time since he needs it for his jobs.

I have no idea what this beach called, we just happened to pass by and pulled over. We're just wondering why there's so many tourist in this area snorkeling and also diving. Good thing we brought snorkeling gear with us because we are so surprise that there's so much fishes and turtles swimming around with bunch of people. This beach is a must go but I am not sure if this is pass Waimea Bay or just after Sunset beach, all I know is it's at North Shore.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Designer Jewelry

I finally got this beautiful designer jewelry as a birthday present from my husband. He knows I was looking at it online at REEDS jewelers; I have no idea that he ordered it for my birthday with a matching pendant. I think I deserve to have it since I am being good to my husband. I am so thankful that my husband is so supportive on my decisions and the choices that I made. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Shaved Ice

Shave ice is famous in Hawaii this might be close to the "Snow cone" to the mainland people. There is one place in Haleiwa north shore the "Matsumoto shave ice". They come in different syrup flavors like strawberry, bubblegum, banana, lychee and more. I got me the rainbow consist of four different flavor and my friend got strawberry with ice cream. Although we're just there for a taste, but it's pretty good, I just wish we have Vodka in my car to make it a perfect summer sip. 

We are planning to expand our business by adding another entity, not just construction but we want to add at least plumbing as well. It will take me awhile to convince my husband to partner to my friend, he had bad experience with partnership but I can see positive outcome in the future if we do it this way. I need to search for a business law firm to give us their best advice on what to do on my plan. I know we need to expand our business, it's now or it would not happen in the future.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Poi Donut

One of my friends keeps telling me about "Purple Donut" that it's so good but I never tried it until today. It's mixed with "Poi" taro and it is so good. My husband is a fan of "Malasadas" Hawaiian donut but he said "Poi" donut is way better. The glaze is just right not too sweet and taste good too. This will now be our favorite donut.
We did run 6 miles today then she gave me the donut after which is not really a good idea since we're trying to burn calories and put it back right away with donuts. We're trying to Train for Aloha run next year, actually 6 more months to go, I'm sure we ca do it.

Over Bed Table

I am thinking of doing a care-home business. I am gathering ideas and looking around for things that I might need to do that kind of business. I know I need overbed table just in case some of my patient needs it. I am looking for the right time to go school as a CNA and go from there. I know I can do it and do better things for my family and so to other people who needs my service.

Fried Milkfish

This fish is from Pacific and Indian Ocean. Milkfish is aquacultured in Philippines for 800 years on ponds. In fact this milkfish on the picture is imported from the Philippines. It's a white meat fish & bony but you can get it boneless at the frozen section in grocery stores. We love to marinate it and fry or you can also make fish soup on tamarind base.

I work in a retail business particularly in plus size clothing we have fabulous customers every day and our favorite regulars. They love our merchandise so much but then we do not carry plus size cocktail dresses and or wedding dresses. I have no choice but send them on an online site for plus size dresses for weddings and other formal gowns. This online store carries beautiful dresses from prom, wedding, cocktails and formals. I am happy because our customers comes back to thank me because they always find what they want on that online store.


This was taken in Kauai in one of the hotels we stayed in. We're just mesmerized with waterfalls so I always make an illusion to fountains as if they are huge Paradise waterfalls. Every time I go to any hotel I always look for the fountains and wish that we have our own house and have our own fountains, ZEN. We love our Kauai vacation so much and hope to have another wonderful adventure in the future.

Seaweeds Bath

One of my friends who is really into healthy stuff, she introduce me to so many healthy thing and I will give her a credit for that because I am getting conscious now regarding my health. I watch what I eat or feed my family; I also watch the product that we use. She also introduced me to seaweeds products and the seaweed bath benefits especially for people who had eczema and psoriasis as well as skin irritants, flaking and scaling skin. The moment I know about this product, I went online right away to order me some for my husband, he has sensitive skin and it works for him.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Waikapalae (wet cave) is located at northern side of Kauai island by Haena. This cave was used in filming the "Pirates of the Caribbean stranger tides". I had watch that movie but might watch it again and check out the clips where the cave is. We love the island of Kauai for its wonderful scenery and what it offers and of course the peace of mind. Hope we could afford to retire in Kauai someday.

BSA Compliance

We became victim of a scam last year and hoping to get our money back this month so I can move forward and do something else. I am really praying and hoping that our financial situation will get better soon. I hate this people who scam us but nothing much I could do than hope for the best and learn from that mistake. I wish we check the company first if it's a BSA Compliance business. That's another lesson we have learned.


