Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Plain Sight

Me and my husband love to watch Crime Drama on TV, we even get so hook on it, and we are looking forward to watch this all new crime drama from USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. We are waiting for it, sure we'll get hook on this one looks so exciting. I like the character of Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), she looks tough and sexy. I also like the character of Mary's mother Jinx (Lesley Ann Warren), she knows that even sometimes her laze-about ways occasionally get on Mary's nerves, she also suspects Mary is happy to have her mother's shoulder close by when she needs it. Mary's mom reminds me of my friend.
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This car alarm technology is really helpful to us especially this times that car thieves are so courageous. We have this neighbor couple houses away from us, he have new truck 2008 Tacoma, and the ALARM was so sensitive, there is no day that it won't alarm, sometimes it alarms many times in a day.
His truck is just couple months older that ours, same model and same color, dang!. The sales person explain to us that they will install the alarm and adjust it just right not too sensitive that when an accelerating car pass by it won't alarm. And yes it only alarm when you try to break in with force.
I wish they will adjust their car alarm cause its irritating sometimes hehehe

Friday, May 30, 2008

I just read this on yahoo: Tokyo: A homeless woman who sneaked into a man's house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food mysteriously began disappearing.
Police found the 58-year-old woman Thursday hiding in the top compartment of the man's closet and arrested her for trespassing, police spokesman Hiroki Itakura from southern Kasuya town said Friday.The resident of the home installed security cameras that transmitted images to his mobile phone after becoming puzzled by food disappearing from his kitchen over the past several months. One of the cameras captured someone moving inside his home Thursday after he had left, and he called police believing it was a burglar. However, when they arrived they found the door locked and all windows closed. "We searched the house ... checking everywhere someone could possibly hide," Itakura said. "When we slid open the shelf closet, there she was, nervously curled up on her side."The woman told police she had no place to live and first sneaked into the man's house about a year ago when he left it unlocked. She had moved a mattress into the small closet space and even took showers, Itakura said, calling the woman "neat and clean."

She has a clever Idea, good thing she didn't steal any valuable belongings only food , using the shower and free of rent unfortunately she was caught... tsek, tsek

I just know it recently that there is a technology you can use to make a bank deposit online. Using your ordinary computer; Just pass a check or money order through a scanner, and transmit it to the bank electronically, without even leaving your home or office.
You can benefit to this technology especially if you have online business and eBay PowerSellers, although any business that handles checks can benefit and use it. DepositNow comes in three version. The DepositNow Web-Based: All you have to do is Scan and upload your checks. The DepositNow software that processes the checks is actually running on our data center, not your hard drive. You have no software to install, but you must be connected to the Internet to scan checks. The DepositNow Offline-Mode: Scan as many checks as you want, whether you are connected to the Internet or not. Then sign in and upload your entire deposit at once. DepositNow for QuickBooks or Peachtree: Works the same as DepositNow in Offline Mode, but can also help update your financial records automatically if you use the QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting systems.
Maybe you might get turned off because a lot of check scanners coat you several hundred of dollars that the only function is to read only checks and nothing else. So the company developed their own scanner for half the price ($225) that also works as a regular scanner. Instead of buying a regular scanner have this one so you can make a bank deposit online as well.
You can sign up for their online deposit service and enter my blog name as a promo code and get a $25 off the price of a scanner. Isn't that sound good.
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I'm going to reveal another quirky truth, did you know that even I don't shampoo my hair every day, LOL. That's true I only shampoo my hair twice a week and used only hair conditioner in between, weird!. I have read long time ago that shampoo can dry your hair and scalp, sad to say before I had dry hair due to hair straighteners and hair colors. Now its ok, its not dry anymore.

