Thursday, May 26, 2011

We are planning to go camping up in the mountain or by the beach side next month as our little summer get-away. We don't know really what we need and which one to get so it's wise to hit the Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide 2011 Picks to get more information. We are planning to go camping in a tiny island and go there by boat; we might stay on that island for couple days. I know for sure that we need a tent and stove and sleeping pads. We are excited to do this and we also invited some of our friends, it's good to have few people with you for safety.


For the first time in my life and hopping that this will not happen again that I emailed a dispute complain to my bank of a small charges that appeared on my statement. It's not that much but I don't want it to happen again in the future, I hate making complaints unless it's necessary. I don't want to pass it because we never know that in the future they will be another charges and bigger than this one.
I also emailed a certain website the only info I have that was attached on the statement. I am still thinking about this charge if I did it or not but honestly I did not remember charging anything for the pass days. I wish they will get back to me and explain what it is.

Stainless Sink

My husband is currently doing a house and the owner wants a stainless steel sink to coordinate with his stainless steel appliances. The owner chose one online at because they want double undermount sink for their kitchen with a matching faucet. Their kitchen came out so modern and beautiful, I told my husband that I want to copy some of the features of their kitchen. We are currently doing our kitchen; it's good to know where they order their sink so I did ordered mine on the same company.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Body Whitening

This is what you see in a department store in South East Asia particularly Philippines, my homeland. Most off the people here are blinded by the show business where beauty and pale skin is famous and considered Beautiful.
I was once into the whitening product, my friends are also convincing me that white skin is better for me. In my mind that mentality is ridiculous, why don't we just love the color of the our skin and be happy about it.
Now that I'm here in the US which tan skinned is considered healthy looking that most people are paying more for tanning salons or endangering their health to skin cancer just to get suntan. I love my skin color, I love being naturally tan.

Ranger and ATV

We love outdoors so much, if you cannot find us boating, or camping at the beach sure you can find us off road playing with our Ranger and ATV. I love playing with Ranger than our boat, for out Polaris Ranger Accessories I always check online and pick from there, I get another set or two of lift kits.
I get seasick every time we go boating so I never really enjoy fishing. I only go with them boating if we go Sand Bar; it's a sticking sand island 3 miles away from Windward harbor. And we usually go there during summer season so during other season we love our ATV.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reading RD

I develop the love of reading Reader's Digest since I was home back in South East Asia; I just love the articles on it. Ever since my first Reader's Digest, I make it a point that I will buy monthly issue, but money is a problem because for a poor girl the coast of 1 issue is just too much for me, I manage to save my allowance to buy me when I can.
Since I move in the US it's still my best choice and finally I subscribe on it, I'm frugal, I subscribe the deal price which is $10 for a year, I will only renew my subscription if they will give me the same deal or I will just buy a month-to-month issue from the store. I love Reader's Digest and that will never change.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vitamin "G"

This is my vitamin "G" for the day! G for GREASE. I am taking vitamins that help us regulate our cholesterol as well as our blood sugar, I am playing safe because we're not getting any younger. Once in awhile I reward myself with greasy food, at most once a week. This is my guilty pleasure day and for lunch I had mozzarella cheese stick (home made - mozzarella wrapped in and french fries, so good and ate it with a can of soda.

Go Paperless

Before I have my current job, I was working as an administrative assistant in an accounting office. It's a part-time job the office is only busy during tax season, the reason I quit because I want a real job, an 8-5 and not a seasonal job. After I quit my ex boos go paperless on his documents because it's easier for him and convenient. He chooses an online document management system which makes his life easier.

Pumpkin Crunch

This is so simple and delicious pumpkin crunch. Don't think that making pie crust is hard, that's what I thought before but I found out a secret recipe that is perfect for a pie crust, it's sugar cookie mix.
1 can 12 oz pumpkin
1 can evaporated milk
2 cups sugar cookie mix
1 stick butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1 tsp pumpkin spice

for crust and topping mix cookie mix and butter divide mixture in two.
mix the rest of the ingredients and assemble in a pie crust, bake in 375 for 30-45 minutes... crumble topping will be put when the pie is half set in the oven about 20 minutes, then bake for another 15-20 minutes until pie filling is firm.

