Monday, February 28, 2011

Most of my sweet friends are single, my husband even named one of them as "your single friend." They want to find nice single guys but they just get tired of going out meeting guys who are just checking out and not really ready for a relationship. I suggested one of them to try free online dating which is so famous these days. We also know people that found their true love on that site. One of them told me that it's a possibility because she is just tired of being single and wants to meet the right person for her who is also ready to be in a relationship.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yes I love potato and sweet potato alike. For potatoes I like it bake eaten with butter and loaded with sour cream, sometime I pan seared the potato until it's tender and browned same as sweet potato. I prefer it seared in olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt, black pepper and Italian seasoning sometime I add rosemary or dill eaten with sour cream on he side. As usual I ate most of it because as they teased me that I'm the Caucasian in the house (in reality I don't have a single drop of Caucasian blood but I love American food so much).

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My best buddy and I were talking about the famous Zumba, a type of fitness exercise. She said we have to go on a class together we are looking forward doing it at least twice a week. We both know that by doing it for just twice a week is not enough to lose the weight we are targeting. I suggested to her that we need to take best weight loss pill to help us lose more weight in short period of time or less exercise.

Best Towels

Invest on a good quality towel. When we talk towels we want it to be absorbent and dry fast when we hang it after use and also when we dry it after wash. We consider it a best quality towel if it's soft and silky to the touch, light and bulky, and ultra plush.
I have personal brand choices that I'm satisfied with. Macy's carries a high end brand that I can consider one of the best. Turkish cotton and micro cotton are best cotton for towel. You have to look for 100% cotton on its label, 100% cotton is better than a blend of cotton and polyester.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Get Aspire

One of my close friends keeps telling me that she will diet and exercise to lose weight, she always said "I will start my diet on Monday", yet so many Mondays that comes and go and she didn't started. I got tired listening to her so I told her if you wanted to lose weight why don't you buy diet pills. I know this one brand called aspire, you can always check aspire diet pill reviews online and it will give you the honest consumer based reviews. Now she can fit on her old jeans.

Good Linens

I always here from people that the higher the thread count of sheets the better. But not all high thread count sheet are worth to invest on, there are few factors to be considered. One factor is the quality of cotton used, combed cotton is better. Another factor is the type of cotton, the best one for linens will be Egyptian followed by Pima. Feel is also another factor, what is a 1000 thread when it rough to the feel. of course it should feel softer to the touch.
Any linens that has 300 or more thread counts to it is considered good. Percale weave is usually 300-400 thread while 500-600 has a sateen weave which makes it feel silkier and has a softer texture to it.
If you are looking for wrinkle free or doe not wrinkle that much the best choice will be cotton-polyester blend. As long as its 300 threads and higher it will feel softer ans silkier to the touch.

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a natural and healthy fatty acid that is actually essential to the basic functioning of your body. It will help you burn fat and build muscle mass overtime. If use along with exercise it can also contribute to a healthy heart rate. There is no conjugated linoleic acid side effects associated to it at all except if you are allergic to the source. So make don't waste time on exercise alone use CLA to achieve the best result.

Nutri Clean is a digestive, liver and colon maintenance. If you are experiencing irregularities, this will definitely help you address that matter. Just like everybody I was skeptic myself but I give it a try because I want to be healthy by cleansing my colon and eliminating the toxic waste build-up. Nutri Clean helps me feel healthy. Click on the images and will direct you to the SITE

Primary Benefits of NutriClean® Probiotics*:

  • Delivers 10 billion colony forming units (CFUs) per serving
  • Utilizes LiveBac® and Bio-tract® to help keep the probiotics viable and improve shelf life
  • Provides beneficial bacteria to help maintain optimal bacterial balance
  • Promotes a strong immune system
  • Promotes bowel regularity and stomach comfort
  • Promotes colon health
  • Supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • Supports healthy teeth
  • Promotes healthy vaginal flora
  • Promotes healthy vaginal pH
  • Supports a healthy urinary tract
  • Supports the body's normal resistance to yeast
  • Supports a healthy upper digestive tract
  • Provides 10 bacterial strains for comprehensive support
    • Lactobacillus plantarum
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus
    • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
    • Lactobacillus salivarius
    • Lactobacillus casei
    • Lactobacillus helvectius
    • Bifidobacterium bifidum
    • Bifidobacterium longum
    • Bifidobacterium breve
    • Bifidobacterium infantis

I just found out that I have so many friends who are expecting. They are good mothers and always seeking for the best prenatal vitamins for the benefits of their babies. Every expecting mom to realize the important nutrients they need for the development of their baby.
There are 8 essential includes Folic acid to prevent birth defects. Calcium to prevent maternal death and decrease high blood pressure, it will also help in the development of the babies bones. DHA, studies show that infants born to mothers with higher blood levels of DHA have advanced attention spans well into their second year of life. The rest of the nutrients are Co-Enzyme Q 10, Probiotics, Choline, ginger root, Inositol. Make sure you have these extra nutrients while you are expecting so you and your baby will be healthy.

It is refreshing indeed! I just recently found out about this healthy and refreshing Japanese food. This is a boiled Somen noodle topped with fresh cucumber, scallions, kamaboku (Fish cake), tofu choice of ham or chicken and other veggies that you wanted to add and the most important ingredients is quarter cup of Somen Dressing or soup base broth. You can find it at Japanese store at affordable price and variety, I always pick the one with English translation since I cannot read Japanese. Try it, I recommend it during summer summer time with lots of cucumber. Cucumber will make it so refreshing. I also attached an images of the soup base that you can buy or you can always make a soup base broth just search online for a recipe.