Cold Stone creamery is inviting teens ages 13-19 to join the Awesome Cold Stone Contest and have the chance to win $30,000 + in prizes!. This Contest application is open to United States residents (including Guam and Puerto Rico). There is NO PURCHASE REQUIRED to apply to be a contestant.
All you have to do is come up with your own creation using the ingredients found at any Cold Stone Creamery. Give it a clever name and get your family and friends to give your creation an try and vote for it online.
So kids out there who meet the age requirement go to their site and join Awesome Cold Stone Contest, this is your chance to show your talent on mixing using Cold Stone ingredients. Time to show off your wild imaginations. This contest sound fun because you can mix your own creation and name it.
How I wish me and my husband are age qualified to join the contest, because we love to indulge our sweet tooths with Cold Stone signature Ice cream creations, and if we have occasion we always have their signature cakes. We also love to make our own creation and name it. I hope next time you will have a contest for family's, we love to join and have fun.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008


My stepdaughter is not living with us she just come once in a while to visit, our age gap is pretty close and people don't think that I'm her step mom because they always said I'm young lol, she's 22 and I'm 30, we're good.
She always teased me that me and her dad has a BORING life, because we don't go out to have night life. Well honestly we Don't have a Boring Life!, we just don't like going out and drinking, partying or discoing, besides that's not me that's not my life, we prepare staying home and have quality time with each other with out the hassle and buzzle of night life.
Even when we are still dating, hubby took me to have a night life to make me happy but I told him, once in a while yes, but not every weekend because thats boring hahahaha, yah night life is boring for me.
Even when I was teenager night life is not my thing hehehe they all call me the 'old lady', and now hubby and my step daughter call me 'OLD LADY'. lol
For the record 'hubby and I don't have a boring life, we enjoy this kind life, it's much fun than going out at night.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have been looking for a Personalized flash drives to give my brother as his graduation present, his graduating high school pretty soon. Good thing the Pexagon flash drives can be personalized with Custom laser Engraving on BOTH sides of the drive and its absolutely FREE with no order minimums, available in 14 exciting colors and 6 capacities ranging from 512MB to 16GB. I will have it engrave with congratulations of course and his name at the other side. How about Dad, I will make Dad happy too, I'll get him one for father's day, I'll get black for my brother and blue for Dad, hope they will like the colors I have picked for them.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Living in Paradise will cost you a fortune! "you have to pay for a Paradise!" As you will always hear in Hawaii when you complain about high-cost living.
We go wholesale for some household stuff that cost us max $150-200 per month and this receipt here that cost $275.68 at a retail store usually we do the groceries every 2-3 weeks at the retail store, hope this one will last a month!, its only me and hubby and his son just stay with us only at weekend. Hows that $600.-- a month, only the two of us excluding the fast foods ( I mean Like mcDonald and so on) and hubby's lunch.
Thats life!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tag from TexasRose, thx a lot gwafa...

My Foundation: Mary Kay creme to powder foundation (I love Mary Kay products)

My Blush: (I'm not so into make-ups) but Got maybelline brush Blush

My Day Cream: Mary Kay Facial Emulsion( but I'm so lazy applying it).

My Lipstick: Maybelline VolumeXLseduction Lip Plumper, also got Mary Kay & Revlon.

My Essential Beauty Product: Lip gloss, eye liner pencil (wet n wild or mary kay), eys lash curler and eye mascara.

My favorite Make-up product: I don't use a lot of make ups but I got Loureal & Lancome .

My Perfume: (I collect perfumes)I got a few collection from Mary kay and it really have a good scent, Tommy girl, Estee Lauder Pleasure, 5th avenue Elizabeth Arden, Baby Phat, Lacost Skin, glamorous RL, Kenzo Flower (crazy about perfumes)lol.

My Nails: No colors, but got long nails hekhekhek

My Feet: I do foots spa if I'm in the mood, sometimes petroleum jelly before going to bed.

My hands: My body lotion.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Computer lol, Body wash, Wipes....

Women I admire for their beauty: Angelina Jolie(pretty, sexy and tough) Julia Roberts(sexy&elegant).

Women with the best Sense of Style: Julia Roberts, Kimora Lee Simons, J-LO .

My ultimate dream: To be known business woman(wish), Known Trend setter or be known as Hollywood designer! har har har

My favorite fashion Publication: Glamour, Vogue.

will be tagging Joy Burlinson, perpetual_bliss, Louraine.