Creatine powder

Muscle building supplement has different ingredients and some work effectively and some has side effects. When you are looking for muscle building pills you have to look for creatine supplements or product with creatine powder. This component act to surround the muscle for energy and less muscle fatigue, it start working at the first use. It has a very good feedback and review from the customers that experience a long term benefit from it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is the dish that supposed to be "Chicken Afritada" but ended up something else. The original recipe calls for tomato sauce, realizing that I run out of tomato sauce while I'm cooking I altered it and use ketchup.

2 lbs chicken cut into pieces
1 gloves garlic diced
1 onion dices
1/4 tsp ginger root diced
1/4 cup red and green bell
1 bay leaf
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup water
salt and pepper
1/2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp cooking oil

saute ginger,garlic and onion in hot oil, add chicken and cover for 3 minutes. Add water, ketchup and dijon mustard, bay leaf, salt and pepper and simmer in low until chicken is cook. You can add some ketchup and mustard depending on your likings. When chicken is about ready add the bell peppers. Enjoy over hot rice.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Precious Moms

I always take care of the person that helped me shape my life and be the person that I am now, my mom. I always give her a call and surprise her with present. Now that I am married, I also give thanks to my husband's mom because she did very well on raising the man that I am married to. There's online site that I always check when I am looking for a mothers gifts, they always have cute ideas and selections that fits the personality of the two precious moms in my life.

This is what they say "The recipes that I will keep to my GRAVE because I can't remember the ingredients of my creation."
I am so famous of making up recipe so every time I cook something especially when hubby loves it he then ask me to write it down before I forget what I had put in the recipe. Earlier today my daughter called me up asking again for the pork chop sauce that I had made for them before that they love so much.
I can't forget the incident last week about the smoke meet brine. He was arguing me about the ingredients that he doesn't know, I was about to yell at him "leave it to the expert in experimenting recipe." He was asking me if I put this and that, to keep him quite I said yes. Few days when they're done smoking the meet it fortunately came out good and his friends like it so he is so proud. He came home that night while I was voice chatting with my mom and he was showing them on the video the smoke meet and was telling them, "it came out so good but I have to make her remember and write the recipe."
As I was giving the recipe and trying to remember what I ingredients I had. I know I gave her the right ingredients because I always made it simple and easy to make. She told me it was good but she didn't saute the garlic and onion on the oil and she don't have dijon mustard for the bite.
Tonight I supposed to make chicken afritada for dinner then I realized I run out of tomato sauce so it became a nameless dish again. Instead of tomato sauce I used ketchup, a little bit of dijon mustard, and other spices to make it yummy, a dash of this and a pinch of that. Husband loves it so I will write the recipe now :D

I was looking for Mens Gift Basket Ideas for any occasion. I hit the internet and was browsing until I found out this site that has assorted items and ideas for men gift basket, you can pick items base on your theme. Men loves gadgets and electronics and most of all they love their remote control, so to make it humorous and fun I will add remote control on all men's gift baskets.

Peach Crumbles

This pie or crumble is a result because of extra ingredients I have in my pantry. I have pounds of sugar cookie mix in my pantry that is siting for months. I had planned to bake another batch of caramelita today, at the back of my head I'm thinking of the sugar cookie mix and a jar of peaches.
The light bulb turns on and I created a peach crumble. So easy to make and so delicious.

1-1/2 cup sugar cookie mix, incorporate with 1 stick room temp butter, divide in two for base and crumble.
1 jar peach slices in light syrup, drained and slice more thinly. Mix peaches with 2 tbsp brown sugar, dash of salt, cinnamon and pinch of nutmeg.

Assemble the crust, filling and crumbles and bake on 375 for 30 minutes or until top crumbles is golden.

Business Cards

I was checking online at this printing business that makes business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards and other printing stuff. We need more business cards for my husband and his friends business to hand out on a business event next weekend. Good thing we ordered it ahead of time, so I am expecting it to come in tomorrow. It will be a busy weekend for us and hoping for the success of the event.