Force Factor

More and more people are getting into fitness exercises and also on supplements that will help them lose weight and achieve the body they want. You need to check out fore factor reviews to see how this supplement can help you achieve your ultimate goal.
My husband went back to his gym routine recently he is taking Force factor in order to help him get in shape faster. It's been 2 years that he did not visit the gym, he gained weight on his mid section and loose some muscles on his thigh. The supplement is helping him a lot in gaining back those muscles and going back into shape.

Free Samples

I am one of many people who are skeptic about these online FREEBIES. After so many years doing my stuff online and hearing these Freebies, I finally give in and give it a try. I set up an email account intended just for random online activities (just to avoid spams and viruses on your real life email add).
I got a package last night I thought it's my online order, to my surprise! It's my freebies that I had forgotten. If you wanted to receive freebies CLICK on the picture ABOVE and it will direct you to the site. Follow instructions and they will send you freebies every quarter, they will also email you to choose from different samples tailored to your needs every quarter. This is awesome and I love it.

Glass Tiles

We are looking forward on remodeling our bathroom and changing the tiles too. I was searching options online of glass tiles looking for perfect color and style. My husband and I decided to go with the one on the photo above because it matches our home and style which is island home. We wanted our master bathroom to look so cozy and relaxing feel to it, with these tile colors it will always makes you feel that you are swimming and relaxing on the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters of Hawaii.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I honestly bought this product for my husbands it's not a secret that he is older than me. Of course, to my curiosity I tried the product and like it. I am using the product for a week now and it's clearing my skin from minor acne, it also makes my skin look so radiant and glowing with my makeup.
Simply click the image as you will get directed where you can purchase the product and you will also get Cash Back.


One of my cousins will be moving to the mainland US due to her husband's work. They have live in Hawaii all her life so moving to the mainland will be a big move for her, she needs a car gps to navigate at their new place. She will be by herself with the kids most of the time, bringing the kids to school, doing her shopping and so on. The GPS will help her a lot. In my case I am also planning to get one because there are places here that I am not so use too and I often got lost.


Kimchi! We don't have any Korean blood but you can always find kimchi and daikon (pickled radish) in our fridge. It's like we cannot live without kimchi, that we have different kimchi in our fridge. Yes it is stinky especially the Daikon but when you are eating it, it taste so good and smell good too. I got this from a Korean store and they made it fresh daily.

I like contemporary designs that I will start in our living room. As of the moment I am shopping for contemporary furniture. I was checking this site online where they have this designs and style on how to make your living room look as perfect picture from a magazine. I love contemporary furniture; I have a design in my head that I wanted to do in our living room, with open glass window, outside will be a Japanese garden to coordinate the living room design

Make-up perfect!

For radiant and flawless looking skin the trick will be good makeup BRUSHES. Choose a powder brush with a medium-size, slightly rounded head, which will let you dust powder only where needed, like the nose, chin and forehead, while keeping cheeks bare and rosy. Before buying, run the bristles along the back of your hand a couple of times; the tips should feel feathery, the bottoms should be snugly clenched inside the ferrule and none should shed onto your skin. To keep your powder brush in tip-top condition (and prevent breakouts), wash the bristles once a week.

I think that online store will be the thing of the future. My brother does almost all his shopping online from game and computer stuff to his clothing like hip hop clothes. he is not totally a hip hop guy but he owns some of it, his personal choices are nice ones and I like them too. He learned shopping online from his friends they always get good deals and nice stuff.

Picky Eater Kids

I believe that most of the picky eater kids can be blamed to lazy mothers. You can trained your kids to eat healthy or normal food when their young. I have notice that most of the young mothers choose frozen and easy to prepare food for their kids, they often grab frozen un-healthy food. This will lead to their kids to develop to be picky eater, most of this kids only eat what they are used too which is rubbish, un-healthy frozen or microwavable foods.
Learn to cook fast healthy food. Include vegetables in your kids diet, start it when they are 1 year old. It's just like if you start them eating junk all they will know is eat junk while if you start them eating healthy, they will learn to eat healthy and normal food. It's just how you trained your kids and not being lazy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Be healthy

Just got my orders from my online STORE. You can get "Cash Back" if you sign up as a prepared customer and let your friend use your email every time they shop online at We have so many wonderful products to choose, from health supplements, beauty product to house and pet product. Try it and you will be amazed and get your cash back too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

80s Music

I was watching my favorite channel last night, at 11pm they show this paid ads. I was busy doing my online task and only listening to the TV. I just realized that I love 80s music! They are playing my favorite 80s music and I can remember loving those songs when I was young.
When I was in college and after college me and my friends are always choosing those songs in karaoke and belting on the top of our lungs. You probably know what I mean, we sang songs even we cannot carry the tune, yes I feel sorry to the people listening to us that has this looks on their faces saying "for God sake please STOP"! Blame it to the 80s song.

My nephew was so into wrestling mania, he always watched it and wants to be a wrestler. Every Halloween he always asks me to get him a wrestler costumes. A few days ago he ask me if I can get him a nike inflict wrestling shoes. I asked him what he will do with it; he told me that he will sign up for a wrestling training class. I have no idea if there sure a training school for wrestling but if there is my nephew will be the happiest kid.

Me and my co-worker is getting hook on this video. If you have worked in customer service you will understand how we feel about this kind customer. I get this people a lot and I'm getting sick of working is a customer service.
Sometimes associates gets tired and bitchy too, but O believe that it will be a good day if we always have wonderful and kind customers. Peace!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My sister and her family soon will be moving to another state due to her husband's job. She is now busy online applying for a management jobs, she's posting her resume and looking for vacancies. It's amazing that internet made our lives so simple that we can now do so many things online.
I will be missing my sister's kids when they move to another state; they will be moving on spring.


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