Every time I saw the trailer of this movie on TV I always told hubby to rent me this movie. Yesterday we did rent few videos because its a 3 days weekend.

I give this movie 5 star rating, 5 is the highest. Reasons are Nicholas Cage is my Favorite my crush and my FANTASY lol. Second I love all his movies, We have watch the part one of this National treasure and also love the second part which is the 'book of secret' and will be waiting for the next 3rd part, I'm sure they will have the 'page 47 of the book of secret'.
Love this movie so much I recommend it. I love Nick lol.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Shocking PINK!

You might noticed that I have CHANGE again my background because some individual are allergic to a very PINK blog lol. I have receive few PINK compliments about my so PINK blog lol, I love pink can't help it. Now its still pink with black hope you like it now hehehe. And I have change it to not please those who don't like my pink blog.
Anyway I'll keep on experimenting my template from time to time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I want to go back to college and my husband agree on my decision. My choices are local university or online college. I just get prostrated because I didn't find the right school for me and I get tired on searching and checking each schools sites, checking what they offer and everything. Good thing a close friend of mine told me to use myUsearch, I didn't waste time and check it, wow their service is absolutely great, I finally find the right online school for me.
myUsearch service is FREE, and they have the best College service searching. Now I'm excited to go back to college, wish me luck.

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We went to a 1st birthday party last year and the parents hired a magician at the same time HYPNOSIS, well good thing I didn't volunteer to be hypnotize or put into deep sleep because I might look funny lol.
I don't know if the volunteers are his crews or just plain guess at the party. About 20 volunteered and went to the stage until only 5 left because the rules is, if you cant go to deep sleep you will be out, most of them went to deep sleep, but not sure if its acting or what, until the 5 female left and they answer him so funny and they do the funny things he asked, we are all laughing and I really tell my self good thing I didn't volunteer.
But still I'm hesitant, not sure if they are just acting or what.

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Services they Offer:

You don't have to worry regarding the safety of your shipments because they perform a full background check on ALL carriers that they work with and keep the authority and insurance on file for each carrier. Their files are updated and maintained on a regular basis.
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Yesterday it was raining the whole day, when I open the glass door at the back of our house I heard a joyful chirp of a bird I really wonder where it came from, I get so curious and keep on looking around, oh there they are on the flowers of my Basils, two of them actually playing or eating the flowers of basils. I went back inside and grab my digicam, but I don't have power lens huhuhuhu can't take a good picture of them.
This picture here is not the actual robin that I saw yesterday, but they are really cute.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Father's day is fast approaching and we are all thinking to surprise our greatest dad. Well why not join the Father's Day in HD, presented by Charter HD.
All you have to do is to register with your own and your father’s e-mail address and other personal information. After registration, visitors can submit a brief essay answering the question: “Why does your dad deserves the nation’s biggest HDTV?”.
If your father lives in a qualified Charter Communication serviceable area, they will be entered to win the nation’s biggest HDTV with the best Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle™ FREE for life. Don't forget to Enter to win by June 8th.
I am so excited to register my dad. I want my ever greatest dad to win the biggest HDTV he deserves it because he is a very good and responsible dad to us. I'm sure he will be so happy to win the biggest HDTV and he will surely invites his friends on weekends to join him watch sports on that HDTV. I will also tell my friends and cousins about this Father's Day in HD contest so they will also register their dads. Don't forget now to Enter to win by June 8th.

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It's obvious I have nothing to do, so what I did to keep me a little busy and not get bored. Here is the evidence, Playing with photos, actually this is my past-time before when I'm not into blogging yet.
I do a little digiscapping too and most of the time making fun with my photos. =))

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tired Today

That's my mood today, maybe because of our swimming yesterday that we arrived home around 7pm then there are still things to be done before going bedtime. Last night I went to bed late almost 12am after I finish posting my tasks, and I woke up so early around 4am to finish the remaining task to be post before I run out of time. This morning I feel so tired, I get two opps from ppp but I turn it down I'm not in the mood thinking and composing a post about SEO, my head is telling me 'go back to bed', actually monday is laundry day and I leave the washer and dryer running and go back to bed.
When I woke up its afternoon already and still sleepy because its raining here but have to get up still lot of things to do.