His Cooking

I came home last night and went straight to our room to settle my stuff, finding my husband laptop up on a recipe site; I ignored it and check my own laptop. He came in the room happily asking me to eat dinner and announced that he cooked dinner.
That morning I bring out beef from the freezer and instructed him to throw it on the grill for dinner. Well no steak for tonight instead he made a stew out of it. Thanks so much for his effort and the help of online recipe, he made it possible. Well he followed the recipe literally and he did not even know what bouillon cubes are.
Honestly it's good but needs a little bit salt and pepper. I told him he doesn’t have to follow what the recipe calls for. Like the potato that calls for 3 and its only two of is eating then he cooked rice. I told him next time reduced the ingredients based on how many people are eating and I also showed him what beef bouillon is. Thanks so much babe its cook with kim chee.

There are so many diet pills out on the market that promise you to lose weight but most of them are not effective or usually it has a bad side effect. Like for instance no shotgun that promise to burn your fat and built your muscle. This product has side effect from its ingredients, it contains Yohimbine that has been tied to renal failure, seizures, hallucinations, and rapid and drastic changes in blood pressure.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to Business

Blogger scared the heck out of me yesterday. I was checking my FB account during my lunch break yesterday; my co-bloggers are grumbling about blogger that they are unable to access the site. In my mind, in my mind I was saying they must be kidding because I was able to post this morning.
When I came home last night I am so surprise that I as well was not able to access blogger. The moment I woke up this morning I check back, I am able to access it but 6 of my recent post was missing, I got worried at the same time crossing my finger that my 6 post will reappear because I have no idea how will I rewrite it with all the links or how will I retrieve it. Thanks God when I checked back to it tonight it’s all there, SAFE! Thanks Blogger Fairy.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My girl friend asks me to help her plan her wedding. We started on the gifts for her bride's maid and for the groom’s man. I suggested giving the guys the rocky patel vintage cigars, so to the male guess who likes cigars, they both like the idea.
I will also order some for my husband so he can give it to his clients and friends. I better order while the sampler is still on sale.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My coworker introduce me to this boxed mix that you can make Carmelita or cookie as you wish. The last time I had this mix I made Carmelita bars, but this time I tried to make a thumb print cookies but it came out like a chocolate oatmeal cookies with a touch of caramel on top. It's pretty good, in fact my husband was sneaking on eat, tsk tsk, he said it's good.

Receipt Printer

We are just so relieve at my workplace particularly in my department because the finally change our POS. Lately it's not working very good and getting so slow in a busy day. First the sign pad was not working we call it in but it went down after 10minutes, then the whole thing including the receipt printer. Good thing they change it on time of our busiest day of the month.
I just learned that our company keeps a good amount of devices in stock to replace any damage ones. The technician told me that they always order online at, as a big store they need to stock up on these devices that is necessary in our business operation.

Bread Pudding

Honestly this is my first bread pudding ever. I am scared making it afraid of it will not come out as good as I expected. As the recipe call for day old bread, eggs and milk. This came out really good that even my best critic love it, we usually eat this for breakfast and he requested to have more than his usual serving.

1 loaf slice day old bread
4 eggs
2 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp butter melted
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup raisin
chocolate shavings or chocolate chips

mix everything except raisin, bread and chocolate chip. Line 1st layer of bread on a baking dish, place the raisins and cover with the custard mixture. Repeat until third layer, pour the remaining custard mix and sprinkle the chocolate chips, press top with fork to soak the bread thoroughly. Bake for 45 minutes at 375 and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Both are not socially accepted, and the later one smells nastier that the first one. But there are people who are so relax and just letting their gas out in public to the point that you feel shame for them.
One slow day in my work place when we are busy cleaning-up, tidying the displays and putting back clothes. I heard this loud familiar sound, I know it's fart and I know who did it. When I look at her, she is in her pace as if nothing had happen and she did it one more time and it's loud. It made me think for a moment if which is disgusting and un-accepted, burping or farting, I believe both of them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outdoor Fire Pit

We were watching TV one night and had this commercial showing outdoor firepit. The commercial is not really about the fire pit but it captured my husband's and mines eyes. It's a good idea to have a fire pit in our vacation house because it's by the ocean side and sometimes it's cold during the night. We can have so much fun especially when we camp outside the beach side with the fire pit. We will invite friends to come spend the night with us and have fun.

Flower for MOM

I already have present for my mom-in-law for the coming mother's day ready to be sent. It's just a little something that will remind her that she is loved and she's special. I will get a mother's day card for her tomorrow and will send her package. For my mom since she is so far away I will send her flower arrangements, good thing they also have this service overseas. I already made the arrangement for them to deliver it to her on mother's day, she will surely feel special and loved.

