Friday, May 31, 2013

Last month my old laptop crush on me and it feels like my world is ending because all my files were in that laptop and I did not do a back-up. I am using my new laptop right now and learned my lesson in a hard way. I need to make sure that I will back up my file in a timely manner to avoid the trouble I'd experienced. I am also thankful that there is this Iolo registry repair that will help you fix your computer. Whoever invented this program is really smart.

Unknown Plant

I was wondering what is the name of this berries. It looks like coffee bean but has the texture of mountain apple, the leaves looks like chili leaves. I am not sure this is edible and yes I am not willing to be the guinea pig. I love it when I saw this plants because it reminds me of Christmas.

Life's Choices

I am so grateful that the craziest 3 weeks of my life was finally come to an end. I can breath now and focus on my next chapter, although I will be going to Saturday classes for another 4-5 months depending on their schedules, it's perfectly fine since I'm only doing it on Saturdays.
I am in the process of taking advance courses on my chosen career cause I know it will help me to advance in the future. I am so thankful and grateful of my husband for being very supportive with me right now.

Music Equipment

Last Sunday church service was really wonderful and I am looking forward for this coming Sunday. I have noticed that our choir or band group got new equipment. I was asking one of the members if where they got it from and she told me that they ordered that mxl from musicians friend because it was in a good deal online. We really appreciate having our choir group and so the new equipment because it's making our church service more fun.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Candy Crush


I know that most of my friends on facebook are playing "candy crush", most of them are sending me invites for ages to join them but I told myself that I am over from this FB games and I have better things to do than waste my time on this game. My bestfriend got a hold of my phone one day and downloaded the apps, it stayed on my phone for ages until she played it and on my boredom moment I peek on it, that was the mistake I did! Now i am hooked on it which is really bad because I have so much things to do but then I always find myself playing candy crush! boo!

Once every two years I pretty much clean and sort out what books we need and what we don't need. Either we donate most of the books or give it away. It's a hassle for because we have to drive far to the donation center drop off. I am glad that I found this cool site online where you can check how much they will buy your book. In that way you can sort out the books that worth something and those that does not worth anything. You can also check on what books they have available for sale. It's really helpful and convenient site for me and I will recomend this site to my friends and family.


I was in hiatus for three weeks because I went to a CNA training school. It is time for me to do what I believe is a rewarding job. I really had a great experience although the last part of it was sad but it was worth all of the hard work we put in. I am grateful that I have learned skills and also gain more compassion in my heart. I am also grateful that I found new nice friends that are very supportive in helping each other to make it through. We are done with the program and we are currently doing the next chapter which is state certification. We are now meeting once a week to practice our skills and ready ourselves for the state certification exam. I am happy and thankful that my other half is very supportive on my decisions. I am Happy and grateful that I gained wonderful friends along the way.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Audio Fast Track

As always my brother keeps bugging me about his music equipments. He knows that I love him so much that he can ask me anything he wants as long as I can afford it. He is a full-time student and working part-time but I always help him out whenever I can. He was looking for something online and asks me to check it out on his favorite online store; he wants me to get the best m audio fast track pro for him. I told him I will get it for him if he shows me his good grades.

Beach day

I am excited to hang out at the beach on Sunday before I begun my crazy 15 days training school days. I have invited one of my friend and we will be grilling out favorite meat of choice, veggies and some fruits too. It's been awhile that we have not hang out at the beach due to our busy schedule and most of the time we agreed to go hiking instead of hanging out at the beach. Beach day in two days.

Toyota Parts

I was looking for particular parts I our local auto store for my old Toyota Camry but unfortunately they don't have it, one of the sales person told me that I might be able to find it online. I was searching for oem toyota accessories and found a very reliable site where they have what I was looking for; I didn't wait and order it right away. It arrived in one week which really made my day. I will recommend this online site and will always check them out for my future needs.


Unfortunately I forgot what is the name of this ranch up at Pupukea road, its either sunny or happy farm. We took this picture while I am trying to google our main destination. We obviously got lost and went on the dead end but it was a good drive checking out what we miss all our life. Getting lost is one way of getting to know your surroundings that you never though exist. We found what we were looking for and now I know that there are beautiful ranch up there.


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