MP3 for free

Actually I have sign up on for a while now. When I sign up I never read it thoroughly and I thought its really not free, until I keep on receiving the notification emails from them telling me that I can download how many songs for free, Try sign up now and Get Free Music From
Members simply complete any of our hundreds of offers and get free music for each one. Offers include entering a sweepstakes, requesting product information, completing surveys, trying new products and more. Choose from more than 750,000 free songs, including the latest hits from today's hottest artists. All songs are by the original artists on original labels.
You don't have to worry because its 100% legal to downloading songs from the site, they are paying royalties to the artist for every song. But because MPFree is advertiser-supported, our members never pay for their music downloads.
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Birds EYE View

Actually I'm searching online for something and accidentally found this Beautiful birds eye view of Honolulu. From the photo you can see the Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island, next is the Hawaii yacht harbor. Those buildings you see is Waikiki most of them are Hotels, then the so famous Mountain of Diamond Head.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love Dockers ever since, Its not only about Khaki pants. One time I went to the back to open a new account for myself, that time I am wearing my Dockers slim leg ankle pants with a cute top. The women behind the new account table assist me and she have ask me how old I am, I told her my honest answer that I am 30 years old, she look back at me and ask me again how old I am and I said I am 3o years old showing my drivers license to her, she answer me ' I thought your just 19 you look so young. Thats what happen every time I'm wearing Dockers. I am the one introduce hubby to wear Dockers, I bought him a denim weekend pants and he loves it because he said he receives a lot of good compliments when his wearing his Dockers denim, now he have work pants also golf shorts too.
By the way if you have a good story about Dockers pants , you can create your own stories as videos to the TV Commercial Dockers contest, watch the commercial at
This is your chance to share your Dockers pants story join Dockers contest.
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Beach we go! hubby told me yesterday that we are going to beach today sunday, yeah I love beach especially during this hot season. We love going to Bellows Air Force Public Beach.
I want to go to the beach early so we can hang out there longer and cook out some barbecue, but hubby's ass was nailed on the couch and was watching basketball, what the heck! its almost noon and he is still enjoying his basketball! grrrr.
Supposed we have to cook out but since its already noon time I ask him to just buy cooked food, I'm craving for barbecue on the beach! ending up eating popeye chicken huhuhu.
Anyway I enjoy our time on the beach the water was warm this time, the wave are not so big, I'm not a good swimmer and trying my best to enjoy boggy boarding, thats was fun but I didn't notice one good size wave and can't avoid it anymore I was covered by the wave and the impact makes me rolling in the water I thought I'll get drown good thing I didn't panic lol lol lol. I was really laughing when I came out of the water...


I love plants, flowers and trees but sometimes I get allergy from them that keeps me sneezing. I have indoor flowering plants and also some greens to make our home pretty, my stepson have asthma and so prone to allergy though he only stay here on weekend but when his here he never stop sneezing so I say goodbye to my plants and bring everything outside. I told one of my friend about my problem, I want plants inside our home but how, she suggest me to have a silk plants, she even have at her house too, I was amazed that it really looks real, the flowers and greenery are so perfectly pretty. I didn't waste time and order silk plants too for our house, I got a roses and orchids also included faux trees for our sun porch, Now I can say bye bye to allergies and insects.
The silk flowers make a good gift for any occasion and using them serves the cause of preserving nature. Check out their website because they have a lot of choices from indoor flowers, faux trees and more. I have been thinking to get a Christmas tree and wreath for Christmas.
Preserve nature at the same time satisfy your thirst to decorate your interiors and outdoors, without any health risk.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've been waiting for this digi scrap from Rolly/loloy the bisdakpalnet queen, it's tradition at bisdak planet who ever win gets a beautiful digiscrap from him, loloy THANKS a lot...

