Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picky Eater Kids

I believe that most of the picky eater kids can be blamed to lazy mothers. You can trained your kids to eat healthy or normal food when their young. I have notice that most of the young mothers choose frozen and easy to prepare food for their kids, they often grab frozen un-healthy food. This will lead to their kids to develop to be picky eater, most of this kids only eat what they are used too which is rubbish, un-healthy frozen or microwavable foods.
Learn to cook fast healthy food. Include vegetables in your kids diet, start it when they are 1 year old. It's just like if you start them eating junk all they will know is eat junk while if you start them eating healthy, they will learn to eat healthy and normal food. It's just how you trained your kids and not being lazy.


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