This is part of Makapuu. I love the island of Oahu especially when you love outdoors. You can enjoy beaches all year round and when you love hiking, Oahu is blessed with Koolau ranges with almost hundred summits that you can hikes and if you have enough time you may enjoy connecting trails summit trails too. Been to Makapuu point lighthouse twice and counting but never did the Makapuu tom-tom trail or either the hang glider trail. It's on my list but might do it during winter time when I run out of trails to go. 

I am thinking of getting another life insurance for myself since I am doing a lot of hiking lately, sounds funny but I love the challenge of hiking difficult trails. I was checking out on life insurance and I saw one site where you can get quotes without exam, that's their promise life insurance no exam which sounds good to me. I just want to make sure that I am well insured just in case something will happen to me while I'm enjoying outdoors activity.

Mokulua Islands

Na Mokulua island (the two islands) is located .75 mile off Lanikai beach. The big island is called Moku nui and Moku iki is the small one. There is a small sandy beach facing Oahu and a cove on the other side. The islands are accessible with Kayak, motor boat, canoe or surfboard and popular to local seafaring person.
This is one of my goal, to kayak to the island of Moku nui one of this day if I get a chance. This islands are protected by the state of Hawaii as a bird sanctuary, no animal allowed on this areas. The small island is off limits because it is protected a a bird sanctuary so as the inside of the big island. Nesting seabirds and Hawaiian monk seal are home on this islets.

Fire hose

We love summer in Hawaii because we can enjoy outdoors to its best weather possible. I just wish that I have all the weekends off so I will be able to make plans with my friends who love hiking and also soaking in the sun at the beaches. Today we planned to do a sunset run at Pearl historic trail and next weekend we planned to Hike and go to the beach after. Summer is also a dangerous season because of fire. Like for instance the west side of the island which is dry and brush fire can ignite anytime, in fact the fire department is still trying to contain a brush fire that's been going on for almost a week. Thanks heaven that our apartment building has a firehose right by our door.

This lighthouse is part of Kauai's sugar plantation history, a symbol of the town, build in 1912. It is one of the nations most intact historic light stations. Consisting of concrete lighthouse, three field stone keepers' quarter, a fuel oil shed, cisterns, and a supply landing platform.
It became a refuge since 1985 to protect the local birds and the migratory birds. You can actually see nesting and resting birds like, red footed boobies, brown boobies, Laysan Albatross, black footed Albatross, Great Frigatebird, red tailed tropic bird, white tailed tropic bird, Hawaiian goose, Pacific golden plover, wedge-tailed shearwater, newell's shearwater, wandering tattler and ruddyturnstone. Kilauea is the most visited place in the island with estimated of over 500,000 visitors each year.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Skid Loader

My husband is looking for used skid loaders for sale for his upcoming job. We are looking at craigslist but we have no luck until we found a Texas based web site that actually sells what he wants. He will contact them very soon after he confirmed things with his client. We are excited for this coming project.
We hope to visit my husband's relatives in Texas if things will go as planned. He have two sisters and his niece and family lives there as well, we have not seen them for years so it will be a reunion, of course with my mom-in-law.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We have the chance to enjoy Lanikai beach last Sunday with my friends and have fun kayaking to the flat island (Popoia). Popoia is 1/4 mile off Lanikai which the state consider it as a nesting ground for Shearwater birds. We indeed found resting birds, eggs, and nesting birds. It was a fun day paddling to the island, maybe I will brave the Mokulua islands next time even I am not a good swimmer.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Custom Valnaces

I cannot believe how time flew so fast these days, we're just enjoying the summer and now fall is around the corner. I usually re-decorate our home by season, now I am trying to see what fall decorations I have on hand and found out that I need new valances for our new home. I saw this nice custom valances online which I really like with reasonable prices. They have prints, style and designs that will match any season. I am planning to order different prints to match the four seasons so I'll be ready to just pull it out from the closet whenever I'm ready to change our deco.

Kayaking Hawaii

We just recently found out that we love ocean adventures as much as we love the trill of hiking, now officially included in our hobby fun list is kayaking, boogie board and SUP(stand up paddle boarding). Hiking is in hiatus for now while we are enjoying summer at the beach cooking out and enjoying the water sports.
Today we planned to meet with friends and enjoy kayaking in a calm waters of Lanikai Beach. Hopefully it will be a fun day for all of us and this will just be the beginning of many more water sports events to come.


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