Week 108 by 92.10%
This is my trophy as the winner of week 108, to all who cast your votes and support me THANK you so much, I won because of you guys so that means we are all winners.
I will link the names of my supporters here tomorrow since I receive the result very late already and I am almost off to bed. I will put the links of your blogs tomorrow and pls to those who cast your votes for me but can't find your link here, leave me a msg so I can link you all , its my way of saying THANKS to you guys, I am so happy and overwhelm of all your support and votes to the end, again THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIENDS... names in random order
lynrecipes - lyn-irishdaisy, prily, juliana, jean, michelle, mylen, texas rose - sweetipie, texas anne, carlota, joy oz, joy burlinson, mlc liz-moms liza, xiao-mai, louraine, lisa-leaf, beth - lizzie, tess, jenn-us, portia, a fil-am journey, lira, freezebox, mimay,ylan, maricel, vince, kitty, loloy1 joro jojo, bisdak planet friends, perpetual bliss, andrew,
gles, joytoy, naomi, roselle, lou, marilyn, maureen, shimumsy, twinkleToe

judges too thank you...

*who else did vote for me please inform me I'm sure theres still more whom I have to thank.*

If you still want me to win the HALL of FAME you can still vote for the next two weeks, I only need to be on top 3 to get the HALL of FAME award hehehe

will be linking the rest in a while...

Friends and readers who love scary movies, hope you will view the extreme unrated Trailer of Frontier(s). When I first saw the trailer I was screaming and covering my eyes and praying I will not have nightmares that night, but I get so interested of the story which is about the girl Yasmine who wanted to escape the racial riot in Paris with her ex-boyfriend and his friends but end up in a more horrifying triller of their life. I only watch scary movie with my husband or friends and never watch it alone. I always call this movie so bloody scary and breathtaking. Frontier(s) is a unrated movie and may not be suitable for all audiences especially the kids. Check out online for the select theater listings if you want to watch this Horror Movie on theaters near you but if you are not lucky enough to watch it on theaters don't worry because they they already release the DVD, check out on your favorite video stores.
Me and my friends have secured a copy of Frontier(s) DVD already, since tomorrow is Saturday and we have a small gathering at a friends house, so to have more fun we decided to watch the Frontier(s) DVD in group, that's fun, I'm wondering who will have the loudest Scream.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yah! my Chocolate jelly roll experiment is successful, I give the credit to my friend Lyn. When I read the procedure of the recipe Lyn have emailed me I know already it will come out as what I'm expecting, the recipe she gave me was so different from the recipe I copy online. I said on my jelly roll post that I will have my experiment on the weekend but I can't wait anymore lol. Today I really find time to bake it! and guess what, it came out the way I want it, soft and moist, though I'm not so good cake decorator and it's hard to decorate a butter cream filling. Anyway I am so happy hahaha, I ate half of the roll already, I'm gaining more weight!(sad) here's the photo, don't mind the decoration hehehe it taste so good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


have you heard about this DeathNote movie that will be shown on May 20th and 21st on selected theaters. Its based on super Natural action mystery manga, sound great I love this kind movie about super natural powers. The story of Light Yagami, an ace student who finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god named Ryuk. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. The authorities send the legendary detective "L" to investigate when the criminals dropped dead, and he is soon hot on the trail of Light, who must now reevaluate his noble goal.
If I ever have a super natural power it would be a power which I can help the good people or give good justice to people who need it most.
Check out if it on their site if it will be shown in theaters near you and reserve a ticket right away before it run out because seats are limited and tickets might run out soon. See yah on theater.
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Elderly Driver!

Do we need to have age limit on renewing drivers license here in U.S.?