Knee sleeves

Usually I saw people using neoprene knee sleeve after a knee surgery but my husband is using it when is knees is bothering him. Sometimes his knees are painful that he is considering of having a knee surgery. Knee sleeves help him alleviate the pain he is suffering. The doctor had advice him that he does not need a knee surgery, he only need a joint supplement and knee sleeves.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This is just one of the days at work. During my break time I am able to enjoy this piece of view. This is why I love Hawaii so much because nature is all around you. Ocean, mountains, lush greens and the beautiful creatures around us. You can be is a crowded and noisy place but you can always escape from the hustle and bustle and run to the quite country life.

Crab Wonton

I am tired after work and during my off days what I'm doing is rest and have a much needed sleep. I am getting lazy in the kitchen but I am making sure that during my days off, I am able to cook a good home cook meal for my dear husband. He is being so nice and understanding that during my work days he is being easy on food and he help me clean up every after meal.
I am enjoying my 2 days off so yesterday I made a hearty good meal for him. Today I made this crab wonton, it's easy and savory. I am happy that he understand my busy schedule and help me out on easy meal ideas.

Adult Gift

I was looking for great birthday gifts for adults because for growing numbers of friends. I was looking for unique gifts with personal touch to it and tailored to a certain person's personality. I might give my husband a marble wine chiller and stopper. I want to get an oversize cast iron family tree with tiny picture frames for my mother-in-all since her birthday is coming up. To my friends whi love to cook a recipe box is a perfect gift idea.

Mom & FB

I know my mom well, she is not a tech person. It took her awhile to get use to cell phone how much more computer. Recently my sister made a FB account for her and she was telling me that she went with the kids and was chatting with her friend who is now in Japan. Ok I will take it and was wondering that maybe somebody else is using her account.
I was thinking of calling her earlier but was a bit busy. While I'm doing my task online I am checking my FB at the same time and looking if who's on. When I saw that my mom is on I get skeptic and a little bit scared that someone is stealing her account. I chat and ask if who's using her account and the person replied claiming shes my mom and I said "My mom doesn't know how to chat" and she is insisting that she is my mom so I said ok I will call you.
I called my dad's number and no body is answering. I went back to FB and said how come you're not answering me. She gave me her number which I forgot and called her. I was relieve when she finally answer me. It's my mom :)

Acne Cure

Are you tired of home acne remedies? If that's the case you better start looking for the real acne cure with real result. I found this acne remedies review site online, they will rate the best acne cure base on the customer's feedback. You will never get wrong because they rate the product on its effectiveness, safe ingredients, quality and side effect. Start reading the feedback and decide which one suits your needs best.


It is a wonderful experience to be a cupcake artist! Nah! Well this are birthday cupcakes for my husband's grandson for his classmates. I made a strawberry cupcake with butter cream frosting top with rainbow sprinkles. I made it simple for the kids.
I remember when I was young that I prepare cupcakes than real cake simply because they are cut and savory and I clearly remember that I can eat more than one cupcake. Right now I am trying to stay away from cupcakes because I am getting older and I don't want to gain that much weight. I wanted to make gourmet cupcake but it require me to taste them and I cant help eating them when they turn out good. So I better make them once in awhile or during birthdays.

We have this bridal registry service that we need bluetooth barcode scanner to hand to the bride and groom. They come here to register their wedding, house warming or bridal shower and they come to pick the items they want to be on their registry. It's so fun to help this people make their list and make their guests life easy, all the guests needs to do is go to our registry list booth and print their respective bride's registry list.

Mother's Day 11

I will miss my mom this mother's day, I will try give her a call today. I just wish that I will see her and the rest of my family and relatives next year, crossing my fingers. I wish her a Happy Mother's Day and hope she is or will be very proud and happy of her kids. I'm asking my brother and sister to do their best and make our parents proud. I also Thank my Mom-in-law for being so sweet and nice to me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tech Jobs

My brother is planning to move to the mainland US for good, he is looking for jobs at east coast like NY or west coast like CA or WA. He is trying to look for a tech jobs whichever state he can find job first that will be the place he will be moving to. I wish he will stay closer and found a job at west coast so it's easier for us to visit him.


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