Its true that reflexes of elderly people are not as alert compared to younger age. If you have observed that elderly car accident is rising this days. Here in Hawaii a lot of elderly car accident happen each year, some elderly drivers are hitting elderly pedestrians fatally, others hit cars and so on.
Today in our local news a 90 year old woman drive her car straight in a house bedroom, there is a teenager sleeping on that bedroom, the old woman said 'she thinks shes hitting the brake instead shes hitting the gas' both of them are in the hospital.
Last year my husband have a mild accident with a 96 years old man, good thing its not a busy crossing, husband is supposed to turn left, the other driver gave him way when his in the middle of the crossing he was hit by the car of the 96 years old driver and the old guy said 'if only I'm younger I'm sure can avoid it'. Thats why me and hubby are talking about this matter 'why they allow this old people to renew their license?, it will just put them to fatal accident!.

I love to eat chocolate jelly roll cake especially with butter cream filling. I have tried to make one last December but only get frustrated! The other day I have search online for a choco roll recipe and try to experiment, and failed! I don't like the cake its not like the tstore bought choco roll which is soft and moist. Yesterday I tried my luck again, I don't know, I don't like the texture of the cake its in the fridge and I'm still thinking what I'm going to do with it. Lyn is my blogger friend, I have tried her cake recipe like the 'hot milk cake' that ditches my banana bread lol honestly since I made her hot milk cake recipe my hubby ask it every time and don't like my banana bread anymore hahaha your the best Lyn. Now I asked her again for the recipe of chocolate jelly roll, shes so nice and email me the recipe with picture. I wish I could make a perfect one like the one on the photos, looks so yummy. Lyn thanks again. I'll try it on weekend.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Have you watch the Trailer of Frontier(s)?, if you love horror film you better watch this film its so bloody breathtaking. The story is great about a young lady who is trying to escape a deadly race riot desperately and turn to his ex-boyfriend and friends, they were avoiding the cops and end up finding a refuge in a inn, where their nightmare begin with the mysterious inn keeper. I was screaming while watching the trailer its really scary but with good story.
We were really about to watch this movie on theater last may 9th but there are unexpected circumstances that we need to attend first, so now I am waiting for the DVD that will be released on May 13, I'll really get a copy for us, its the unrated and uncut DVD, can't wait to scream loud, I wish I will not have nightmare after we watch the Frontier(s) DVD.
I already tell my friends who loves to watch horror films about this Frontier(s) movie and they said they will also get a DVD its fun to watch horror films in big groups.
I will try my best to have the DVD movie this week, I hope they have enough Frontir(s) DVD at our favorite video store, its a good movie I'm afraid they will run out, I better check it as soon as I can. Guys who want this frontier(s) DVD secure a copy now.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Honolulu Annual Filipino Fiesta '08, this is usually on 2nd Saturday of May before Mother's day. I keep on asking hubby to bring me to Kapiolani Park where the Annual fiesta is held the reason are the Filipino foods especially the sweet snack that I miss and don't know how to make it, also I'm waiting for some Filipino celebrity from Philippines because last years guest was JAYA and OGIE ALCASID. We arrived at noon time and the fiesta starts at 9am-5pm so I don't know if they have big star guest from Philippines, I don't recognized some of the guest they got, their from wowowee show, because they will tape wowowee that saturday night too.
On the photos are the booths of every regions, the 1st ever sta. cruzan procession held at annual fiesta, the ever popular "PAPAYA DANCE CONTEST" and the view of diamond head by Kapiolani park.
We ate and ate, halo-halo, Filipino ice cream, Filipino dishes and sweets then after we ate we take a nap, we bring mat with us lol...
I got some photos of Waikiki too will be posted next...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Honestly there are lots of companies and brands on my list that I want to blog at I want to see more of jewelry companies, like Baby phat, and other jewelry company. Signature clothing lines, ladies apparels and accessories. Perfumes too, because I love and collect performs that's why I want to blog about them. Digital and luxury watches, like Fossil, Timex, Casio and some expensive watches brands too. Nike, I know they are so popular but I want to blog about their product. Travel Agencies, Hotels, vacation home, cruises, travel destination are also on my list. Hobbies like digital scrapping material, gardening, and other hobbies materials. Sports and recreational equipments and gadgets. House holds things like beddings, fixtures, appliances, home furnitures, office furnitures, kitchen wares and rugs too. Technical schools , training school and others colleges programs that need to be talk and spread to people. Movies are great to blog because most people also want a review of the movies before they are going to watch it on theaters. Cars, I want more of Ford, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and the luxurious fast cars, I want to see Ferrari, and other expensive car brands at Home building material, tools like bosh, dewalt, hitachi and equipments too, like tiles, flooring, paints. Brands for Home like Bella wood, American woodmark, Guardian, valspar, sterling, insinkerator, Andersen, Home depot, Lowes,
Can't wait to see and blog about this Brands and product I have mention here.
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Sunset Watch!

Just want to share with you some Beautiful Sunset that I have took couple days ago, Sky watching is one of my favorite things to do. I usually watch the skies during sunrise and most of all sunset! when its almost sunset I go at our backyard and watch the sun go down like a child playing and hiding by the thick softy dark clouds and disappear by the mountain and down the ocean!
What a spectacular view like this one hear, Great color!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Yes Wowowee U.S. tour Hawaii will be tape tomorrow May 10 Saturday night at Aloha Stadium. Tickets ranging from $25 to $100 but those $100 seats are sold out. The episode shot at Aloha Stadium is scheduled to air on May 24. The show is on the Filipino Channel.
Charisse Pempengco is a 15 year old rising star. She will be on Oprah next week to showoff her booming voice.
They said "You don't have to learn and understand the Filipino language to ENJOY the show".
I have no plan going to Aloha Stadium lol, not much a fan of this show (PEACE!).

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Have you remember this package that I have posted last week for my dear friend and I keep you hanging and thinking who she is? Well the wait is over and the REVELATION is here! lol The reason why I sent her this present is to THANK her for introducing me to blogging and for patiently teaching me what to do, its a hard work and its not easy teaching me step by step that took her months hahaha, now that I'm reaping a few greens already I think to surprise her because I cannot stop just THANKING her, but still every time I get paid I always remember her and thank her in my mind.
BTW Thanks too to Shela, my connivance I asked from her Jerla's address, anyway JERLA, SHELA are related and we are Childhood friends and neighbors in Zamboanga PH. we lost communication for years and I search about them and luckily found them online 'What a Small World'
Good thing she is so busy and didn't have the chance to peek on my blog lol,

I grab this photo from her blog, this are my little something for her and family, ethan is curious what I have sent them lol

I already know she will receive it today, yesterday she PM me I though she got it already but we talk about something else so I warn her not to peek on my blog until she got the SIGN! lol I'm sure I keep her wondering why!.
When she PM me earlier I know she got it and hopping she likes my 'little something' for them.
It's hard for me to stop THANKING YOU!
(I know bun-og ug nag baguod naka sa akung THANK YOU lol)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The BAG Lady!

Yes my husband is calling me 'The BAG Lady". Every time we shop at any store that comes with a paper bag or even plastic grocery bags, I'm not throwing it away instead I keep it to be reused. I also place some in our car because sometimes we can't avoid eating inside the car and we place our rubbish inside the bag and bring it home for disposal, we really HATE to see people throwing their rubbish on the road while driving!, thats not good the city can't send people to clean our hi-ways, freeways and roads everyday, we have to be responsible for our own waste and dispose it properly.
One way of eliminating too much waste in our planet, just a little way to help our environment, Lets recycle and dispose our waste properly.

We live in Hawaii which consist of Islands and its impossible to go to other island especially in the main land U.S. for vacation with your car! . So every time we go on vacation we rent a car for our convenience. We usually book for a car online at, they have this World wide locations too, so when ever we go overseas we still have our car rent at Advantage rent a car, you can really save with advantage special offers, they have a lot of choices for you from cars, SUV, Vans, trucks and Jeeps, I always choose SUV's especially when we go sight seeing . Check it out guys they have the best offers waiting for you.

I search for a dog and end up having a Kitty here, just wanna share you this kitty having fun in a tub of water, I don't know what this kitty is catching....

Pork Hash

Pork hash or commonly know as "SHOMAI" is a Chinese dim sum...
We usually bought SHOMAI at our favorite chines food store by china town, they have the best taste in town.
Yummy but be aware of cholesterol, I love it with soy sauce and wasabe or cooked salted shrimp pry. yummmm

Brazilian Sugar

Did you know that Brazil is currently the largest sugar production in the world. Sugar from Brazil is imported in our country and distributed at stores. Sugar is important for me because I bake and make sweet stuff most of the time and sugar is always included on my ingredients.
Brazil is so powerful when it comes to sugar that fluctuations of sugar production in Brazil alone can affect world sugar prices substantially, and should Brazil choose to do so, some say that it could be possible for Brazil to swamp the world market with cheap sugar. Though this is unlikely for many reasons, it has happened that in the past high levels of sugar production in Brazil resulted in a significant tumble in world sugar prices.
Ethanol is also a product of Sugar from Brazil, much of Brazil’s sugar cane crop has been turned over to sugar ethanol production. Then they used ethanol to fuel for Brazil’s many automobiles, and exported around the world. For many years the Brazilian government has stipulated that a certain percentage of all fuel in Brazil must be blended ethanol, this both saves on the cost of importing petrol and increases the self sufficiency of Brazil.

WATTA Waist!!

You want to have this tiny tiny waist?
I just wanna share this photo to you guys maybe you might wanna have this kind waist lol.
In my case I can't, its obvious from my blog that we love food so if I squeeze my waist oh never mind I can't imagine my self I might look like a popper fish instead lol.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I received email few weeks ago from IZEA inviting me to join social spark, it was on mu bulk mail so I just disregard it until one day one of my close friend told me about SocialSpark and I realized that I've received an email about it. After my friend remind me I check back the email good thing I still have it and didn't delete it, I create my own profile at SocialSpark and I want to show it to you I make a link here just click my profile. At first i was a little confused but when I realized that its also like a social community where you can have a list of friend in your profile I get interested especially when someone has invited me to be her friend, thats the first thing I learn and did at socialspark make friends, then later on while browsing I have learned to bid for opps its cool, I enjoy making task with socialsaprk and I gain a lot of friends too, and one more thing, I noticed that i also generate traffic to my blog and they are from socialspark.
So my dearest friends who haven't register yet to socialspark what are you waiting for, register now and lets meet at socialspark community see you there.

This is the best way to recycle shipping containers, the best idea to eliminate waste. This CONTAINER CITY is located at Trinity Buoy Wharf in the London Docklands. The London docklands development is composed of environmentally friendly work studios and live/work lofts stacked on top of each other to create a 5-story building.
Aside from this Container City residential project, the system has been used in projects as diverse as classrooms, office spaces, residential units, retail spaces and even youth centres.
Containers as architecture are just one of the ways in which we can look at objects and find new uses to them. The modular nature of the containers, their adaptability, and the fact that they can be found in industrial surplus make them an ideal prefab material. The pictures show the adaptability of Nicholas Lacey’s Container City design, and well, how really cool looking it is.
This is a brilliant idea and I love the design and color, I never thought that the inside will look that beautiful.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I usually watch scary movie with my husband or with my friends, most of the time i can't stand watching scary movies alone, I'm avoiding to have nightmare at night.
But most of scary movies I have watch is a good fun and with a good story. We are looking forward to watch this Frontier Movie it interest me so much, I will try look for the select theater listings if it will be shown to a theater near us. I'm sure its a good scary movie and full of excitement, I have watch the trailer and it really scares me, its about a young beautiful lady named Yasmine alone looking for a way out in a deadly race riots in Paris, shes so desperate and turn to his shady ex-boyfriend. They pull off a bold heist and headed to the border together with his two thug friends. With the police close behind they hind in a seemingly peaceful inn. But the mysterious innkeeper is hiding something so terrifying than anything they could imagine.
Its so bloody scary but I don't wanna miss it because I am so sure its really worth to watch, Frontier(s) will be on theater on May 9th, few days to go.
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